Decoration Deluge

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Welcome to Decoration Deluge!

An enormous vanilla-style decoration expansion!

This mod adds 6 new dyes, colored bricks, 3 new stones, dyable glowstone and sea lanterns, gem and metal block variants, expansions to your favorite vanilla materials like stone and sandstone, and so much more!
Everything you feel like vanilla is missing, this mod will likely have!

For recipes, I reccomend JEI, but a lot of them are common sense as they are based on similar vanilla recipies.

THIS MOD IS UNFINISHED and likely will not be finished for a long time. This project, in its current state, has been dormant for almost a year, so I figured I should release it to the public since a lot of work went into it to get it to its current state. Textures are outdated, and certain expansions are very unfinished (namely resource block variants and stained planks). If this mod gets traction or I am struck with motivation, I may keep working on it, but as of right now the mod work will remain dormant.

Modification files
DecoDeluge1.16.5v1.jar - Version 1; 1.16.5Uploaded on: 08/08/2021 - 23:39   File size: 2.17 MB

Initial Release

It's a interesting idea adding new dyes to the game, a really simple concept with new variations on sandstone... good stuff !