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A Minecraft Mod Adding Biomes, Ores, Blocks, and More. 

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I probably won't update here anymore, you will have to check out Curseforge v v v v v


1.7.0 Update Released

1.8.0 Machine Update Part 1/?

1.9.0 1.17 Support

  • 1.9.1 Bugfix

1.10.0 More Machines

  • 1.10.1 Bugfix


Autumn Forest (1.0.0)

Autumn Forest Is a Forest Biome that Introduced Fall Grass, Fall Wood and Its Variants, Fall Leaves, and Fall Plant.  The Sky is a shade of light orange

Dead Wood Forest (1.0.0)

Dead Wood Forest is a Forest Biome Consisting of Dead Wood and its variants, Dead Leaves, and Dead Berries.   The Sky is gray.

Charged Oak Forests (1.0.0)

Charged Oak Forests is a Forest Biome from my other Mod, Distant Future. It Introduces Electrical Oak and its variants and Electrical Leaves.  Once in a while, it will emit blue particles!

Redwood Forests (1.1.0)

A forest with tall trees and redwood logs.  Their leaves drop Acorn.  The sky is a shade of light red.

Ghostwood Forest (1.1.0)

Ghostwoods is a forest with snow and Ghostwood.  They biome spawn hostile enemies called Ghost. 

Goldenwood Forest (1.2.0)

Goldenwood Forest is a forest with Goldenwood.  The sky is a slight yellow and it generates extra gold.

Bloodwood Forests (1.3.0)

Bloodwood Forests is a forest with Bloodwood.  It spawns Bloodbugs at a 20% chance when you break Bloodwood.

Giant Mushroom Forests (1.4.0)

Giant Mushroom Forests spawns as a variant of Mushroom Fields.

Corrupted Overworld (1.5.0/1.6.0)

Nether in Overworld. Now has its own wood type.

Corrupted Nether (1.5.0)

Overworld in Nether.

Small Redwood Forest (1.5.0)

The smaller version of the Redwood Forest from 1.1.0

Flooded Hills (1.6.0)

Flooded Hills basically.

Extreme Deep Ocean (1.6.0)

Deep Ocean but deeper now.

Sandy Hills (1.6.0)

The Desert Biome but now big hill.

Ancient Hills (1.6.0)

Contains a new rock type.

Bluestone Caves (1.6.0)

A Cave Type.  Usually does not generate Ores. Contains Bluestone, Blueshroom, and Mossy Bluestone.

Cherry Blossoms (1.7.0)

A Forest Biome that has Cherry Blossom Trees.

 Stone Hills (1.8.0)

A Hill of Stone.  Came from 1.18

Cotton Fields (1.8.0)

Find Cotton there.

Void Islands (1.9.0)

Found in the void dimension.

Outer Wastes (1.9.0)

Found in the Void dimension

Mandragized, Radioactive, and Agigated Hills (1.9.0)

Found near Outer Wastes.

Banana Forest (1.9.0)

Drops bananas


Bronze (1.0.0/1.1.0)

Bronze is a Powerful Ore variant that can be used to make a toolset, armor set, power a beacon, and used to merge with Heated Silver.

Bronze ore has been replaced with copper and tin

Silver Ore and its variants (1.0.0)

Silver is an ore used to make Heated Silver.  Heated Silver can be used for a decent Tool Set and to make Enforced Silver. Merging Enforced Silver with Silver Gives you Platinum.

Platinum (1.0.0)

Platinum is a Powerful Ore variant that can be used to make a toolset, armor set, and power a beacon.  Platinum Tool Set is hand-drawn.  Platinum cannot be mined, only crafted.

Tin (1.1.0)

Tin is an ore variant that can be used with copper to make bronze.  

Copper (1.1.0)

Since 1.17 MCreator isn't released yet, I made my own copper. 

Enderite (1.2.0)

Enderite is a very powerful ore variant used for a toolset, armor, and power a beacon.

Phasphoremus (1.2.0) (not phosphorus)

Phasphoremus is an ore variant found in the nether.  It is used for a toolset and to power a beacon.

Kalegismine (1.3.0)

Kalegismine is an ore variant found in the overworld.  It makes a decent toolset.

Nether Iron Ore (1.3.0)

Mine Iron in the Nether

Ruby Ore (1.4.0)

Ruby Ore is an ore variant found in the nether.  It can be used to make armor.

Uranium (1.6.0)

Uranium is used to power beacons and used to make Nuclear Bombs.

Stray Cloak (1.7.0)

Spawns from strays.

Mercury (1.8.0)

Used for thermometers.

Heated Iron (1.8.0)

No Difference from Iron

Lonsdaleite (1.8.0)

A stronger type of diamond. It is only found in meteors.

Void Ingots (1.9.0)

Found in Void Dimension.

Mandragized Ingots (1.9.0)

Makes toolset

Agigated Dust (1.9.0)

Makes toolset

Octanium (1.9.0)

Makes Toolset

Deesplate Variants of custom overworld ores (1.9.0)


Zinc (1.10.0)

Use to remove rust from Iron

Brass (1.10.0)

Use to make Piano

Items and Blocks

  • Dead Berries: (1.0.0) Dead Berries drops from Dead Leaves. They are a decent food source.
  • Fall Plant: (1.0.0) Fall Plant drops from Fall Leaves.  They are a Decent Food Source.
  • Acorn and Opened Acorn: (1.1.0) Acorns take a very long time to eat and can be cracked open with the new GUI.
  • Air Crystal: (1.1.0) Used to make Hidden Chests.
  • Hidden Chest: (1.1.0) Useful for hiding your valuables.
  • Sickle (1.1.0): Sickles is an item that the Ghosts use.
  • Hoop (1.2.0): Decorative Block.
  • Dead Fungi: (1.2.0) Plant found in the Dead Forests.
  • Blood Shard and Giant Blood Shard: (1.3.0) Shard dropped from the Bloodbugs.
  • Spear (1.4.0) Ranged Item that acts as a new Trident, used to make a grappling hook.
  • Canister and Oil Canister (1.4.0) Used for Flamethrower.
  • Bullet Box (1.4.0) Ammo for the new sniper rifle.
  • Component (1.4.0) Used to craft a beacon.
  • Shard Stick (1.4.0) Required to make a spear.
  • Bucketed Oil (1.4.0) Unfortunately You cannot pour it.
  • Mixer (1.4.0) Mix Tin and Copper Together
  • Pocket Watch (1.5.0) Used to craft the watches.
  • Shard Apple (1.5.0) Eat for more Health Points.
  • Air Shrine (1.5.0) Cheap Beacon
  • Ghost Block (1.5.0) Used to make the Air Shrine.
  • Possessed Obsidian (1.5.0) Used to make the Dimension Watch
  • Component Block (1.5.0) Used to make the Watches
  • Nuclear Bomb (1.6.0) Big Explosion.
  • Bluestone (and its variants) (1.6.0) A New type of stone.
  • Ancient Rubble (1.6.0) A New type of stone.
  • Flight Armor (1.6.0) Lets you fly.
  • Wing (1.6.0) Required to craft Flight Armor
  • Glowstew (1.6.0) Do not eat unless emergency.
  • Extractor (1.6.0) Used to get ores. 
  • Cannonbomb (1.6.0) Used to launch out a cannon.
  • Every Single Horizontal Slab has a vertical variant. (1.7.0/1.9.0)
  • Blossom, Autumn, and Ghostfern Flowers. (1.8.0)
  • Discs ??? - Fell, and Disc 81 - Tapes. (1.8.0)
  • Roll Of Tape. (1.8.0) Only use is for making Disc 81
  • Thermometer (1.8.0) Used to tell the temperature.
  • Flaming Iron (1.8.0) Used as Heat for Temperature Vault.
  • Temperature Vault (1.8.0) Used for turning liquid mercury to mercury.
  • Ice Cubes (1.8.0) Used as Coolness for Temperature Vault.
  • Cotton (1.8.0) Used for Lab Coat
  • Lab Coat (1.8.0) Used to operate machines
  • Ointment (1.8.0) Used to stop effects and is stackable
  • Oil Rig (1.8.0) Used to obtain oil canisters
  • Tank Of Propane (1.8.0) Used as fuel
  • Plastic Board (1.8.0) Used to make ointment.
  • Freezer (1.8.0) Must keep stuff like Ice and Mercury to keep them from melting in a minute.
  • Server (1.9.0) Teleportation Device
  • Plastic Block (1.9.0) Building block made from Plastic Boards
  • Disc File (1.9.0) Used to activate Server Block
  • Glass Door and Trapdoor (1.9.0) Place Carefully
  • Solar Extractor (1.9.0) Place outside to extract solar power.
  • ☹❄☹☼⚐ (1.9.0) ❄💧☜☜☼👍
  • End Grass (1.9.0) Generates in the Void Dimension
  • End Rose (1.9.0) Generates in the Void Dimension
  • Solid Void (1.9.0) Used to enter the Void Dimension
  • Void Grass (1.9.0) Generates in the Void Dimension
  • Void Wood Set (1.9.0) New Wood Set.
  • Devitricated Obsidian (1.9.0) no purpose
  • Voided (1.9.0) Last music piece.
  • Compressor (1.9.0) Compresses bananas for potassium.
  • Outer Fungi (1.9.0) Found in the Outer Wastes
  • Outer Fungi Fruit (1.9.0) Local Resistance
  • Splitter (1.9.0) Rips apart ores for stone and the ore
  • Banana (1.9.0) Eat it
  • Villager Statue (1.10.0) Use to get a minute of Hero Of Village
  • Villager Gem (1.10.0) Obtained from shredder
  • Shredder (1.10.0) Used to get rid of things
  • Claw (1.10.0) Used to make splitter
  • Lazer Beam (1.10.0) A Large laser beam that deals damage
  • Sharpened Iron (1.10.0) Used to make Trident
  • Washing Machine (1.10.0) Used to repair leather armor and bleach wool.
  • Bleach & Detergent (1.10.0) Used in Washing Machine
  • Rusted Iron (1.10.0) No Purpose
  • Zinc Paste (1.10.0) Used to Remove Rust
  • Blender (1.10.0) Makes Juice
  • Amethyst Piano (1.10.0) Piano
  • Wet Wool (1.10.0) Dry it to use
  • End Table (1.10.0) End Table
  • Chair (1.10.0) Chair
  • Pure Light (1.10.0) Light Source 
  • Speed Pad (1.10.0) Makes you go fast
  • Charged Speed Pad (1.10.0) Makes you go even faster
  • Banana Pickaxe (1.10.0) Fast tool but low durability
  • Voidstone (1.10.0) Stone type that spawns in Void Dimension
  • Petal Wand (1.10.0) Wand that shoots Petal Shurikens
  • Cranker (1.10.0) Click to heat
  • Petal (1.10.0) Used to make Petal Wand

Ranged Weapons

Fireball (1.0.0)

Fireballs are ranged weapons that deal massive amounts of damage when used.  They have a crafting recipe available at the start of the game, but only survivable during the end!

Forceful Air (1.1.0)

Forceful Air is a creative item that, when shot, deal excess amounts of knockback

Basketball (1.2.0)

Basketball was a suggested feature.  It deals one damage.

Flamethrower (1.4.0)

Flamethrower is an automatic weapon that shoots fire when left click is held

M-40 (1.4.0)

M-40 is a Sniper Rifle that deals lots of damage.  It requires a Bullet Box to be in your inventory to fire.

Spear (1.4.0)

Spear is a ranged item that is a newer version of Trident.

Grappling Hook (1.4.0)

Grappling Hook is a ranged weapon that teleports you to wherever the projectile went.

Dimension Watch (1.5.0)

Teleport to any dimension. (You must have the achievement associated with it before you can teleport)

Time Watch (1.5.0)

Set ingame time to Day, Noon, or Night.

Health Watch (1.5.0)

Gain extra Health Points I guess.

Resistance Watch (1.5.0)

Gives Resistance 4 when in offhand.

AK-47 (1.5.0)

Semi-Automatic Rifle.

God Watch (1.5.0)

When in offhand, gives super-status effects, and when in main, becomes a super Multi-Tool.

Shotgun (1.6.0)

A Shotgun

Cannon (1.6.0)

Must have a Cannonbomb to use.

Blood Trident (1.8.0)

Normal Trident but has fire

NA (1.8.0)

Placeholder item for an arrow projectile model shot by the Corrupted.

Petal Shuriken (1.10.0)

Comes from Petal Wand



Hand Crack: (1.1.0)

Successfully Use the Hand Compression GUI.

Unlimited Endurance (1.2.0)

Obtain the Enderite Hoe.

Time Master! (1.5.0)

Obtain Time Watch

Dimension Master! (1.5.0)

Obtain Dimension Watch

Health Master! (1.5.0)

Obtain Health Watch

Resistance Master! (1.5.0)

Obtain Resistance Watch

TWhat's The Time? (1.5.0)

Obtain Pocket Watch

All The Watches! (1.5.0)

Obtain all Watches 

MATSER!!!! (1.5.0)


Gun Master! (1.5.0)

Obtain all Bullet/Oil Based Ranged Items.

Explosive Prone (1.8.0)

Obtain Uranium

KABOOM! (1.8.0)

Light Nuclear Bomb

Decked Out (1.8.0)

Currently Unbotainable

Suited Up (1.8.0)

Currently Unobtainable

Scientist (1.8.0)

Equip a Lab Coat

Ridiculous (1.9.0)

Obtain every hoe

❄❄☠ ☜☜✋💣💣☜☠🏱 ⚐✌✞💧👎✋✌☜☹ (1.9.0)

????? ????? ??? ??

Void Travel (1.9.0)

Enter the void without dying

Interdimensional Travel (1.9.0)

Enter a new dimension and return safely

Heated Machinery (1.9.0)

Use the Mixer

File Saved (1.9.0)

Plug in a Disc

Location Saved! (1.9.0)

Use the Server

Spaceman (1.9.0)

Forgot to Remove

Rip and Tear (1.9.0)

Use the Splitter

Villager Master (1.10.0)

Use Villager Totem

Clothes Washer (1.10.0) 

Use Washing machine

Fine Music (1.10.0)

Play Music

Heat and Cool (1.10.0)

Use Temperature Machine

Blending (1.10.0)

Use Blender

Hard at Work (1.10.0)

Use the Cranker


Status Effects

Oily (1.4.0)

Currently Serves no effects due to the removal of the liquid Oil

Weightless (1.6.0)

Makes you float a bit

Golden (1.8.0)

Resistance and a yellow vision

Scarred (1.8.0)

Makes you disabled.

Propylene Inhalation (1.8.0)

Big poison and white vision.


Freeze (1.5.0)

(Might not work) Disables attack from opponent.

Curse of Speed (1.8.0)


Curse of Slowness (1.8.0/1.10.0)

Makes you slower

Curse of Tool Decay (1.10.0)

Multiplies durability loss


Dead Wood Hut (1.1.0)

Dead Wood Hut is a small hut that spawns in the Dead Wood Forest.  It serves no purpose as of now.

Taiga Castle (1.4.0)

Taiga Castle is a massive rare structure that spawns in the Taiga Biomes.

Fountain (1.7.0)

A Fountain.

Corruption Arena (1.8.0)

You can find Corrupted Golem there.

Meteor (1.8.0)

You can find Lonsdaleite there.

Void Walkway (1.9.0)

Walkway in the Void

Void River (1.9.0)

Sick Looking River.


Void (1.9.0)

☺✌☺🕈👎 ✡☠☼☺ 👎❄☪ ☟❄💧✌☺🕈✡ ✌☺🕈✠☠❄💧✠ 👎❄☪ ✠☺💧✋ ☞ ☟💣☪💧🏱 ❄😐 👎❄☪🕈 👌❄🕈✈✋ ✡❄ ✡💣☺ ✌❄☠✋ 💣❄👌 ✋❄☺✠ ✡💣☞✡ ☼☞🏱☺ 👎❄☪ 😐☺☺✈ 👎❄☪ ☞🕈☺ ✠☺💧✋☠💧☹ ☠💧💧❄☟☺💧✡ ✈☠✌☠💧☹ ☝☺☠💧☹✠ ✡❄ ☞ ✋☞🕈🏱 ☞💧✋ ☟❄✈✋ 🕆✈☞☟☺ ✡💣☠✠ ☠✠💧🕯✡ 🕈☺✌☺🕈✠☠☝✈☺ ✈❄❄🏱 ☞✡ 👌💣☞✡ 👎❄☪🕯✌☺ ✋❄💧☺


Ghost (1.1.0)

Ghosts are Entities that spawn in the Ghostwoods.  They attack all entities.

BloodBug (1.3.0)

Bloodbugs are entities that spawn from Bloodwood.  They attack all entities.

Hacked Golem (1.3.0)

Hacked Golems are a variant of Iron Golems that participate in Raids.

Ender Zombie (1.4.0)

Ender Variant of a Zombie

Infected (1.4.0)

The Infected is a mob that is halfway between an enderman and a person.

Bronze Bot (1.6.0)

From my past mod.

Blueshroom (1.6.0)

Spawns in the Blueshroom Islands.

Chilled Zombie (1.7.0)

Chilled Zombie

Car (1.7.0)

A Drivable Car.

Corrupted Golem (1.8.0)

A Boss in the Corruption Arena

Corrupted (1.8.0)

A new type of skeleton.


Pre-Release Charged Forest Painting (1.0.0)

A painting you can get from paintings.

Wither Potion (1.0.0)

Basically, a Potion that gives you the Wither Effect.

Nerfed Some Crafting Recipes (1.0.0) (am I using that term correctly?)

Swords Now require 2 extra sticks to craft.

Buffed Other Recipes (1.0.0)

Fall Wood, Charged Oak Wood, and Dead Wood's Stairs Crafting Recipe requires 3 Wood planks of their kind to make 3 stairs.

Useless Item: "Ball." In Creative Inventory. (1.0.0)

Ignore it as it is for the projectile item (you do not need a ball in your inventory in survival to shoot a fireball)

Hand Compression GUI (1.1.0)

Use to get seeds from dirt and Opened Acorn from Acorns. Press R.

Music Piece: TermX - Practice. (1.2.0)

Composed by my friend.

Changed the way to obtain Platinum Gear (1.3.0)

You must use a smithing table, making them many times cheaper.

Fixed The bug where you can only get one from many clicks. (1.4.0)

Self Explanatory. 

Weightless Potion (1.6.0)

Lets you fly.

VERTICAL SLABS (1.7.0/1.9.0)


Machine Update Part One of ??? (1.8.0)

Multiple update releasing

Machine Update Part Two of ??? (1.9.0)

Multiple update releasing

1.17 Support (1.9.0)


Deepslate Ore variant now exist (1.9.0)



Modification files - Check Curseforge14.19 MB

Update 1.0.0: No Updates

Update 1.1.0: Added Many things that will take a while to list

Update 1.1.1: Emergency Update: Wood is now obtainable with hand

Update 1.2.0: Added New Biome, New Ores.

Update 1.3.0: Basically an Entities Update. (Pretty Small Update)

Update 1.4.0: Ranged Update

Update 1.4.1: Fixed Beacon Recipe

Update: 1.5.0: Watches and Achievements.

Update 1.6.0: Curseforge :)

Update 1.7.0: Vertical Slabs lmao

Update 1.8.0: Machines Update 1/?

Update 1.9.0 Real 1.17 support and machine update 2/?

Update 1.9.1 Banana Bug Fix

Update 1.10.0 More Machines

Update 1.10.1 Bugfix