Tech Covers Reborn

Published by KeMarcY on Sun, 05/16/2021 - 10:52
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You need Forge Mod Loader to run this Mod!


Cover redstone or cables from tech mods with 1 px thin covers!


Current Covers

-Basic Cable Cover (Custom)
-Every plank type
-Every Log type (Side)

-Every Stem type (Side)



Electro-Technium Material

This is a very weak material with strong power as a Nether Star. The tools' durability made from it are very low, but these tools can modify the blocks really well.


-Block Slicer: You can make covers from blocks with this tool.

-Technium Hammer: Not much use right now.

-Technium Tool: This is a multitool. It's as strong as iron tools, but it has less durability and more efficiency.

-Withered Technium Tool: The upgraded version of the Technium Tool (upgrade it in a smithing table with a Nether Star). Stronger than netherite tools.


-Charged Cobblestone: You get Speed 4 while walking on this Block. Great for path around the base!

-Charged Ice: You get Speed (lot) while walking on this Block. Great for fast(er) travel!

Great for modpacks, so feel free to use it ^^

Modification files
tech_covers_reborn-beta_version_3.1_1.19.2.jar - Tech Covers: Beta 3.1 | 1.19.2Uploaded on: 03/16/2023 - 19:19   File size: 652.32 KB
tech_covers_reborn-beta_version_3.1.jar - Tech Covers: Beta 3.1 | 1.18.2Uploaded on: 03/16/2023 - 19:19   File size: 456.45 KB
tech-covers_alpha2.0.jar - Tech Covers: Alpha 2.0 | 1.16.5Uploaded on: 05/16/2021 - 11:03   File size: 194.87 KB

(Beta) Version 3.1

Bug Fixes:
-Fixed Charged Ice Texture.

-Fixed items order in creative tabs.

-Charged Cobblestone and Charged Ice recipe is now changed and it's using Electro Technium Dust and 8 of the material block.
-Charged effect is now nerfed, it will only lock sprinting. No speed boost anymore.
-Creative Tab logo changed to the new logo.




(Alpha) Version 2.0

New Covers

  • Glass Cover (for decoration)


  • Added Double Covers from every type of covers. 2 covers = 1 double cover. Use this at corners.
  • Changed the way how can you place down covers. Now the covers will face the player, not the block (like pistons). This will help in decorations and buildings.

This is an interesting idea! as someone who sucks at making my secret doors actually secret, I like it. Maybe as a more decorative function you could add covers with all the log textures?