Ultraterranean Mod

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Hey guys, it's me, TheGreatKingBoo_! Today, i am so very proud to annouce that the "Ultraterranean Mod" is officially out for the public!


I am extremely excited to finally release this mod, as i have been recieving many positive feedbacks! I really hope you like this mod as much as i do!

So, let's start with the presentation, shall we?


Once upon a time, when the universe was just chaos, the two primordial gods, Timeus, Lord of Time, and Espation, Sovereign of Space, decided that it was time to fill the universe with life, just as they did many, many other times. With their abilities, they created the matter that would go on to form Minecraftia, The Nether and The End. They were extremely proud of their work, complimenting each other on how perfect the worlds they created were. Suddenly tho, they felt it wasn't enough. So they started making many, many more. It is up to you now to explore them, uncovering all of their secrets!

 So, as you can probably tell, this mod is based on the Exploration of various dimensions, each one with its own theme. Currently, there are three (one of which is secret): The first is called "Sands of Time" and it's inspired by Ancient Egypt, plus more things; while the second one is called "Belly of the Beast" and it's located inside a multidimensional demon called Kragatosh:


A mystic Piramid! What will it contain?


Inside Kragatosh


But this is not all! There's plenty more to see! In fact, there are alot of new mobs and items, here, take a look:


Bifidus and Blood CellsThe Pharaoh!A SarcophagusThe Dark Altar and The Juicer

The last two blocks are called "Dark Altar" and "Juicer" and they're something like Custom-Crafters. The first is used to craft Mana and the Ender Staff, while the second is used to craft Potions and Juices!


And that is all, i won't give much info on the mod, as i would like people to discover them by playing. So, i guess this is all, we'll see ourselves later, my dear Boos, with another update!



-Ultraterranean Forum Topic: https://mcreator.net/forum/47144/ultraterranean-mod-new-possible-advent…

-All recipes with the Dark Altar and Juicer: https://imgur.com/a/CoO6RkN

-Minecraft Forge: http://files.minecraftforge.net/ (The Forge version needed for now is:




-There is a full Localization in Italian (FOR NOW I don't plan on adding more localizations)

-I added a Title Screen Background Music! Go to this link if you want to know how to do that: https://mcreator.net/forum/47247/tutorial-how-add-background-music-titl…



-Vylon Power Core and Projectors: https://imgur.com/a/iEclcJn

Latest supported Minecraft version
Release type

Beta 1.0.0 - Boss Rush Update (And the only Beta Update)

  • Added 2 New Bosses, Acidic Gooze and King Vylon, plus two new items used to summon them: Suspicious Looking Mucus and Vylon Totem
  • Added 2 new mobs: Acidic Goozey and Acid Bubble
  • Now all flowers added by the mod can be crafted into dyes
  • Removed The Brim and The Kragle (Removed Ashwood, Brimstone and Kragalia too), they were pretty bland, even with mobs.


Alpha 1.1.2 - Overworld Overhaul Update - Horde 2 - Civilizations

  • Added 9 new structures, most of them very useful to start a new survival world
  • Added 2 new stones: Bluestone and Marble
  • Added 6 new flowers to color your world


Alpha 1.1.1 - Overworld Overhaul Update - Horde 1 - Natural Explorers

  • Added 2 new biomes: The Brim, and the Kragle
  • Added 2 new ores: Brimstone and Kragalia, with their own sets of tools and armor
  • Added Many new ores and flowers


Alpha 1.0.0 - The Beginning Update

  • Added three dimension (Sands of Time, Belly of the Beast, and a secret third one!)
  • Added many blocks, items, and mobs
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What did you use to create the structures?