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welcome to magix!

magix is a mod that adds 2 new biomes the mechanic biome and the enchanted forest biome, each biome has its own type of wood, structures, paintings, music discs and more!

there may be some bugs, if so please report them so we can resolve the problem

the version 1.1 is the mining update, so it adds 4 new ores that are able to do many good things!
for example tools, armors, blocks, items, and even nuclear bombs! humm... i wasn't supposed to reveal that :')

well, have fun ^^

Modification files
magix 1.1.jarUploaded on: 10/17/2021 - 18:40   File size: 4.49 MB


-added rose quartz

-added new armor

-added steel spikes

-added oxidized copper

-changed the copper texture

-added uranium

-added kyanite

-added new tools

(-added copper motor)