Enderain Mod

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In development
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This Mod adds new stuff to the end.

The End Stalker is a core feature to the entire mod dropping the ender heart, with is used to make armor the sword and the drill.

The advancements are in development so more will be added.

Mobs: End Stalker

Tools: Enderain Sword, Enderain Drill

Armor: Enderain Helmet, Enderain Chestplate, Enderain Leggings, Enderain Boots.

Items: Enderain Ingot.

Blocks/Liquid: Block of enderain, Enderain Liquid.

Modification files
Enderain Mod_1.jarUploaded on: 08/13/2021 - 22:48   File size: 4.25 MB


Fixed End Stalker Not Spawning

Added More Advancements

Fixed Drill Hold

Fixed Drill Speed

Fixed End Stalker Spawning Time