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So, looking for a mod that gives you more? Well here you go! This is Cool things, a mod that I will have a Discord assist with, people like you can request a certain item for the mod, I will think about it, then probably add it! There is not much in the mod as of right now but there shouldn't be many bugs. Items you can expect:


Emerald Ingot: An alternative to Netherite, but without the nether!


Dark Steel: A material that can be made into dark tools, just wait until you craft a Dark Steel Hoe, you will get a surprise.


Ender Ingot: Used for making only the Ender Staff, which does not do what you think it does. Rather, it summons lightning! 200 durability, use it wisely... Or just set the whole world on fire, your choice!


The Nether-End Dimension: Its a dimension with nether and end biomes, in the void!


New Tools: Emerald Ingots and Dark Steel can all be turned into tools, use both in a smithing table


The Neth-Overworld Biome: It's a Nether biome... In the overworld!


Potions: Currently there is 1 potion added, the Resistance potion, it gives you resistance!


DirtCake: idk why I added this, it was a request from my friend.


Basalt Plains Biome: It's a flat Basalt biome... What more is there to say?


Hellish Coal: Infused with blaze rods, Hellish Coal can smelt 40 items. (Not Final)


Emerald Ingots/Dark Steel are difficult to make, as you have to brew items to make their nuggets, and you need 9 nuggets per ingot.


The Hellish Coal, Emerald Nugget, Dark Steel Nugget and the Resistance potion are all made in the brewing stand. Emerald nugget needs a gold block and an emerald. The Dark Steel needs an Emerald ingot, and a Netherite ingot.


Feel free to use in any of your modpacks, do not re-produce. Thanks for reading through this long but not very long list of things!



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Nice mod, but if you added some more to the description and images, it would look a lot better! :D