Rainbow Mod

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This Mod adds 2 new biomes 1 new dimension

The biomes are Rainbow Fields and Rainbow Forest

The Dimension Portal is made out of Diamond Blocks.

The Rainbow Dimension Is fun to play around with.

The game may get laggy in the rainbow dimension.

These are some problems I have run into when making this mod so please don't hate me for it being laggy in the rainbow dimension and I maybe won't add more stuff to the mod

because there are already stairs and slabs of the rainbow block so I don't really need to add more stuff.

Modification files
Rainbow.jarUploaded on: 08/17/2021 - 05:48   File size: 86.27 KB

If you run into any bugs in the game or If the game freezes in the Rainbow Dimension then it's fine it may happen Because the rainbow dimension spawns in a ton of sheep chickens and cats so don't worry about that.