Magical Teleporters

Published by daytaur on Sun, 08/16/2020 - 16:51
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Magical Teleporters is a fancy way to travel fast using magic and manipulating nature's auras and taming spirits.

This is not an early game mod, and need some progression in-game before you manage to use all the features of it.

This mod adds the following:

  • Magic Wand : The very basic item to progress with this mod
  • Infused Wand : The Magic Wand infused with all 4 elements of life.
  • Crystal balls : Its just a ball made from glass (Nothing too fancy here)
  • 4 Element drops : Fire, Water, Earth and Air element drops randomly from all entities and in higher rate from entities that use same element. Blaze for fire etc (Drop rate is configurable in Guide Book)
  • Spirit ball : The home of a tamed Spirit
  • Spirit : Tamed spirits can be used for producing aura fragments and harvesting various blocks (configurable in guide book)
  • Aura fragments
  • Completed Aura : An aura made from Aura fragments. Used as crafting material.
  • Blood Altar : The main component to build the structure for the ritual. A ritual that converts an animal to a tamed spirit.
  • Element bricks : They only used for the ritual and decorative purposes if you wish
  • Natural Bricks : Tamed spirits trapped in a stone. Used as crafting materials and decorative
  • Scroll : Single use item to teleport (Doesn't work cross dimensions)
  • Book : Re-usable item to teleport (Doesn't work cross dimensions)
  • Book Stand : The main block where you can bind your teleport location on scrolls and books
  • Waypoint : Multi-function block. Works as a home location binding block or a portal between 2 places (configurable in guide book)
  • Soul Stone : Travels you to waypoint you bound the stone to. It works cross dimensions (It can be configured to not require a waypoint to bind a location)
  • Guide book : A little wiki on your hand. A book explains in more details how this mod works. Settings for various features located there. You must be in creativity to see the settings.At Ver 2.0 it is possible to change settings from a config file, which makes the mod easier to include it in a modpack. thanks to File Creator Plugin

Disclaimer : This mod is made to cover my needs for a teleportation system for my games. I have tried to make it kinda balanced without too much cheating. Most of the features have been tested various times with various conditions and worked as intended. The only exception is the waypoints when configured to work as an individual travel method. (It is disabled by default). They work relative good at single player though but not in multiplayer. They can still work but with strange results.
Overall this mod is made for single player experience. I am not sure how this is going to work in servers and need some extra testing before, although i had many successful tests in Lan worlds.

This is a 1.12.2 version because as said before, I needed a 1.12.2 mod for my games. Probably I ll update it in newer versions at later time. For this reason, i ll keep it in development state.

  • Ver 2.0 Added the ability to store all global variables in a config file. Now modpack makers can include the mod in a modpack with custom settings predefined by them and not by the player. (wasn't possible before) This can be done either directly in mteleporters.cfg or from guidenook inside game while on creativity mode.
  • Ver 2.0 Fixed a broken recipe
  • Fixed minor issues. It should work better with the new version now. Most issues are with using this mod in other dimensions than overworld.
  • Fixed some grammar mistakes in Guide book. English is not my mother's tongue so don't expect everything to be right. Feel free to suggest anything you wish.

Thank you very much guys for your comments. I really appreciate it.

I generally don't like hd textures and complex models, but cool mod anyway! :D

Thank you everyone who replies and checking the mod <3 Also if someone knows, what this upvote system is used for? I spent a lot of time in mcreator but i am new to the site, although my previous account is gone somehow.