Biomes far away!

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In development
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Minecraft Forge mod
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Biomes far away!
Is a vanilla friendly mod, that adds new biomes, or variants of existing biomes that blend well with vanilla ones.
For now, it adds only biomes to the overworld, but i plan to add biomes to Nether and End aswell.

It does NOT add anything to overworld vanilla biomes, and it does NOT change them at all.

Biomes far away! Adds 63 overworld biomes, and 2 end semi-biomes at the time, i will update it with new biomes pretty soon.

Biomes far away! Also adds new types of trees, and woods, along with planks stairs etc.

This mod can be used by anyone to have fun with, if you like vanilla style mods, it is a biome mod made for you.

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This mod goes well with my other mod, Bizzare Animals!:…

Additional pictures:

Additional photos whithout shaders:

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Modification files
simplybiomes-0.1.jar - Vanilla friendly biomes mod1.05 MB

-Added 4 overworld biomes

-Added 2 end biomes

-Changed tree type on lavender fields to Jacaranda Tree instead of oak tree

-Changed tree type on redwood forest to Redwood tree instead of Sequoia tree

-Added oasis to Lush Desert

-Changed texture of Termit Nest in Red Desert

-Added door recipes for all wood types

-Added trapdoor recipes for all wood types

-Every log-like block can be turned into planks, medium logs in 2 planks, and small logs in 1 plank, with full block standard 4 planks


2 End biomes that i mentioned earlier are semi-biomes (or mini biomes) and they are my attempt of recreation of Echoing Void update from Minecraft Dungeons

-Added more photos


-4 New biomes
-Added saplings
-Added cattail to Marsh biome
-Added Creative tab

-new update

We just had Matter of Form and now there's another superbly high quality biome mod lol

hey it's me again; Loving the end makeover. I was wondering, as the mod gets progressively larger, and the block selection follows suite, will you create a custom inventory? I understand this is meant to be a vanilla plus mod as well, but it's large enough to warrant it's own tab to easily find all the blocks. Especially since Mcreator doesn't allow us to go and place our own custom blocks alongside the vanilla blocks within the creative tab so all the planks or what not are just shunned to the bottom.
P.S, once I can vote again I'm voting this mod MOTW; it truly deserves it in my opinion

Hey congrast on MOTW. If you ask me, this might be the new BYG for mcreator. The custom trees are beautiful, and you expanded the end in a very clever way. I love the leaf block textures and the variation planks get. Textures in general are great. If you don't mind me asking, how did you get structures that exceed the 32 limit? (My guess is that you combine a mod that makes structure sizes larger and your own mod and import that set of structures into mcreator but i'm not sure)
Also ty for listening to feedback.

Congratulations for winning Mod of the Week :)
I love the particle effects :D

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