Published by The J on Tue, 05/18/2021 - 10:47
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Hello there players! welcome to Monochrome! Monochrome is a lovecraftian horror/sci-fi themed Minecraft mod i made by myself. (Thank you for 300 downloads!)

This mod adds:

The Fold Dimension

7 Biomes

80+ Blocks

50+ Items, Tools and Weapons

30+ Mobs

3 Enchantments

2 Sets of Armor

20+ Advancements


STEP 1: Kill 4 types of Envoys, they spawn in the Static Desert biome at night (Be careful! They are hard to kill! I recommend killing them with at least full diamond or higher.)

Static Desert


STEP 2: The 4 Envoys will drop Envoy Cores, combine all 4 of them into a Compressed Envoy Core. The key crafted with a Compressed Envoy Core, 2 Vein Clusters and 2 Monochrome Diamond.

Pylon Gate Key Craft


Step 3: Combine Obsidian and Dark Matter Essence in the Smithing Table to make Null Obsidian. Dark Matter Essence can be obtained by killing Rouhs, a hostile mob that occasionally spawns in a Desert, Badlands and more common in a Static Desert biome.

Null Obsidian Smithing


Step 4: Build a portal with the Null Obsidian then right click the portal frame with the Pylon Gate Key. Boom! you're done with the portal! Have fun and don't die!

The Fold Portal

Screenshots of biomes:

Cosmos PlainsMeteor FieldFolding Wasteland HillsFolding Wasteland

The Chasm



-Not recommended going into the dimension with shaders on!

-Recommended to use the JEI mod!

-This mod is intended to be an endgame mod so it might be hard to play!

Modification files
Monochrome v1.8.3 - 1.16.5.jarUploaded on: 12/15/2021 - 15:33   File size: 18.72 MB
Monochrome v1.8.4 - 1.16.5.jarUploaded on: 01/29/2022 - 04:03   File size: 13.1 MB
Monochrome v1.8.5 - 1.16.5.jarUploaded on: 05/04/2022 - 05:11   File size: 13.33 MB
Monochrome v1.8.6 - 1.16.5.jarUploaded on: 05/09/2022 - 06:46   File size: 13.47 MB

Monochrome v1.0

  • Mod Added.

Monochrome v1.1

  • NEW MOB! Shell Drone, a small flying neutral mob. (work in progress)
  • Minor changes to entity spawn rate.
  • Small Bug fixes.

Monochrome v1.2

  • Added the Cosmos Plains biome along with new blocks, wood, grass and flower.
  • Added 2 new food items.
  • Added 2 new weapons: Shell Sword & Anti Shell Sword.
  • Added 4 new mobs & 1 boss: Searcher Guardian, Searcher Pilot, Aggressive Shell Drone, Shell Sentinel & Shell Carrier. (THE BOSS IS A BIT LAGGY SOMETIMES)
  • Bug fixes: Rouh Bomb now explodes when thrown at an entity.

Monochrome v1.3

  • Added Shell Chip and Anti Shell Chip.
  • Added Totem of Concealment.
  • Added Infested Monochrome Stone that spawns a Statick (new mob) when broken.
  • Added a new boss: The Pylon. (drops cool stuff)
  • Added new advancements. (WIP)
  • Changes: Shell Sentinel now gets a defense boost when jumping.
  • Bug fixes: Slowed down Searcher Sorcerer's shooting speed (still shoots pretty fast so watch out!), Monochrome Ores no longer drops XP when broken in creative mode and other minor fixes.

Monochrome v1.4

  • Added Cosmos Chicken.
  • Added new food items.
  • Added 2 new slabs/stairs/wall variant.
  • Added new recipes.
  • Added a way to reverse totem items.
  • Added Insanity Apple.
  • Added a music disc. (M.T. - Mission)
  • Added descriptions for a few items.
  • Changes: Reworked effects, reworked food effects, reworked Pylon Key texture, reworked entity stats, reworked loot tables, reworked The Fold biome generation, balanced out entities and tools, reworked a lot of stuff basically.
  • Bug fixes: Fixed procedures for a few advancements, Fixed a small Z-fighting texture from the Shell Drones, Fixed minor gameplay stuff.

Monochrome v1.5

  • Added 3 new biomes: Folding Wasteland Hills, Meteor Field & Static Desert. (Overworld biome)
  • Added 3 new mobs: Hollowed, Auditor & Envoy. (WIP)
  • Added Cosmos Door/Trapdoor, Monochrome Sandstone, Static Bush & Dire Cactus.
  • Added way more stuff. (i forgot)
  • Changes: Changed advancement parents, Monochrome sand can be smelted into glass, changed Rouh Texture.
  • Removed the lab and cabin structures. (I'm so sorry, they need rework)

Monochrome v1.5.1

  • Fixed a very laggy bug.

Monochrome v1.6 (Big Update!)

  • Added a new mob, The Envoy and it's variants. (Strength, Temperance, Hermit, Justice)
  • Added Envoy Core and Compressed Envoy Core. (items for the Pylon Gate Key)
  • Added an animation for The Fold Portal.
  • Added Cosmos Sprout and custom bounding box for plant blocks.
  • Added a few recipe for ore related items.
  • Added Crystallized Cosmos Berry. (cooked Cosmos Berry)
  • Added Cosmos Crystal with every color. (craftable with Crystallized Cosmos Berry)
  • Added new recipe for a few items.
  • Added Creepers, Witches and Lightnings to the Static Desert biome.
  • Added a music to the Static Desert biome.
  • Changes: Changed a few mobs and bosses behaviours,changed a few texture from ore items, changed a few biome generation and rarity, changed armor stats, changed leaves loot table.
  • Removed boss bar from the Shell Carrier and Pylon.

Monochrome v1.6.1 (Mini Update)

  • Added Monarch Sword. (a mob, not a weapon)
  • Changes: Changed Envoy names.
  • Note: This update is an experimental update to see how big a feature is in file size.

Monochrome v1.6.2 (Mini Update)

  • Added Monarch Shield. (mob)
  • Changes: Updated Monarch Sword's behaviors and attack.

Monochrome v1.6.3 (Mini Update)

  • Added Monarch Acolyte. (mob)
  • Changes: Updated Monarch Sword and Shield's behaviors, changed Envoy's attack procedures.

Monochrome v1.6.4 (Mini Update)

  • Added Stripped Logs for Monochrome Log and Cosmos Log.
  • Added Shell Stalk. (mob)
  • Changes: Minor stat changes for Monarch mobs, minor armor stat changes.

Monochrome v1.6.5 (Mini Update)

  • Added sounds for Monarch Shell variants and Shell Stalk.
  • Changes: Monochrome and Cosmos Logs can now be stripped by right clicking with an axe, Shell Stalk's flight can be cancelled by hitting them.

Monochrome v1.7 (Monarch Update)

  • Added the Supreme Monarch boss. (the boss is in working progress, type /summon monochrome:supreme_monarch if you want to spawn it) (IT'S VERY BUGGY AT THE MOMENT SO DON'T SPAWN IT)
  • Added Shell Bricks, Shell Eyes and Shell Scale blocks along with slabs and stairs variants.
  • Added Veined Bunker structure.
  • Added Shell Shards use to craft Shell Blocks.
  • Added Cosmos Pie.
  • Added loot table for Shell Stalk.
  • Added a music disc. (M.T. - Judgement)
  • Changes: Anti Shell Sword deals extra damage to Monarch type shells.

Monochrome v1.7.1

  • Added a new creative tab for spawn eggs.
  • Changes: Insanity effect will now remove the player's saturation after the effect is done ticking, changed Mono Misc tab to Mono Items.
  • Bug fixes: Fixed the Mono Items tab messy order.

Monochrome v1.7.2 (Bug Fixes)

  • Bug fixes: spawn eggs tab fixed, some mobs were not attacking players.

Monochrome v1.7.2 (The Chasm Biome Update)

  • Added The Chasm biome. (Vanta Coal generates more)
  • Added Hush Stone. (generates in The Chasm, turns player invisible when standing on it)
  • Added Hush Boots. (turns player invisible when sneaking) 
  • Added Sneak Speed enchantment. (increase sneaking speed up to 3 levels) 
  • Changes: Auditors are attracted to light sources. (only yellow light sources such as torches, glowstone, redstone lamp, etc), Auditors will destroy a full block light source, Pylons can spawn rarely in the Folding Wasteland Hills biome, shooting Anti Shell Drones with the Anti Shell Sword will turn them back into Anti Shell Capsule.

Monochrome v1.8 (Hush)

  • Added Hush Stone Bricks with their stairs and slabs variants.
  • Added "Hush" Advancement.
  • Added "Red Hands" Advancement.
  • Added Veined variants of the Monochrome Stone Bricks.
  • Added sounds for the Harvester.
  • Added Dread potion effect, disables player's building.
  • Added Auditor Dread mechanic, Auditor will give the player Dread when it's targeting the player.
  • Added brewing recipes for Insanity and Dread potion.
  • Added Hush Golem with 2 variants, Glowstone and Sea Lantern.
  • Veined Bunker revamp!
  • Changes: Pylon spawning Rouh rate increased, Shell Carrier Spawning Shell Drone rate increased, Harvester can use Illager Fang circle attack and Doppelganger attack, Mod size reduced.

Monochrome v1.8.1 (Bug Fixes)

  • Changes: Pylon now can drop Envoy Cores.
  • Bug fixes: Cosmos Grass and Cosmos Sprout were not replaceable by blocks when placed on, Monochrome ore blocks can be turned into their item form.

Monochrome v1.8.2 (The Tiny Things)

  • Added Cosmos Bookshelf.
  • Added a new mob: Fervent.
  • Added Pylon Staff.
  • Added Monarch Sword and Monarch Pickaxe (Unobtainable yet!)
  • Added Cosmos Berry Juice, Bottle of Dark Matter and Fervent Hide.
  • Added Resilient effect and potion.
  • Added a way to convert Monochrome Ores into Overworld Ores vice versa.
  • Added a way to craft Brewing Stand.
  • Added a way to craft Blaze Rod.
  • Added alt recipes for potions.
  • Added a way to smelt Monochrome Sand into Sand or Black Stained Glass.
  • Added a way to obtain paper by stripping Monochrome Logs.
  • Changes: Removed Envoy Cores drop from Pylon's loot table, Buffed Monochrome Armor, Retextured a few items, food items, tools, ores and blocks, Changes to entity AI for better performance.

Monochrome v1.8.3

  • Added Piglin Explorer Tower, a tower that generates in the Cosmos Plains biome with a special Piglin inside that you can barter with, this Piglin is immune to zombification!

Added sounds for entering and exiting The Fold portal.

  • Added a way to obtain Soul Sand and Soul Soil by killing a Cosmos Chicken while it's under a Monochrome Sand.
  • Changes: Smoother terrain generation and biome transition, increased tree height in taller biomes, Fervent targets Cosmos Chicken, Few tiny texture changes to items.
  • Bug fixes: Entity spawning no longer applies on every biomes in The Fold dimension.

Monochrome v1.8.4

  • Added new Dusky Cosmos Plains biome.
  • Added Echo Crystal. (WIP)
  • Added Hushroom for potion of invisibility recipe.
  • Added button and pressure plate for every wood type and stone.
  • Added new tracks for each biomes.
  • Revamped Folding Forest biome.
  • Replaced Judgement track with Danaus.
  • Cleaned a lot of junk files and features.
  • Fixed way too many bugs that i forgot what i added.

Monochrome v1.8.5

  • Added Shell Drive Block for setting spawnpoint.
  • Added rare Shell Drive Shrine structure.
  • Added Shell Axon mini boss.
  • Added Axon Tablet.
  • Added Deactivated Shell Blocks variants.
  • Added Chiseled Hush Stone.
  • Removed Echo Crystal.
  • Fixed a few bugs and minor changes.

Monochrome v1.8.6

  • FIxed Monochrome Stone button and pressure plate generating in Static Desert