Odd Water Mobs

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This mods aims to expand a bit the aquatic fauna, adding 10 new water creatures with custom animations and variants, a new biome, along some other blocks, items, recipes, and advancements. Check the trailer out here!


The new mobs:

An anglerfish

  •  The Anglerfish: It spawns quite often in deep ocean dunes and is aggressive towards other fish. Its meat can be used to get a new light source.


a coelacanth

  • The Coelacanth: It spawns very rarely and only when it's raining on deep ocean dunes. It can sell for a lot of emeralds.


An isopod

  • The Isopod: A water arthropod that only spawns in the new biome. Its meat can be cooked or used in a new brewing recipe.


A horseshoe crab

  • The Horseshoe Crab: Another water arthropod that spawns in beaches near the water. It drops its thorax, which can be used in another new brewing recipe.


A giant spider crabBaby spider crab

  • The Giant Spider Crab: These passive crustaceans will spawn in warm and lukewarm oceans. They'll roam the seafloor and can dig up stuff from the sand if they're underwater. The stuff they dig up depends of the type of sand below them (more info here). They can breed if you feed them almost any meat, dropping crab eggs which you can use to spawn baby spider crabs. They drop crab legs which you can eat raw or cooked.


Ghost shark variants


  • The Ghost Shark: A deep sea fish that comes in 4 different variants. They're venomous but passive creatures, and their meat can be used to get their stings, which are consumables that give a long posion effect to other mobs.


Mudskipper and Mudskipper alpha


  • The Mudskipper: These are small but territorial creatures that wander the swamps near water. They jump around to impress each other but they get alert if you get near them. You can also find blue mudskippers, these being the alphas. The alpha mudskipper tries to fight any other alpha they found to protect their territory. If one kills another they'll drop their fin.

Deep sea fish variants

  • Deep Sea Fish: These ambient fish live in the Deep Ocean Dunes and prey on each other. There are 4 different sizes and 11 different species in total, and they drop deep sea fish meat.

Squat lobster variants

  • Squat Lobster: They are friendly and curious animals that come in 7 colorful variants, including the famous Yeti Crab. You can find each one on a different ocean biome and they drop their tail once dead.

 Sea pig

  • Sea Pig: A rare sea cucumber that spawns on the bottom of the deep ocean dunes. If they spend around 30 minutes feeding over sand or gravel they'll secrete a slimy substance along with some particles. Then if you right click it, it'll give you the new Poison Protection effect for 15 minutes. You can also use its meat to try to get the effect by eating it raw (1 in 5 chance) or to brew a potion. If you're lucky you'll find one carrying a baby spider crab on its back.

The new biome:

The Deep Ocean Dunes

A screenshot of the biome


Here you can find a new type of sand and a few new decoration blocks. If you dive deep enough you won't be able to see much.


The new blocks:

Some Deep Sandstone variants.
Some Deep Sandstone variants.


  • Deep Sea Sand: A type of sand that only generates in the depths of the Deep Ocean Dunes. It can be crafted into all the sandstone blocks you'll expect.
  • Giant Tube Worms: A new animated block that only generates down below the Deep Ocean Dunes. It can only placed on deep sand.
  • Glowing Anemone: A glowing anemone with animated texture, you can collect them with shears and they give a poison effect when touched.
  • Hydrothermal Vent: A block that generates smoke if underwater and at a certain depth. It also has custom sounds.
  • Bioluminescence scales can be placed in any direction and are a faint source of light.


Items and recipes:

Each mob can be bucketed and has its own drops. The fisherman villager has new trades too! Here are the main recipes.



Each potion can be turned into splash, persistent and arrow variants.

Brewing skinkin potion

SinkingThe sinking effect will make you sink to the bottom if you're in water or lava. It only works on survival.

Brewing healing vigor

SinkingThe healing vigor effect will add 2 hearts and 4 saturation points every once you consume an item.

Mudskipping brewing

The mudskipper potion will give you the leaping, haste and weakness effect at once. It can be upgraded to a longer version with redstone. (The bottom row are leaping potions)

Long posion brewing

The ghost shark sting can be used to brew the longer version of the poison potion directly.

Poison protection brewing

Poison protection effectThe poison protection effect will negate any poison damage. (The bottom row are long poison potions)



Bioscales to block

Ghost shark meat to sting

Deep sandstone recipe



  • There are 3 new music discs


    Bathysphere - Digged up by crabs.



    Coelacanth - Obtained by killing a coelacanth in the nether.

    Seapig - Obtained by killing a sea pig in the end.


    Please check out the composers other work!





  • There's also 12 advancements to unlock, 2 being secret


If you want to follow the development of the mod join the discord server here

This as my first mod will have some bugs and issues since It has lots of custom code and custom coded animations for almost all animals in the mod.. Please let me know if you find any here in the comments or in the discord.


Russian translation by Jopes

French translation by Poulpo and ChristopheBeaudoin

Spanish translation by TegusTalpan


Any feedback is appreciated!

Also available in curseforge

Shaders used

Modification files
OddWaterMobs[1.16.5]_1.5.0.jar - For Minecraft Forge 1.16.5Uploaded on: 01/13/2022 - 15:35   File size: 8.01 MB
OddWaterMobs[1.15.2]_1.1.9.jar - For Minecraft Forge 1.15.2 (HIGHLY OUTDATED)Uploaded on: 03/13/2021 - 17:44   File size: 480.83 KB

IN 1.5.0

· Added squat lobsters (7 variants) and squat lobster buckets.

· Added sea pigs, sea pig buckets, and a new poison protection effect and potions, including custom particles.

· Added 3 more variants to the deep sea fish (11 total).

· Added hydrothermal vents with custom particles and sounds.

· Added a new painting.

· Added new trades to the fisherman villager.

· Added a new advancement and removed the Responsible Parenthood one due to bugs (12 total).

· Fixed the spider crab not spawning.

· Fixed the isopod AI so now they can move on land.

· Fixed the coelacanth spawn rate, now they only spawn in deep ocean dunes when it's raining (still very rare).

· Tweaked the baby spider crab model.

· Changed the way the advancements appear on the menu.

· Removed the background music that would play on deep ocean dunes due to errors.



IN 1.4.1

· Fixed a typo regarding the alpha mudskipper.

· Reduced the saturation the foods would give you to normal amounts.

IN 1.4.0

· Added deep sea fish and deep sea fish buckets (8 variants).
· Added the alpha mudskipper and a new way to get fins.
· Added anemones which can poison you and other entities but not water creatures.
· Added custom particles for spider crab eggs (and they look really nice!).
·Added a new texture and animation for the spider crabs.
·Added a hunger system where mobs will hunt for prey after 8 minutes or so.
· Made a whole rework of the coelacanth mob, including a new model, texture, animations and ai.


· Fixed the crazy spawn rates.
· Fixed the crashing server bug caused by breeding spider crabs.
· Fixed the mudskipping potion, now the tooltip shows info about the effects.
· Fixed most of the generation bugs in the deep sea dunes.
· Fixed the tube worms issues.
· Fixed the replaceable bioluminescent block.
· Fixed a typo on the music disc bathysphere.
· Fixed the bug where fish would suffocate to death if touching a ceiling.
· Fixed the bug where spider crabs would stay static on land.
· Reduced the size of the songs in the mod, making it almost half its size.
· Adjusted the volume of the music discs.
· Changed the spawn of the spider crabs to cold biomes to better reflect the real life counterpart.
· Organized the translation files.
· Organized the creative tab order.
· Removed the Responsible Parenting advancement.


·Fish dont keep their names when bucketed.

With bit more content as good as the already existing one, it should deserve a MOTW in my opinion.