EveryTHING Mod (My First Mod Work In Progress)

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In development
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Minecraft Forge mod
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 yo im now releasing V1.4 Of the EveryTHING Mod so this adds a new dimension called the elytran and has end-like world gen and has a custom structure and blocks it has some loot and 2 cloud blocks have been added one is a normal cloud (decor only) and another is a fiery cloud which sets anyone on fire for 15 seconds!!!! and also it adds spring water which heals you instantly if u get in it Next Update Clue: Creatures Are Approaching! if anyone has any ideas comment in the comments ideas and changes for the mod and i might add them thanks for trying my mod and i hope u enjoy it. Thanks for downloading have fun guys!!!! P.S To get to the depth dimension use cracked deepslate tiles and ignighter is echoloctation device and soul dimesion igniter is soul seeking device aaaaaaaannnnnnd the sky dimension portal uses elytran awakener to ignite and end stone!

Modification files
EveryTHING Mod V1.4.jar - This is the mod download link (Version 1.4)233.84 KB

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