The Glitch Mod

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The Glitch Mod 
This mod will add a lot of new mobs and features to your minecraft worlds including the Glitched ghast, Glitched creeper, Glitched pig and  Glitched zombie. All of these mobs will have some parts of their body from the overworld Still on their glitched selfs and lets just say the Zombie is Really glitched. 

This is the first Version of the mod and is my first ever mod so please leave suggestions and feedback as it would help me a lot. 
This mod is for 1.15.2 forge 

what does this mod add ? 
simple answer is a scary new dimension to explore with very strange mobs.

How do i get the portal Blocks? 
The portal blocks are Glitched Stone you can find this in the overworld from y = 3 to y = 15 
this also means when you get to the glitch world you can make a portal from the stone as a easy way out. 

how do i get the Portal igniter ?
for this you need to also go mining but this time for Glitched Gravel which can be found from y=20 to y=40 breaking this block will drop the portal igniter.

what amour should i use in the dimension ? 
i would strongly suggest diamond armour as mobs are very fast and strong. i would also suggest a lot of blocks or something to run away with.

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The Glitch Mod 1.15.2.jar - The 'Glitchiest' mod ever Uploaded on: 03/06/2021 - 16:18   File size: 125.48 KB