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Puzzle Code is a mod that adds a lot of redstone components and blocks with different functionality especially for creating games, maps, mechanisms etc.

code blocksParkourCreative

This mod contains a lot of usefull blocks and items made for building maps and and mecanisms.

Examples of blocks

  • Effect Blocks & Items (give the player an effect)
  • Time Blocks (change time)
  • Teleporter Blocks (teleport player in a specific position)
  • Switching Blocks (Is swiching on and off and have different purposes)
  • Entity Control Blocks (control inventory HP, hunger etc)
  • Redstone components
  • World edit blocks (blocks that place other blocks ore move; that interact with the world)
  • Blocky Dimension
  • Survival recipes (beta)
  • Creative Tools (help with creating the map)
  • Code blocks
  • and many more...

New wiki page (unfinished): Puzzle Code Wiki (closed due to inactivity)

Short Presentation

Public on Curse Forge: Curse Forge (including all versions)

Warning! The Puzzle Jump versions can't be updated to Puzzle Code. 

please report any bug for better stability

Modification files
Puzzle Code [V1.16.1d] (FORGE) - 1.19.2_0.jar - Stable 1.19.2 VersionUploaded on: 11/11/2022 - 15:18   File size: 7.38 MB
Puzzle Code [V1.16.1] (FORGE) - 1.18.2.jar - Stable 1.18.2 VersionUploaded on: 10/23/2022 - 12:54   File size: 7.42 MB
Puzzle Jump [V1.14.3] (FORGE) - 1.17.1.jar - Stable 1.17.1 VersionUploaded on: 03/13/2022 - 11:05   File size: 3.42 MB
Puzzle Jump Workspace [V1.16.1c] - 1.19 - mcreator 2022.3.zip - WorkspaceUploaded on: 11/06/2022 - 07:56   File size: 4.07 MB

--- 1.16.1d ---

  • bugfixes and improvements

--- 1.16.1c ---

  • Bugfixes and improvements

--- 1.16.1b--

support for 1.19.2

--- 1.16.1 ---

  • GUI changes:
    • Yellow switching blocks
    • Entity detector
    • Advanced Placer Block
  • New blocks:
    • Conduit Power Effect Block/Slab/Stairs
    • In Conduit Power Effect Block/Slab/Stair
  • New item: conduit power effect item
  • Advanced placer block does not have range anymore because it's useless.
  • Some bug fixes

--- 1.16.2 pre-3 ---

  • GUI changes
    • Checkpoint blocks
  • New Blocks:
    • Radical number code block
    • Logarithm number code block
    • Modulo number code block
  • Some texture fixing
  • All Switching Blocks store a nbt called "isSwitchedOn" and can interact with code blocks(unfinished)
    • For all red/blue switcher/switching blocks (except the setter) there is 2 extra nbt's called isSwitchedBlue and isSwitchedRed
    • For all yellow switching blocks there is 1 extra nbt called isSwitchedYellow
  • Red/Blue Switching Logic global block was removed because other blocks can the same
  • Some bugfixes with switcher blue/red block

--- 1.16.2 pre-2 ---

  • New Blocks:
    • Nand logic code block
    • Nor logic code block
    • Xnor logic code block
    • Length of text code block
  • Changes:
    • All Instant health blocks can be configured now
  • GUI changes for:
    • Inventory replacer.
    • All damage/kill/fire damage/fire kill blocks (temporar)
  • Texture changes for:
    • Name of item code block
  • Bugfixes:
    • Kill block GUI fix
    • Walking setting is now working for kill block

--- 1.16.1 pre-1---

  • Name of item code block.
  • GUI changes for:
    • Number code block
    • Logic code block
    • Text code block
    • All effect blocks
    • All In effect blocks
  • Night Vision effect stairs gui fix.
  • Some code cleanup.

--- 1.16c ---

  • Item remover block got renamed to inventory remover block
  • In item remover block got renamed to in inventory remover block
  • Red/blue locked switcher block got renamed to red/blue setter switcher block
  • Survival support got removed
  • Some texture renaming
  • Some unused texture got removed
  • Global blocks will no longer drop items
  • Some cleanup

--- 1.16b ---

  • And logic code block update tick was updated from 10 to 1
  • All kill blocks update tick was updated from 10 to 1

--- 1.16 ---

  • Kill blocks will kill any living entity now.
  • Fire kill blocks will kill any living entity now.
  • Some grammer fixes
  • Some tab resorting

--- 1.16 pre 7 ---


  • A Block is right clicked global block


  • Glowing effect slab right click fix
  • In instant hunger effect block light fix
  • In instant saturation effect block light fix
  • Default values for block-entity placer block
  • Other changes and fixes

--- 1.16 pre 6 ---

  • The next block have the range center point starting from the center of the block and not from the edge.
    • Saturation effect blocks
    • Hunger effect blocks
    • Glowing effect blocks
    • Invisibility effect blocks
    • Luck effect blocks
    • Unluck effect blocks
  • Number to redstone/redstone to number code blocks got reseted and renamed

--- 1.16 pre 5 ---

  • Path moving block disaprearing glitch was fixed.
  • All items should have uncommon rarity
  • Items that don't need a block to react can now react the same way when looking at the ground (bugfix)
  • Property to nbt logic code block got fixed and enabled.
  • Slow falling blocks redstone of fix.
  • The next block have the range center point starting from the center of the block and not from the edge.
    • Levitation effect blocks
    • Nausea effect blocks
    • Blindness effect blocks
    • Haste effect block
    • Mining fatigue effect blocks
    • Strength effect blocks
    • Weakness effect blocks
    • Yellow switcher effect blocks
    • Resistance effect blocks
    • Water breating effect blocks
    • Poison effect blocks
    • Regeneration effect block
    • Wither Effect blocks
    • Night vision effect blocks
    • Fire resistance effect blocks
    • Dolphin's grace effect blocks
  • Other Changes and fixes

--- 1.16 pre-4.7 ---

Blocks & items:

  • Instant hunger slab/stairs
  • Instant saturation slab/stairs
  • In instant hunger slab/stairs
  • In instant saturation slab/stairs
  • Checkpoint item


  • The next blocks have extended functionality and now can apply the effect on multiple entities and not only the player. Also will not remove any effect anymore and the update tick rate was updated from 10 to 1.
    • Dolphin's grace effect block/slab/stairs
    • In Dolphin's grace effect block/slab/stairs
    • Luck effect block/slab/stairs
    • In luck effect block/slab/stairs
    • Unluck effect block/slab/stairs
    • In Unluck effect block/slab/stairs
    • Night Vision effect block/slab/stairs
    • In night vision effect block/slab/stairs
  • --- fixes with update tick rate for ---
    • In night vision effect block
    • In regeneration effect block
    • Dolphin's grace effect block
    • In water breathing effect slab
  • The next block have the range center point starting from the center of the block and not from the edge.
    • All kill blocks
    • Damage Block (and also can detect multiple entities of mob type)
    • All Fire killer blocks
    • Fire damage (and also can detect multiple entities of mob type)
    • Checkpoint blocks
    • Entity detector
    • Speed Effect blocks
    • Jump boost effect blocks
    • Slowness effect blocks
  • Cleanup of unused code
  • Other Changes and fixes

--- 1.16 pre 4.6 ---

Blocks & Items:

  • Fire Killer slab/stairs
  • In Fire killer Block/slab/stairs
  • Fire killer item
  • In Instant hunger/saturation effect block


  • Advanced placer block default values is working now (bugfix)
  • In Hunger Effect block, in checkpoint block, in strength light fix (bugfix)
  • The next blocks have extended functionality and now can apply the effect on multiple entities and not only the player. Also will not remove any effect anymore and the update tick rate was updated from 10 to 1.
    • Invisibility effect block/slab/stairs.
    • In invisibility effect block/slab/stairs.
    • Glowing effect block/slab/stairs.
    • In glowing effect block/slab/stairs.
    • Fire resistance effect block/slab/stairs.
    • In Fire resistance effect block/slab/stairs.
  • Update tick for all switching slabs got updated form 10 to 1 (bugfix)
  • In fire resistance effect stairs is working now how it should (bugfix)
  • All Basic Killer blocks redstone react can be disabled now (bugfix)
  • The Next Blocks have extended functionality and the update tick rate was updated from 10 to 1
    • Fire killer block
  • Texture Changes (change)

--- 1.16 pre 4.5 ---


  • In Checkpoint Block/slab/stairs


  • The Next Blocks have extended functionality and the update tick rate was updated from 10 to 1
    • Kill block/slab/stairs
    • In kill block/slab/stairs
    • Entity teleporter Block
  • The next blocks have extended functionality and now can apply the effect on multiple entities and not only the player. Also will not remove any effect anymore and the update tick rate was updated from 10 to 1.
    • Mining Fatigue Effect block/slab/stairs
    • In Mining Fatigue Effect block/slab/stairs
    • Haste Effect Block/slab/stairs
    • In Haste effect block/slab/stairs
    • Hunger Effect block/slab/stairs
    • In Hunger effect block/slab/stairs
    • Saturation Effect block/slab/stairs
  • Path moving block has update tick rate from 10 to 1 and it doesn't wait to rotate
  • In haste effect stairs is working now (bugfix)
  • Hunger effect slab is working now (bugfix)
  • Default NBT values for:
    • Entity teleporter block
    • Advanced placer block

--- 1.16 pre 4.4 ---

  • The next blocks have extended functionality and now can apply the effect on multiple entities and not only the player. Also will not remove any effect anymore and the update tick rate was updated from 10 to 1. (feature)
    • Nausea effect block/slab/stairs
    • In nausea effect block/slab/stairs
    • Blindness effect block/slab/stairs
    • In Blindness effect block/slab/stairs
    • Water Breathing effect block/slab/stairs
    • In water breathing effect block/slab/stairs
  • Checkpoint block/slab/stairs have extended functionality and the tick rate was updated from 10 to 1.
  • Command Code block have extended functionality.
  • In nausea effect slab is working now (bugfix)
  • Blindness effect stairs are working now (bugfix)
  • Slowness effect block settings fixes (bugfix)
  • In water effect block is working now (bugfix)
  • Yellow switcher effect blocks is now working properly (bugfix)
  • Blindness effect block, description was erased.
  • Some texture changes and renaming
  • Other changes and fixes.

--- 1.16 pre 4.3 ---

Blocks & items:

  • Unequal text/item code blocks
  • Strength Effect block/slab/stairs
  • In strength effect block/slab/stairs
  • Strength effect item


  • Entity detector will send redstone signal to falling blocks, trowable entities and arrows(change). Current redstone prop: (feature)
    • Player -> 15
    • Any mob -> 13
    • Falling blocks (block entities) -> 10
    • Throwable entities/any type of arrows -> 7
    • Dropped item -> 5
  • Entity detector can be configured now (detection range) (change).
  • The next blocks have extended functionality and now can apply the effect on multiple entities and not only the player. Also will not remove any effect anymore and the update tick rate was updated form 10 to 1. (feature)
    • Regeneration effect block/slab/stairs.
    • In regeneration effect block/slab/stairs.
    • Resistance effect block/slab/stairs.
    • In Resistance effect block/slab/stairs.
    • Weakness effect block/slab/stairs
    • In weakness effect block/slab/stairs.
  • Renaming for instant health blocks (change)
  • All equal and unequal code blocks update tick rate was changed from 10 to 1 (change)
  • In Weakness effect block is working now (bugfix)
  • The tab have been re-sorted
  • Some texture changes (change)

--- 1.16 pre 4.2 ---


  • Red switching item
  • Blue switching item


  • The next blocks have extended functionality and now can apply the effect on multiple entities and not only the player. Also will not remove any effect anymore and the update tick rate was updated form 10 to 1.
    • Yellow switcher effect block/slab/stairs
    • In Yellow switcher effect block/slab/stairs
    • Poison effect block/slab/stairs
    • In Poison effect block/slab/stairs
    • Wither effect block/slab/stairs
    • In wither effect block/slab/stairs
    • In jump boost effect block/slab/stairs
    • In Speed effect block/slab/stairs
    • In Slowness effect block/slab/stairs
    • In levitation effect block/slab/stairs
    • In slow falling effect block/slab/stairs
  • Yellow Switching slab is working now (bugfix)
  • InYellow Switching slab is working now (bugfix)
  • In Jump Boost effect stairs is working now
  • All Effect blocks and in effect blocks have got the new gui but not necessarily the functionality for the new options.
  • New mod icon in the mod menu
  • Gui changes to: creative settings, advanced teleporter block, yellow switcher block, nbt verifier, and others
  • Some texture renaming.
  • Some texture changes.
  • Other changes and fixes.

--- 1.16 pre 4.1 ---

  • Some texture changes (change)
  • Some Blocks Can rotate in any direction now: (feature)
    • number of items code block
    • logic to redstone code block
    • Redstone to logic code block
    • Logic To number code block
    • Text to number code block
    • Number to text code block
    • Number to redstone code block
    • Redstone to number code block
  • The next blocks hae extended functionality and now can apply the effect on multiple entities and not only the player. Also will not remove any effect anymore and the update tick rate was updated form 10 to 1
    • Jump Boost Effect Block/slab/stairs
    • speed effect block/slab/stairs
    • Slowness effect block/slab/stairs
    • Levitation effect block/slab/stairs
    • Slow falling effect block/slab/stairs
  • All filler code blocks update tick rate changed from 10 to 1 (change)
  • New GUI for Walking Switching Block
  • New GUI for all effect blocks (change)
  • Levitation Effect stairs should work now (bugfix)
  • Other changes and fixes (bugfix)

--- 1.16 pre 3.2---


  • Equal text/item code block
  • Red/Blue Switching Logic Global Block
  • Filler Number/logic/text/item code block


  • Some texture renaming (change)
  • New GUI for: advanced placer block, filler block, advanced teleporter block, block-entity placer block
  • Block-entity placer block got removed and re-added (change)
  • All Global Blocks update tick speed was changed from 10 to 1 (change)
  • Filler block is now working (bugfix)
  • Property to NBT text code block is now working (bugfix)
  • Some texture changing (change)

--- 1.16 pre 3.1---


  • Property to NBT number/logic/text code block
  • NBT to Property number/logic/text code block
  • Property transfer number/logic/text code block
  • Round up/down number code block


  • New GUI for almost all code blocks (change)
  • Some code blocks (and walking switching block) has new default nbt values (feature)
  • Some Texture changes (change)
  • In Instant slab and stairs are working now (bugfix)
  • Replacer is now working how it should (bugfix)
  • In Invisibility slab sounds fix (bugfix)

--- 1.16 pre 2---


  • In Effect Slab And Stairs for all effect Blocks


  • NBT Verifier is finished and is working well (feature)
  • Position Set Item Will Display the coordonates of the block that are you looking to (feature)
  • Instant Health Blocks removed and re-added. (bugfix)
  • Red/blue swithcer block will not send any redstone signal (bugfix)

--- 1.16 pre 1---

Blocks & items:

  • Round number code block
  • Chain Logic/Text/Item Code Block
  • Radians to degrees number code block
  • Nbt verifier item


  • Changes for yellow swithcing effect block
  • Texture changes for number logic and text code blocks
  • Hp and max hp code blocks deleted and re-added with a new name
  • Some nbt renaming for advanced placer block
  • Addition, multiplication, substraction, division and power number code blocks are configurable now
  • Transfer number code block and advanced transfer number code block got merged into a single block
  • Teleporter number code Block and advanced teleporter number code block got merged into a single block
  • Transfer logic code block and advanced logic transfer block got merged into o single block
  • Teleporter logic code Block and advanced teleporter logic code block got merged into a single block
  • Transfer text code block and advanced text code block got merged into a single block
  • Teleporter text code block and advanced text code block got merged into a single block
  • Changes to imitator number/logic/text code Block
  • Imitator item code block is fixed now
  • Division number code block is working now
  • Teleporter text code Block fix
  • Timed Switching block is now working
  • Other changes, fixes and improvements (I might forgot some of the changes.)

--- 1.15.3 ---

  • Left/right transfer code blocks rotation fix 

  • Inventory replacer block fixes and improvements 

  • Creative Settings improvements 

  • Minor changes and improvements 

--- 1.15.2 ---

  • Randomizer integer number code Block Name Fix 

  • Entity Detector update tick rate was changed from 5 to 1 

--- 1.15.1 ---

  • New Texture for xor logic code block 

  • Randomizer number code block splited into 2 separate blocks (randomizer number code block and randomizer integer number code block) 

--- 1.15 ---

  • Some naming changes
  • Click Block And walking block Re-added with a new name

--- 1.15 pre 7 ---

  • Some effect blocks range bugfix
  • Effect blocks  particles and tick ambient settings works with redstone
  • Some world Changes block was readded with a new name

--- 1.15 pre 6 ---

  • Many elements are readded with a new name but with the same functionality. (reason: grammer problems)

!Warning! Modified blocks from this update will be removed on the map if you update and also it can crash the game.

  • Many Grammer fixes
  • Bugfixes with yellow switching slabs
  • Weakness effect block when redstone on fixed
  • Checkpoint blocks now set the checkpoint in the center of the block
  • Many un-mentioned bugfixes

--- V1.15 pre 5 ---


  • Walking block tick rate is now 1 instead of 10
  • Red/Blue/yellow swiching block tick rate is now 1 instead of 10
  • Red/Blue Kill Swiching Block tick rate is now 1 is now 1 instead of 10
  • Red/Blue swicher block tick rate is now 1 instead of 10
  • Timed Swiching block tick rate is now 1 instead of 10


  • Red/blue swiching block doesn't swich twice when gets redstone signal anymore
  • Minor fixes and improvements

--- V1.15 pre 4 ---


  • Left Transfer Logic Code Block 

  • Right Transfer Logic Code Block 

  • Left Transfer Text Code Block 

  • Right Transfer Text Code Block 

  • Left Transfer Item Code Block 

  • Right Transfer Item Code Block 

  • Imitator number code block 

  • Imitator Logic Code Block 

  • Imitator Text Code Block 

  • Imitator Item Code Block 


  • Puzzle Droper Was removed. 

  • Inventory Replacer Is almost working now 

  • Unecessary GUI textures are removed 

  • In Effect Blocks has now particle and ambient tick settings 

  • Placer Block don't accept non-integers values anymore 


  • Left transfer number code block was fixed 

  • Advanced Transfer code blocks has fixed 

  • Visual gui bugfixes for some blocks 

--- 1.15 pre 3 ---


  • Inventory Changer (unfinished) 

  • Block Entity Placer 


  • Puzzle Dropper was replaced with Inventory Changer. It has more functionalities 

  • Entity Detector has now update tick speed of 5 (instead of 10). 

  • Up and Down Teleporter Blocks Have removed to the game (reason: outdated technology) 

  • Advanced Teleporter Block was re-added with a new name 


  • Filler Block Can rotate now 

  • Advanced transfer code blocks works now 

  • Bugfixes and improvements 

--- 1.15 pre 2 --- 

  • A Block Is Broken Global Block 

  • A Block Is Placed Global Block 

  • Title Text Code Block 


  • Advanced Transfer Code Blocks can detect any nbt now. Keep in mind that uf you update the placed blocks will need to be recoded 

  • Effect Blocks will not display non-integer values and you can't apply any integer without using code blocks. 

  • Code Optimization for Transfer Item Code Block 

  • The Next blocks now will have a bigger update tick speed (1 tick; 10 times more faster than before) 

    • Any transfer code block 

    • Any operation number code block 

    • any teleporter code block 

    • any comparator number code block 

    • Any block that place blocks 

    • Puzzle Crafter 

  • Bridge code blocks are removed because are outdated technology. 

  • The name Of the mod Has Changed to Puzzle Code (because the old one sounds weird) 

  • Chain number code block was fixed 

  • Day/month/year code blocks has an GUI now 

  • bugfixes and improvements 

--- 1.15 pre 1--- 


  • Bigger or Equal than number code block 

  • Smaller or equal than number code block 

  • Hp to number code block 

  • Max hp to number code block 

  • Red or Blue swiching item 

  • Filler 

  • Bouncy block 

  • Degrees to radians number code block 

  • Randomizer number code block 


  • A lot of recipes added in the puzzle crafter (but not done yet) 

  • New settings for normal effect blocks  

  • Creative settings can change now gamerules 

  • Minor texture change to puzzle dropper 

  • Pozition Set item can paste a second position(x,y,z) 

  • Potions for every effect that doesn't have an drinkable potion. 

  • Potion Filler Was Replaced With Puzzle Crafter with a new texture but same functionality. 

--- ---

  • Nothing

--- ---

  • Bug fixes and improvements

--- ---

  • Bug fixes and improvements 

--- ---

  • 1.18 support (beta) 

  • Updated Java to version 17 

--- 1.14.3 ---

  • More options in Creative Settings 

--- 1.14.2 ---


  • Teleporter Item Code Block 


  • More Options in Creative Settings 

--- 1.14.1 ---


  • Power Number Code Block 

  • Opposite Number Code Block 

  • Opposite Logic Code Block 

  • Text To Number Code Block 


  • Addition; substration; division; multiply removed and readded  

--- 1.14 --- 

  • All new effect items has only 1 usage. 

  • Range of puzzle dropper increased from 4 to 9 

  • Health level block gui changed 

  • Yellow Swiching Blocks gui changed 

  • Other minor changes 

  • #57 in effect luck/unluck block fix 

  • #58 advanced transfer logic code block; replacer rotation fix 

--- 1.14 pre 6 --- 

  • Walking detector was skipped for another updates 

  • Survival logic/number/text/item code block 

  • Textures for transfer code blocks 

  • Haste effect item 

  • Glowing effect item 

  • Invisibility effect item 

  • #55 blocky dimension biomes generates only in that dimension 

  • #56 Other bugfixes 

--- 1.14 pre 5 --- 


  • In Saturation Effect Block 

  • In hunger effect block 

  • In Invisibility effect block 

  • In night vision effect block 

  • In Glowing effect block 

  • In Haste Effect block 

  • In mining fatigue effect block 

  • In luck effect block 

  • In unluck effect block 

  • Advanced teleporter number code block 

  • Advanced teleporter text code block 

  • Advanced teleporter logic code block 


  • Recipes for:  

    • slow falling effect stairs, slab 

    • Invisibility effect stairs, slab 

  • The new effect blocks has redstone interaction (not finished) 

  • 2 New biomes in blocky dimension (the zone of dark; The volcano of protection) 

  • Minor changes 


  • #54 effect filler recipe quantity fix 

--- 1.14 pre 4 --- 


  • Advanced Transfer number/logic/text code block 

  • Luck effect item 


  • Recipes for  

    • speed effect item  

    • jump boost effect item 

    • Slowness effect item 

    • Levitation effect block 

    • Slow Falling effect block 

    • Levitation potion recipe 

    • Night vision effect block 

    • Invisibility effect block 

    • Slow falling effect block 

  • Speed Effect Item was readded 

  • Levitation potion (and recipe) added for compatibility 


--- 1.14 pre 3 --- 


  • Glowing effect Slab, Stairs 

  • Invisibility effect Slab, Stairs 

  • And logic code block 

  • Unequal logic code block 

  • Or logic code block 

  • Xor logic code block 

  • Year number code block 

  • Night Vision effect stairs and slab. 

  • Haste effect block, slab, stairs 

  • Mining Fatigue effect block, slab, stairs 

  • Walking Detector 

  • Teleporter Number Code Block 

  • Teleporter Logic Code Block 

  • Teleporter Text Code Block 

  • Luck and unluck effect block slab stairs 

  • Saturation Effect Slab; stairs. 

  • Hunger effect slab; stairs 


  • Night Vision effect Item 

  • Yellow Swicher effect item 

  • Position Set  


  • Night Vision effect Block texture changed 

  • All blocks that use location have a new GUI and mecanic has changed 


  • #53 you can't open advanced teleporter just by clicking it with any item 

--- 1.14 pre 2 --- 


  • Permanent Hunger effect block 

  • Normal item 

  • Replacer 

  • Glowing effect block 

  • Invisibility effect block 

  • Night vision effect block 

  • Code blocks: 

    • Equal number code block 

    • Equal logic code block 

    • Unequal number code block 

    • Bigger than; Smaller than; number code block 

    • Item code block 

    • Transfer Item code block 

    • Number Of Items code block 

    • Day number code block 

    • Month number code block 


  • All Permanent Effects Blocks Was removed (normal effect blocks taking the place) 

  • Nausea effect block recipe was changed; an ingredient was replaced with stew because there is another recipe that use pufferfish 

  • Recipe for kill block 

  • Recipe for normal item 

  • Recipe for hunger effect block 

  • Recipes for saturation effect block 

  • GUI Set recipe was changed 

  • Placer Block will place air when it gets redstone signal 

  • Chat texter was replaced back with messager block but the texture and function was keeped 

  • New look effect GUI. 

  • More options on Creative Settings 

  • Effect blocks, Walking Swiching block and number code blocks has a different GUI 

  • Text code block texture changed 


--- 1.14 pre 1 --- 

  • fire kill block and fire damage block 

  • Code Blocks:  

    • Number code block 

    • Chain number code block 

    • (left, right, normal) Transfer number Code Blocks 

    • Pi Number code block 

    • Addition code block 

    • Substraction code block 

    • Multiplication code block 

    • Division code block 

    • Number to Redstone converter code block 

    • Redstone to Number converter code block 

    • Chat Texter Code Block Replace the messager block (and now shows the current text.) 

    • (start, end) Number bridge blocks  

    • Text Code Block 

    • Logic Code Block 

    • Transfer logic code block 

    • Transfer text code block 

    • Logic to redstone code block 

    • Redstone to number code block 

    • Number to text code block 

    • Logic to number code block 

  • Red & Blue kill swiching blocks 

  • Damage item. 

  • Reset item was re-added and renamed kill Item 

  • Hunger effect block 

  • Hunger block 

  • Instant hunger block 

  • Saturation effect block 

  • Saturation block 

  • Instant saturation block 


  • In effect blocks texture changed. 

  • Minor texture changes to swiching blocks 


  • V1.13.6

More bugfixes and improvements 

  • V1.13.5

Small bugfixes and improvements

  • V1.13.4


- Different recipe for nausea effect block (because was the same recipe as poison)  


#51 GUI outplace look fix 

#52 others minor fixes and improvements 

  • V1.13.3

- Updated from java 11 to java 16 

- Suport added for 1.17.1 and removed support for 1.15.2 

  • V1.13.2


- Health Regeneration Block. 


- Health Effect Block is readded and no longer considered an effect block. 

- Damage Block texture changed. 

- Instant Health Slab and stairs texture changed. 

- Damage block deals less damage. 

  • V1.13.1

#49 sounds and durability for some blocks was fixes 

#50 blindness effect block works how it should 

  • V1.13


- Wither Effect Slab and stairs; Fire Resistance Effect Slab and Stairs. 

- Blue and red swiching slabs. 


- Recipes for water breathing; poison; blindness; fire resistance; resistance; weakness (effect slab and stairs) [crafting table] 

- checkpoint slab and stairs [crafting table] 

- Weakness Effect Block; checkpoint Block Recipe [Potion Filler] 


- Wither Effect Blocks; Fire Resistance Effect Blocks was re-addded. 

  • V1.13 pre 6


- In Up Teleporter Block; In Down Teleporter Block; 

- In Day Time Block; In Night Time Block; 

- Weakness Effect Slab and stairs; resistance effect stairs and slab; yellow swicher effect Slab and Stairs; dolphin's effect stairs and slabs; slow fallin effect stairs and slabs;  

- (reverse) yellow swiching slabs 


- Up Teleporter Block was re-added. 

- Yellow swicher effect block; resistance effect block; dolphins grace effect blocks; slow falling effect blocks; was re-added. 

- Yellow effect Blocks has redstone compatibility 

(very stable for a pre-release) 

  • V1.13 pre 5


- Health Changer Block 

- Instant Health Stairs and Slab 

- Checkpoint Stairs and Slab 

- Nausea Stairs and Slab 


#46 Instant Health Redstone on works now. 

#47 Regeneration Slab and Stairs recipes works now 

#48 Poison effect Blocks name fix 

  • V1.13 pre 4


- Blindness effect slab, stairs. 


- Blindness effect blocks re-added. 

- Default number for all effect blocks was removed for NBT to work. 


#43 permanent weakness effect block sound fix. 
#44 levitation effect slab and stairs is working now. 

#45 Slowness effect slab name fix. 

  • V1.13 pre 3

Blocks added: 

- Regeneration effect slab, stairs. 

- Moving path block. (moves along the path that is under it) 


- Recipes for Regeneration effect slab, stairs, Levitation effect Slabs, stairs 

- Walking block is configurable  

- All current effect slabs and stairs was removed and re-added. (because is confusing) 

- Some texture name changes. 

- Placer side texture changed 


#42 Levitation effect Block Slab, Stairs durability and sounds fix. 

#43 In Weakness Effect Block fixed look and proprieties. 

  • V1.13 pre 2

Blocks added: 

- Slowness effect blocks, Levitation effect blocks Stairs, slab. 

- Message Block 


- Slowness effect blocks, levitation effect blocks, regeneration effect blocks has removed and re-added. 

- Recipes for jump boost effect , speed effect, slowness effect blocks stairs and slabs 

- Wiki item was removed from mod files 

#41 Potion filler recipes fix (missing a recipe) 

  • V1.13 pre 1

Blocks added: 

- Weakness effect blocks 

- Speed Effect and Jump Boost effect blocks Slab, Stairs 

Texture changes: 

- Blocks: normal blocks, Slow falling blocks,wither blocks, speed blocks, yellow swicher blocks, remover blocks and more. 

- Items:  speed item, effect remover item, items remover item 

- Potion filler has a different texture on the side. 


- Speed Effect and jump boost effect blocks has removed and re-added. 

- Other minor changes. 

  • V1.12

- Redstone Player Range is configurable
- default values
- small texture changes
- yellow swicher block works exactly the same as an normal effect Block
- yellow swiching block have a minim power needed to swich on or off
- Resistance Block
- Potion Filler (survival) Beta (for survival)
- permanent/in yellow swicher blocks
- Resistance Item
- Inventory remover item
#39 All Effect Blocks work how it should (again :<)
#40 minor bug fixes

  • V1.11

- Some textures changes.
- placer code optimization
- Mod tab has search bar
- Advanced Placer (Beta)
- Dolphin's Grace Block (normal, Permanent, In)
- Locked Red & Blue Swicher Blocks
- Effect Remover Item
- Dolphin's Grace Item
#37 blocky portal texture missing
#38 kill blocks will not crash the game
(mcreator 2021.2 release)

  • V1.10.1

- useless code has deleted
#36 yellow swiching effect didn't worked

  • V1.10

- blocks that detect with players when redstone is on, can detect the player from a cube of 9 blocks (before it was 8 blocks)
#34 you can place blocks above effects now.(right click did't work if you don't have the GUI set item
#35 entity detector works now
(mcreator workspace was updated to 2021.2 4rd snaphot version and the mod can contains bugs)

  • V1.10 pre 6

- removed all decorative blocks (will be added into a separated mod in the future).
#30 all transparent blocks light fix.
#31 in instant health texture connect fix
#32 all effect blocks work how it should. (again)
#33 jump boost blocks was removed and readded for a minor bug
(mcreator workspace was updated to 2021.2 3rd snaphot version and the mod can contains many bugs)

  • V1.10 pre 5

- more optimizations
- recipes was deleted (for future survival compatibility)
#29 all effect blocks work how it should.
(mcreator workspace was updated to 2021.2 3rd snaphot version and the mod can contains many bugs)

  • V1.10 pre 4

- minor optimization
- GUI looks optimization
- small grammer optimization
- yellow swiching effect icon was changed
- items from tab was resorted
- blocks that react with players when redstone is on, can react now  with the player from 8 block distance (before it was 4 blocks)
#25 in Water Breathing Block settings don't open
#26 light can go through the transparents blocks.
#27 some effect blocks that react with redstone  now remove the opposite effect.
#28 other minor bugfixes
(mcreator workspace was updated to 2021.2 3rd snaphot version and the mod can contains many bugs)

  • V1.10 pre 3

- in effect block are comfigurable now
- (workspace sorting)
Entity Detector (temporary broken)

#22 time blocks doesn't respected the gamerule BlocksAffectsYou
#23 reset item don't remove iself in creative mode anymore
#24 in blindness block, in nausea block, in poison block and in wather breathing block, doesn't worked

Unfixed bugs (future bugfixes):
# transperent blocks have shadow
# you cant place blocks when you look at comfigurable blocks from mods
(mcreator workspace was updated to 2021.2 3rd snaphot version and the mod can contains many bugs)

  • V1.10 pre 2

- Blocks affects you is a gamerule now
- you can set time to 1000 (day) using creative settings
- advenced time block was finished
- Wither effect Blocks
- reverse timed swiching block 
#20 Permanent speed block settings didn't work
#21 permanent poison block didn't work anymore if blocksAffectYou is false

  • V1.10 pre 1

- almost all blocks & items texures changed
- you can set now duration and power of any effect block
- you can now place an fake block using Creative Settings Item
- Accelerator/Lingering Speed Blocks (cancelled)
- Moving Block (fixed version of box)
- Advanced Teleporter Block
- Advanced Timed Block
- regeneration item
- GUI Set
#14 in Remover block didn't work
#15 fire resistance, water breathing, regeneration, instant healt, blocks effects can be disabled in creative now
#16 jump boost item color text fix
#17 puzzle dropper block was fixed
#18 permanent fire resistance works now when redstone is on and you are in creative.
#19 puzzle dropper don't drops items when broken anymore

  • V1.9

- reset item texture changed
- effect items (jump_boost, slowness, speed, slow_falling, levitation)
- deadly place, health valley biomes added

#12 removed walking block off from creative inventory.
#13 Blocky zone don't generate anymore in overworld.

Cancelled: box (very glitchy).

  • V1.8

- walking block (disable after 1 second when walk on it)
- box texture was changed
- redstone on normal blocks (jump_boost, speed, slowness, damage, levitation, nausea, blindness, regeneration, slow falling, poison, water breathing, fire resistance)
- timed swiching block (swich on or off after 4 seconds)
#10 box multiplication was fixed
#11 box move only if in player direction, is air.

  • V1.7

 - water breathing blocks (normal, permanent, in)
 - fire resistance block (normal, permanent, in)
 - music disk
 - picture
 - respawn sound (for bugfix)
 #7 box duplicate less now (but still duplicate)
 #8 new world don't load.
 #9 in effect blocks textures don't connect

  • V1.6.1

 - Box
 #6 down teleporter block didn't teleport player under 0 (y)
 - in blocky world generation was added: 
     + jumper block
     + speed block
 - blocky world fog color was changed
 - box was added.

  • V1.6 (health update)

  - (all colour) concrete bricks (blocks, stairs, slabs and walls)
  - In nausea and In blindness Blocks
  - In kill and In Instant health Blocks.
  - regeneration blocks (normal, permanent, in)
  - poison blocks (normal, permanent, in)
  - 1 music disk (pigstep remix)
  - placer block
  #3 middle mouse button when is pressed on OFF swiching blocks (on creative) or When it breaks by player it gives you the ON version of the block.
  #4 Instant Health Block now have "block" on his name.
  #5 damage and kill blocks don't kills items anymore.
  - special information about the block was deleted.
  - recipes for some blocks

  • V1.5 (dimensional update)

- Concrete Stairs Walls And Slabs For all colours
- Creative Settings (help making maps):
  + Can disable blocks effect when player is in creative
  + swich between gamemodes (crative/survival)
  + heal and remove effects
- Some Texture Changed:
  + all levitation blocks
  + teleporter blocks (minor changes)
- added new blocks:
  + permanent Blindness and permanent Nausea blocks
  + (normal/in) item remover block
  + in effect remver block
  + slow falling blocks (normal/in/permanent)
- renamed <remover block> to <effect remover block>
- more blocks compatible with redstone:
  + Teleporter Blocks
  + Time Blocks 
- a new dimension (with a new biome "blocky zone"): Blocky World

  • V1.4 (swiching update)

- in speed/slowness/jump boost blocks.
- red blue yellow swiching block
- red/blue/yellow swicher block
- permanent leviation and levitation blocks textures was changed
- yellow swiching effect
- red and blue concrete stairs/slabs/walls 

  • V1.3

- nausea (gives nausea effect for 4 sec.)
- blind block added.(gives blindness effect)
- kill block texture changed.
- box removed (a test block)
- "permanent effect" blocks react with redstone and gives to player effect at max 8 blocks distance.
- instant health block added into game.
- fixed teleporter blocks:
    #1 dont teleport if it's blocks where you teleport him
    #2 dont teleport if another teleporter block is under block want to teleport
- fake block (dont interact with mobs) 
- ladder block was added (like ladder). 
- white concrete slab stairs and wall was added (decoration)

  • V1.2

- checkpoint block
- down teleporter block
- up teleporter block texture changed
- slab and stairs of normal block

  • V1.1

- permanent jumper block (gives permanent jump boost 2)
- permanent speed block (gives permanent speed 2)
- permanent slowness block (gives permanent slowness 2)
- teleporter block (up) (teleport player up)
- some texture changed

  • V1.0

- speed block (gives speed 2 effect when an entity walk on it)
- jump block (gives jump boost 2 effect when an entity walk on it)
- normal block (a normal block what does nothing)
- kill block (kills instant When an entity walks on it)
- slowness block (gives slowness effect when an entity walk on it)
- levitation block (give levitation effect for 4 sec when walk on it)
- permanent levitation block (gives permanent levitation when walk on it)
- remover block (remove all effect when walk on it or right click)
- in levitation block (gives you levitation when you are in it)

all the ideas i get with these...! I kinda wanna make a map with this and a few other mods and stream my friends going through it ^-^

Submitted by martiscore on Tue, 06/15/2021 - 13:01 Permalink

For such a popular game, these modifications are exciting. Especially changes that allow you to create new maps and locations.

Nice mod but is there like a way to hide or disguise a puzzle block? If not, then you can you add it?