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ManyAdditions2 or MA2 is a continuation of ManyAdditions, a mod that got only 3 updates before I lost interest in the mod itself, but this time I want to add more to ManyAdditions. So I decide to recreate ManyAdditions by bringing almost all of it's features like the Checkered Tile Block, Special Types of Glass, Lamps (My Favorite), and more from the original mod. some stuff from the first one like Steel Tools, Armor, Streetlight Block, Bloodfruit, and DarkGlass won't be added at all or maybe be added later on. I hope you do like this new version of ManyAdditions!

Important Announcement! Due to some major problems with this mod, I have to redo the entire mod from the ground up, so the next update will be released way later then I had planned!

Edit: You might have to wait for awhile for the update!

Edit2: Cancelled because I am wanting to spend more time working on Strange Plants and lost interest in this mod, sorry if anyone was expecting an update for MA2, but you should check out Strange Plants!


Modification files
ManyAdditions2_1.17.1-0.1.jar - The First Version of MA2 (No this is not a April Fool Prank!)Uploaded on: 04/01/2022 - 20:55   File size: 235.55 KB


  • Normal/Red/Fancy Checkered Tile Blocks with Stairs and Slab
  • Steel Ingot with Block and Nugget
  • Glow Glass
  • Heavy Glass
  • Phantom Glass
  • Clear Glass with Pane
  • Recycled Glass with Pane
  • Soul Glass with Pane
  • Obsidian Glass with Pane
  • Small Cactus with three cactus variants
  • Lamps in all dye colors
  • End Weeds
  • Soul Weeds (WIP) due to a strange mcreator bug that causes plants that are meant to spawn in the nether, not spawn at all.