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Published by Kebab on Fri, 05/13/2022 - 17:54
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Academic Free License v3.0
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Latest supported Minecraft version

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More Golems adds 5 new golems. They are unique and help the player in some way (at least most of 'em!)

To summon the golems you need to craft a Golem Head and put it in a special formation of blocks, similar to vanilla golems (see Golem Statues below)

You can craft a Golem head by combining a Carved Pumpkin with Redstone Dust in a Crafting Table.


New golems

More Golems currently has 4 golems, which include

  • Rock Golem | Gives resistance to a nearby player or golem
  • End Stone Golem | Gives levitation to a nearby mobs
  • Note Block Golems | Plays a note when right clicked
  • Blackstone Golem | Dances
  • Moss Golem | Creates moss under its feet


Golem Statues

Find the golem statues at the images tab on the CurseForge page



  • English (United States) 100%


Upcoming Content

  • Updates to the latest version of Minecraft


Supported Versions

  • Forge 1.16.5 (outdated)
  • Forge 1.17.1 (outdated)
  • Forge 1.18.2 (updated)

I recommend using the latest version of Minecraft



Can I use this in a modpack? | Yes

Can I redistribute this mod (on another website)? | Yes, but be sure to follow the AFL 3.0 Licence

Fabric? | Sadly no, due to features that need to be cut.

Mcreator? | Limatations of Mcreator have had an impact on the quality of this mod, but the mod is still of decent quality



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