Published by The J on Tue, 05/18/2021 - 10:47
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In development
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Minecraft Forge mod
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Hello there players! welcome to Monochrome! Monochrome is a lovecraftian horror/sci-fi themed mod i made by myself (i was very bored). This mod introduces a whole new dimension, ores, tools, special weapons, a few structures, mobs and other cool stuff! (and a bit of "lore"). Currently, I'm still making new features and there might be some bugs but if you have any comments, please let me know! Anyways, enjoy the mod and have wonderful day!

(I don't recommend going into the dimension with shaders on)

Special thanks to my friends on Discord who helped me out on this mod! (Hi if you're reading! :D)

Modification files
Monochrome v1.2 - 1.16.5.jar - Monochrome v1.215.55 MB
Monochrome v1.3 - 1.16.5.jar - Monochrome v1.315.98 MB
Monochrome v1.4 - 1.16.5.jar - Monochrome v1.417.71 MB
Monochrome v1.5.1 - 1.16.5.jar - Monochrome v1.5.1 (Bug Fix)17.79 MB

Monochrome v1.0

  • Mod Added.

Monochrome v1.1

  • NEW MOB! Shell Drone, a small flying neutral mob (work in progress).
  • Minor changes to entity spawn rate.
  • Small Bug fixes.

Monochrome v1.2

  • Added the Cosmos Plains biome along with new blocks, wood, grass and flower.
  • Added 2 new food items.
  • Added 2 new weapons: Shell Sword & Anti Shell Sword.
  • Added 4 new mobs & 1 boss: Searcher Guardian, Searcher Pilot, Aggressive Shell Drone, Shell Sentinel & Shell Carrier (THE BOSS IS A BIT LAGGY SOMETIMES).
  • Bug fixes: Rouh Bomb now explodes when thrown at an entity.

Monochrome v1.3

  • Added Shell Chip and Anti Shell Chip.
  • Added Totem of Concealment.
  • Added Infested Monochrome Stone that spawns a Statick (new mob) when broken.
  • Added a new boss: The Pylon (drops cool stuff).
  • Added new advancements (WIP).
  • Changes: Shell Sentinel now gets a defense boost when jumping.
  • Bug fixes: Slowed down Searcher Sorcerer's shooting speed (still shoots pretty fast so watch out!), Monochrome Ores no longer drops XP when broken in creative mode and other minor fixes

Monochrome v1.4

  • Added Cosmos Chicken
  • Added new food items
  • Added 2 new slabs/stairs/wall variant
  • Added new recipes
  • Added a way to reverse totem items
  • Added Insanity Apple
  • Added a music disc
  • Added descriptions for a few items
  • Changes: Reworked effects, reworked food effects, reworked Pylon Key texture, reworked entity stats, reworked loot tables, reworked The Fold biome generation, balanced out entities and tools, reworked a lot of stuff basically.
  • Bug fixes: Fixed procedures for a few advancements, Fixed a small Z-fighting texture from the Shell Drones, Fixed minor gameplay stuff

Monochrome v1.5

  • Added 3 new biomes: Folding Wasteland Hills, Meteor Field & Static Desert (Overworld biome)
  • Added 3 new mobs: Hollowed, Auditor & Envoy (WIP)
  • Added Cosmos Door/Trapdoor, Monochrome Sandstone, Static Bush & Dire Cactus
  • Added way more stuff (i forgot)
  • Changes: Changed advancement parents, Monochrome sand can be smelted into glass, changed Rouh Texture
  • Removed the lab and cabin structures (I'm so sorry, they need rework)

Monochrome v1.5.1

  • Fixed a very laggy bug