Published by yomai on Wed, 03/30/2022 - 21:22
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This mod is discontinued.

Phantascraft is a mod that only adds fiction related things to Minecraft! it currently adds:

Timagrade is a tardigrade like mob that spawns on the end.
You can heal a Timagrade with an amethyst crystal.
Timagrades hunt shulkers and when they kill them they will sometimes spawn another Timagrade.
If you right click on a Timagrade with a sugar in your hand, it will drop one dazzling stripe.
If you kill a Timagrade it will drop a dark matter.

Dark Matter
You can turn Dark Matter into blocks.
If you cook a Dark Matter, it will give you cosmic dough.
Dark matters can be used to make effect bombs.
Dark Matter Blocks glow randomly.

Dazzling Stripe
If you eat a Dazzling Stripe, it will give you the glowing effect.
You can boil Dazzling Stripe, but it won't give any effects.
You can turn Dazzling & Boiled Stripe into blocks.

Cosmic Dough
Cosmic Dough can be used to make cosmicmarble, which is a light blue stone.

Cosmicmarble Blocks
Cosmicmarble Bricks

Effect Bombs
Auxiliary Effect Bomb
Preserver Effect Bomb
Brisk Effect Bomb
Each Effect Bomb will give different effects when you right click with an Effect Bomb in your hand.
Each Effect Bomb requires different ingredients to make.
Effect Bombs only have one durability.

New Plants
Chorus Bushes
Swelterplants can be found on nether.
You can turn Swelterplants into blocks.
You can make Swelterplant Soup with them, which gives fire resistance.

New Painting

Fairy Dust
Fairy Dust can be obtained by striking a lightning on a undead mob.
Fairy Dust can be converted to Fairy Blocks.
You can craft Seraphic Lantern with Fairy Dust, which gives nearby illagers, undead mobs negative effects.
You can craft Fairy Glass with Fairy Dust, which has a shining animation.

Endersalt and Heftstone
Endersalt is a new stone type found in outer end islands.
Heftstone is a new stone type found in small end islands
If an entity steps on a Heftstone, the Heftstone will fall if it doesnt have any block under it.
Heftstone will also fall if it gets a redstone signal.

Turkish Translation

Modification files
phantascraft0.1.jarUploaded on: 03/30/2022 - 22:00   File size: 86.99 KB
phantascraft0.2.jar - phantascraft first updateUploaded on: 05/23/2022 - 15:46   File size: 139.27 KB
phantascraft0.3.jar - phantascraft second updateUploaded on: 06/13/2022 - 15:25   File size: 310.04 KB

-changed dark matter texture
-added heftstone and endersalt
-added chorus bush
-added fairy dust

Woooooooooo. The modification is very cool. Would you like to work together? Could you discuss this on Twitter.