Radioactive ☢️

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Forge  1.16.5 ↗️

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  • This mod add plutonium ores    to minecraft !  And many other radioactive stuff: A radioactive superpowers system, mutant creatures, scientifics, overpowered tnt, tones of crafts, radioactive plants, machines, radioactive water / biome / structures and many others items and cool features 👍


  •  Coming soon 📝 : Radioactive swords and armors, new items and a radioactive dimension...


  •  Thank you for the 200 downloads ❕  

  • I just posted the mutations update which allows you to became a mutant 🧟‍♂️ and have radioactive superpowers ☣️


  •  If you want to support my free work, allow other people to discover this mod or just give me a boost to make updates more often you can upvote for free🔺🚀

  •  Warning this mod is... Explosive 💥




Disclaimer for the staff : This is not a simple ore pack, this is a diversified mod with a lot of mechanics and possibilities so if you are a staff member don't ban me for this reason.






You need this :





                          ☢️ NOW YOU CAN USE THE RADIOACTIVITY POWER ☢️

                                                                                   USE  IT  WISELY

Modification files
RADIOACTIVE - new version.jar - This mod add plutonium, mutations and many other cool things to minecraft, go discover it !Uploaded on: 12/24/2021 - 22:06   File size: 807.49 KB
RADIOACTIVE - beta version.jar - This mod add plutonium and many other cool things to minecraft, go discover it !Uploaded on: 12/24/2021 - 22:07   File size: 422.81 KB

I finally added the mutation system to the mod ! Thank you for your support 👍 I added new textures and other cool things too... Thanks to SpiderBro for the new textures !

I knew i saw this in the publishing guidelines but i think they won't take down my mod just for this, many other mods are doing the same things and they are onlin since a lot of time, so that I don't have to rewrite a description and redo pictures if my mod is deleted.

It depends on moderator reviewing the mod, I guess. I myself don't see that as an issue, since crafts image is only one of six (so, minority) and it's not main image. But yeah, it is usually safer to make it at least in-game crafting menu screenshot, especially cut to specific recipe only.

hello sir i think this mod is very good but the textures are bad
so might i help you with it??

if yes i will gladly help. heres my discord

I Think That A Ion Breaker Will Be Good. It Breaks Some Atoms From The Original Item So It Gets Deleted Or Transforms In Another Item

hello sir, I love how your machine works and if you can teach me how to make to make one pls