Cucumbunga 2

Published by aGrill on Wed, 03/20/2019 - 21:10
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                                                Cucumbunga 2


Cucumbunga 2 is a sequel to Cucumbunga 1. This time Cucumbunga 2 is filled with more biomes, mobs, and more adventure! Dinosaurs have AI and more foods can be seen in more vanilla biomes. There will be more updates than the last Cucumbunga 2. There is also the new GUI for the DNA Extractor! Everything is new and some old biomes have been modernized. One of our mascots (Apple) revealed their home to you. So go out and adventure!

Mod includes: Over 50 mobs, 10+ biomes, 2 dimensions (more coming), and a lot of features!



Mint Forest

Fry World

Candy Biome

Maple Sugar Forest

Fruitty Biome

Cheese Land

Pretzel Bamboo Forest

Glazed Plains

Chocolate Lavender Fields

Sugar Pastures

Prehistoric Choco Land

Prehistoric Conifer Mango Forest

Prehistoric Pixifee Desert

Prehistoric Kale Plains


Some Mobs (Too much to list xD):

Mango - It returns once again.

Apple - It returns with the Mango but with more species of Apple...

Candy Corn Jar - Kill it and it drops a lot of Candy Corn Minions!

Deep Dish and Flat Pizza - When killed the slices deform and attack you.

Coconut Juice - A refreshing mob!

Burger - Yum!

(There's more just find them!)



Cucumbunga Dragon - A dragon that acts like an ender dragon but hits HARD! It can't be killed with just a bow and arrow. You have to fight hard!

Foodian - Not really hard to defeat just the Evil Crum Crum's he summon are quite scary.



Wesley for Modeling

Mystic Animator for sounds

Pagan for textures + sounds

Peppery Ezae' for Textures + models

Blue Fox for Texturing

R!ck for texturing, procedures, and modeling

                                               Discord Server: <3



Suggested to use NEI for recipes!

This mod has over 200+ mod elements! 

Modification files
Cucumbunga2.jar - Cucumbunga 1 Sequel Version 1Uploaded on: 03/20/2019 - 21:33   File size: 1.3 MB
Cucumbunga2.2.jar - Cucumbunga 1 Sequel Version 2Uploaded on: 03/24/2019 - 21:09   File size: 1.43 MB



Listed in description


              0.2: Apple Mini Update

2 New Biomes (Chocolate Lavender Fields, Sugar Pastures)

Added 3 New Mob candidates:

Sugar Horse



Added 2 New Apple Species:

Long Leg Apple

Dat Apple (Apple on Unicycle)

Added 3 Flowers:

Popcorn Flower

Chocolate Lavender

Sugar Barley


       0.3: Huge Update Candidate

1 New Dungeon

Fossil Smelter


More Biomes