Published by ace127 on Fri, 02/21/2020 - 03:23
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This mod is too expand parts of minecraft that get overlooked in vanilla. This mod adds new trees, wood, biomes, and much more! There is three biomes in the current version. The Maple forest has many trees that can be crafted into planks and other blocks. The willow forest and willow trees that make a nice tan plank. The cherry forest has cherry trees which can provide extra food. The biome (ERROR) can make powerful tools and item. This is version 2 and more versions will be out soon!

Modification files

Version 1:

*added willow forest biome and willow wood related items and blocks

*added maple forest biome and maple wood related items and blocks

*added cherry forest biome

Version 2:

*added new (ERROR) biome

*new cherry foods, the cherry pie and cherry muffin

*added new Crypticshot weapon that shoots arrows.

*changed biome raritys.