The Accurate Backrooms

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The Accurate Backrooms is a mod that adds several Backrooms levels, entities, and objects to your worlds!
Noclip into The Backrooms by coming into contact with unstable and buggy world areas or by suffocating!

-Several levels of The Backrooms with random generation to explore!


-Several entities of The Backrooms which will try to kill you!


-Several objects of The Backrooms that will help you while traveling in The Backrooms!


-New Sanity Bar that will give you negative effects the lower it is!


-Bases, Outposts, and Communities that will make you feel as if you were back home!

Bases and Outposts

- Backrooms Info Source: The Backrooms Wikidot
- Shader used in Pictures: Sildur's Vibrant
- Model Creation: Blockbench

This mod isn't being made with MCreator anymore. New updates will be in CurseForge


Modification files
v2.0.1accuratebackrooms_forge43.1.7-mc1.19.2.jarUploaded on: 01/01/2023 - 21:00   File size: 8.2 MB

-Made gameplay adapt according to the difficulty of the world
-Changed the texture of Level Keys
-Changed the book in the Manila Room
-Changed the ID of several blocks and items
-Changed the model and texture of the computers
-Fixed bugs:
    -Fixed a bug that caused Female Deathmoth to sometimes drop an item called "Female Deathmoth Acid"
    -Fixed a bug that caused items to be unable to break blocks
    -Fixed a bug that caused sanity effects to not be added to players on level 0
    -Fixed a bug that caused M.E.G. Base Alpha not to spawn
-Added new entities (Bursters, Wretches, Facelings)
-Added new objects (Firesalt)
-Added the Wretched Cycle
-Made Smilers generate in Level 1
-Unified creative tabs.
-Lowered the time it takes for a Disguised Skin Stealer to consume the skin
-Changed the model and texture of Almond Water
-Changed the model and texture of Dullers
-Changed the model and texture of Hallucinations
-Revamped Level 0's generation and textures
-Revamped Level 1's generation
-Revamped Level 2's generation, textures and models
-Made Levels breakable.
-Changed the textures of light-emitting blocks
-Changed how Smilers and Hounds work
-Improved Blackouts in Level 1


-Fixed a bug where transparent textures weren't transparent

-Added new blocks:
    -Added Level base blocks (Levels 0, 0.2, 1, 2, 3, 4, 19)
    -Added Slab blocks (Level 1)
    -Added Stair blocks (Level 2)
    -Added Trapdoor blocks (Vent Grill)
    -Added Light blocks (Normal, Tube Light, Vertical Tube Light)
    -Added Door blocks (Level 1 Locked Door and Unlocked Door)
    -Added Miscellaneous blocks (Pipe Blocks, Memory Jars, Computer)
-Added new items (Almond Water, Level Key)
-Added new entities (Duller, Female and Male Deathmoths, Smiler, Hound, Skin-Stealer, Clump)

-Fixed bugs:
    -Fixed a bug that caused the M.E.G. Alpha base not to spawn
    -Fixed a bug that caused some sounds to play twice
    -Fixed a bug that caused a Skin-Stealer to TP when kills someone
    -Fixed a bug that caused Dullers to grab players multiple times
-Made the way you noclip to different levels better
-Made it so if there's only one player in level 0, they don't get the invisibility effect
-Made more entities spawn in level 1's blackouts
-Made more entities spawn in level 2
-Lowered the chances of finding an exit in level 2
-Made less objects spawn in level 2's object rooms 
-Added a book written by the M.E.G. to level 0's Manila room
-Added sound subtitles
-Added a sound effect for when Dullers grab players
-Added a sound effect for when a Female Deathmoth spits acid

Hey can you please explain in detail on how the modules spawn, im kinda confused when you said this :
module z = (module size - 1) * (round down(player z / (module size - 1))) Same For X

Theres a problem with the mod, it says i need a specific version of forge (43.1.7) and i have version 43.2.13 which is over the requirement so it should work but it doesnt. is there a way you could fix this?

when i try to put it in my game it says i need forge 43.1.7 (i can't find anything like that)

Really, really nice mod. It works really well and it's very easy to get to. You should be very proud of yourself.

good mod! I love the wiki version more than the Kane Pixels version, it really gives the backrooms a lot more exploration!

Submitted by BloshyBoy on Wed, 02/15/2023 - 01:47 Permalink

doesnt let me load it, keeps crashing