A Little Bit Strange Mod

Published by blackneo on Thu, 03/18/2021 - 12:31
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Ver 1.72, 


REQUIRES GECKOLIB :  https://www.curseforge.com/minecraft/mc-mods/geckolib/files/3034409

FOR MORE SUPPORT :  https://www.curseforge.com/minecraft/mc-mods/jei/files/2988823


 A Little Bit Strange Mod (This is only a small number of mobs in the mod!)

Experience new friends and enemies with the ALBSM by Blackneo. This creature/monster mod has a main focus on creatures of course, but also has other aspects which include blocks, armor, special blocks (ATM, Converter, Dirt Storage), structures, four bosses at the moment and more. Once Mcreator and the Geckolib plugin get updated to the official update in 1.16+, I will update the mod.  The goal of this mod is to be strange, that's it.




Changed Dimension entirely! Added two new biomes and gave a lot of mobs new sounds.

-Liquid Pigs (Drop liquid shards which can be used to summon a Liquifier)

-Royal Golem (New entity from dimension and can only be killed with Creator's Axe.)

-Yeti (Hostile)

-Bigfoot (Hostile)


-Akida (Hostile Mob that spawns in wooded areas, very fast and deadly)

-Chondro Shark (Underwater mod to make you use more boats!)



-Little Red Mushroom (Drops items for new the potion that helps with hunger, plan to be updated)

-Ice Lepus (Can be tamed and ridden with wheat)

-Golden Hawk Worm

-Ant (Can be used to make an Ant Tounge Pick, very strange indeed.)

-Viropeds (Can be tamed with porkchops)

-Combatist (Protects itself and kills off monsters, it only eats to regen when it's weak)





-Alien creature with a visor? Very sus.

-Guardian Brutes  (Doesn't attack you when you have Temple Guardian armor on)

New Dimension, with Guardian Brute and Ableorb

-Cursed Enderman (Can be used to make a Frosted Pickaxe, like iron with great speeds)

-Grabber (You will most definitely hate these guys.)

-Jungle Trap

-Sea weed eel (Doesn't do much now, more or less ambient creature but planned to have more function)

-Superior Zombie (an elite race of zombie which has massive intelligence, they can raid you, you can kill them, or you can join them by wearing some of the Superior armor!)


-Prairie Dog


-Corrupt Guardian (Doesn't attack you when you have Temple Guardian armor on)





Converter (Converts items, more on what items can be converted soon)

CashDrop (Works as a Reward system, you can get a Strange Dollar from anything you kill, which can be traded for a reward at a CashDrop for a certain amount) 

New Ores! These ores aren't just for armor/tools. Each tool from each ore set has a purple tool which is the best from it's kind. (Best axe for an ore set, Best sword and etc.)

Guns!? The Handgun can be crafted, and the Slock and Vlock can be obtained by killing the Sad Sungy or Barrangry.

You can craft a Staff of Thunders, this staff can only be used during a thunderstorm, and it spawns one of the hardest bosses to kill in the mod which gives you the Shocking Sword (The Sky Shocker Boss)

You can get the Liquid Sword from killing the Liquifier (Strong Sword for killing this rare spawning boss)

-Lost Dimension 

You might find a hidden key in a chest along your adventure, don't toss it into lava just yet! Build a cobblestone Nether Portal and use this key to light it, break certain teal blocks you'll find and you might get some strange armor...

Check out the rest of the features for yourself by downloading the mod! Always use the latest version unless you really want to go back.



Modification files
albsmver1.1.jar - Version 1.1 download9.87 MB
albsmver1.7.jar - Version 1.7 download10.3 MB
albsmver1.71.jar - Version 1.71 download10.33 MB
albsmver1.72.jar - Version 1.72 download10.32 MB

v.05 uploaded mod for download and for community feedback 

v.1.0 added akida and chondro sharks. fixes spawn issues and added more items

v.1.1 lowered akida spawn rate and damage

v1.7 added royal golems, liquid pigs, staff to summon liquifier, yeti and bigfoot (same ai but different skins for warm/cold), new weapons and gave lots of things sounds

v1.71 nerfed guardian brutes and added sitting for viropeds

v1.72 added some balances and removed stuff

Thanks, I support the feedback. The blue and grey mob seen in the picture could be the Guardian Brute? The monkey looking thing? It is supposed to be a statute, why it looks hard and cracked. But also know the next version (ver 2.0) is coming very soon so I could look into that

Ah I see. You should probably add a bit more texture to the statue regardless. I've used the fog layers on GIMP and paint.net for mine or fracturing and that tends to work well. Also the brush tool in paint.net is very good for quickly adding texture with a few random swipes of the mouse.

sorry that i felt like i had to post this here, but how did you make the animated mobs?
i already get that you need geckolib plugins and blockbench, but when i want to export the model i can't export it as a "java entity model" its a jason file and when i convert it in blockbench it seems to ignore the animations - yes i use the codeblocks to activate the animation.

is there a other way to do this or am i just doing it wrong?

pls. help i know other people have the same problem and i thougt posting it here would help. hope you can :'(

if i convert the "Geckolib animated model" to a modded entity - that i think means that it is a java entity right? blockbench looses its animationtab and therefore i dont think it will keep the animations when i export it.

i have heard that you have to use blockbench version 3.6.6 but it says that blockbench needs to be updated in order to use the geckolib plugin - is this a problem? cuz right now i just use blockbech_3.8.2

what file does the animation have to be?

thank you so mutch for the response!