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Minecraft Forge mod
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this mod is like lycanite's mobs '-',
have a bunch of mobs (more than 30) food, blocks, items and weapons
3 biomes, this mod is in dev for now, so have a bunch of bugs, but i will fix in another uptade!
2 structures in dev for now.. for now dont have animatons like geckolib or others, just head movement, leg, arm ect...
made by Daves just me, i recommend u use just engouch items to play, (its more easy to know the craftings) 
u can have some pets too, like in lycanite's mobs.
i will make a remodel uptado too, all the models and textures are very bad, and i've made in some minutes 

Modification files
Dangobs_Huge uptade 5.0.0 .jar - uptade 5.0.0. next uptade= bug fixes, hot doggo mob, and more900.02 KB

added: Makerty milk, Makerty milk paste, makerty cheese, rosarida (flower), entridon (mob). 5.0.1