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   Hello, Everyone! My name is FaeTheWanderer and this is the first mod i have ever made for Minecraft! (currently only available for 1.18.2, but I plan to update it to 1.19.x as MCreator updates as well as adding in compatibility with new features from future updates!)
The idea started off simple enough, I love building houses and gardens in survival, but hate torch spam and am always looking for new lighting options!
One day I came upon the idea of making glowing plants that you could easily work into the land for a natural light source!
After discovering MCreator via Youtube tutorials while trying to learn to do Java scripting, I was finally able to bring my ideas to life!

This mod started off under the name Glowcraft, as that was the entire idea. . . until I kept having more ideas, and seeing more and more videos with cool ideas to try!
Eventually the project morphed into its current form and idea, Fae's Gardencraft (as i am sure someone else is using the name Gardencraft out there!) The mod is now all about getting the most out of your plants and adding in a suite of awesome decorative flowers, mushrooms, trees, wood types, two new biomes and even more nature themed goodies! The overall goal of this mod is to add in new natural features that make players ask, 'Why isn't this feature in Vanilla?'. So the goal is to keep the features small, simple, and when i can, to make use of things that already exist in Vanilla Minecraft. Hopefully this mod fits in well with other Vanilla+ mods and packs!

Let it glow!
So, to get started and dive right into the mod's original idea you just need to find some bonemeal and something that naturally glows! From there you'll be able to craft Glowmeal from 8 bonemeal and ingredients like glowstone dust, glowberries, glowing ink sacs, and even photosites extracted from sea cucumbers! So it'd be a good idea to get a farm set up for one of those resources! These can be combined with most vanilla plants to make their glowing variants. From here you have the basics to protect your home from hostile mobs, while keeping a natural aesthetic!

Flower Power!
To gain access to the new trees and flowers, roses and tulips that can be dyed into any existing dye color, you'll need to begin crafting Flower Food, a new type of fertilizer that is amazing for allowing your new plants to inherit traits from the materials you combine them with! Crafting this special plant food is no easy feat, and is going to test your mettle as a gardener! You will need a Poisonous Potato, Bonemeal, Sugar, Honeycomb, a bowl to mix it all in, and a sheet of paper to craft a handy packet to carry the mixture in!

From here you can hand craft any of the new saplings in Fae's Gardencraft by discovering which ingredients combine to make new sapling types. For the most part their logs remain the same, however their leaves take on new decorative textures for all your decorative needs! 

The Rose Returns!
While many mods over the years have re-added in this long lost Classic Minecraft feature, Fae's Gardencraft does so with a new twist! You can acquire a single rose by clipping them off of a rose bush! To do this you'll need to craft some Garden Shears from two flint and two sticks, then just add a rose bush and your clippers, this recipe will give you 6 roses at the cost of the bush and one point of durability from the tool! From here you can dye them into any color of available dye! These dyed roses can be planted lika any other flower, or even crafted into a glowing rose in order to light up your build!

New Tool - Garden Shears
Se, we mentioned the Garden Sheers before, but what else can this tool be used for? Well, it is a pair of shears, albeit not as strong as a set made from Iron, so you can use them for anything a standard set of shears can do, however this will wear them out much faster as their long blades are designed for more delicate work with plant materials! That being said, their other unique use is in their ability to be used in a crafting bench to break down plants into Garden Clippings, So if you find that you have an excess of sticks, leaves, saplings, or many other plants, you can now break them down into this new crafting material. These clippings can then be turned into Mulch blocks, a dark textured dirt variant that's perfect for making decorative garden beds! These mulch blocks can be crafted into slabs, stairs, so you can make your garden beds and sloped as you like!

Dye for days!
Fae's Gardencraft also comes with a new crafting block, the Mortar & Pestle, which doubles your bonemeal, and dyes! (A new custom block model is coming as soon as I figure out how to import it and it's textures from Blockbench! The current painted half slab is just a placeholder as I refine my skills!) This will allow you to make your bonemeal and dyes stretch a lot further as you'll likely find yourself using more of these resources than you otherwise might! This is going to come in handy as you are now able to dye Shroomlights to get even more colored variations of lighting blocks!

There is one more dye added into the mod left for players to discover. It's the legendary Rainbow Dye, and it can be used to craft a suite of blocks that cycle through all the colors of the rainbow! These blocks include Glass Blocks and Panes, Wool, Concrete, Shroom lights, Roses, Tulips, and most importantly, Oak Saplings. These Rainbow Oak Saplings grow into Rainbow Oak Trees, which can be crafted into Rainbow Oak Planks, and from there the planks can be crafted into a whole set of wooden building blocks! You can even build an entire house out of these color changing rainbow blocks to live in a truly magical garden manor!

Autumn Biome
Fae's Gardencraft even comes with a couple of new biomes to discover and explore! Starting us off is the Autumn Forest biome! This forest is full of harvest season goodness, and includes the three vibrant Autumn tree variants, Oak, Birch, and Dark Oak! It's also an excellent place to find pumpkins, foxes, and even horses! It's yellowed grass, and diversely colored foliage makes it a handsome location to build the base of your dreams! 

Spooky Biome
If tranquil and idyllic isn't your thing, then perhaps a creepy haunted forest is more your speed! If so, then welcome to the Spooky Forest biome! These lands are dark, even during daytime, and the grass is a deep violet hue, which matches the leaves of a new tree type found only here, the Spooky Tree! These trees come with their own light grey wood color pallet to build with, but also hold a few more surprises. Their leaves occasionally rustle and eerie eyes occasionally peer out at you here and there. These trees also have knotholes, some of which also seem to harbor some kind of creature. These new trees come with Weathered logs, which can be crafted into their wooden plank block variants, as well as Knothole Logs. These logs have already had something tear through them, and can be crafted into a unique type of wooden plank, the Dilapidated Plank block. These wooden building blocks have broken and missing boards that allow you to see through their haphazard gaps. 
If you have ever wanted to make your own creepy haunted house, then look no further than this uniquely weathered block texture! This biome even comes with a few abandoned houses made from Weathered and Dilapidated wood to get your spooky adventure started!
Spooky biomes are also the only place where you may find Zombie and Skeleton horses spawning naturally, due to the perpetual darkness and spooky aura that seems to permeate the entire biome! It is also one of the few biomes in which mushrooms of all types grow naturally feeding off of the decaying matter that makes up the floor os the Spooky Forest.

Blooms and Blossoms Galore!
If, like me, you are a big fan of flowers, then I've got some news for you! Fae's Gardensraft comes with flowering variants of all the vanilla tree types! They can be found spawning naturally in the same biomes as their original forms, as well as spawning together in a Flowering Forest biome! These plants make wonderful decorative hedges and topiaries! I can practically smell the fragrances, just talking about them! To craft one of these saplings, all you need to do is combine the base vanilla sapling with any flower, and some floral food in a crafting table to get your own flowering sapling! 

New Mob - The Dryad
These ancient faefolk are known as the guardians of the forest, and they roam the many woodlands of the world working to protect and expand their forest homes! They wander around the map planting saplings of nearly every variety slowly giving rise to more and more trees. They also abhor the undead and will attack any of these creatures on sight! However, not being ones to waste even rotting flesh and bones, they will quickly turn their kills into fertilizers to further encourage their territories to grow! If you are lucky, you may be able to pick up one of their Grab Bags, a leather sack filled with seeds and plants, and other natural goodies just waiting to be planted to bring life back to the desolate spaces ravaged by the undead.


New Weapon - The Sheleighly
The favored weapon of the Dryads, even non-magical variations of this weapon have begun cropping up in the world! Despite being made of wood, these weapons are surprisingly strong and can inflict opponents with a powerful knockback, giving your opponent on their backfoot, or possibly opening up an avenue for you to escape! To craft your own Sheleighly, just bring 3 sticks and a block of wood to a crafting table! You can also try your luck at dryad grab bag collecting to get one of your own, or even the coveted Dryad Sheleighly, an even more potent version of the crafted weapon, infused with a touch of nature magic. 


Food and drink? Now it's a party!
Lastly, what nature themed mod would be complete without a few new tasty tidbits to find and eat! Fae's Gardencraft comes with a new type of fruit, Cherries, which drop from Cherry Birch trees. These juicy red berries can be eaten by themselves, or crafted into a very filling Cherry Pie! Apples have also found a new use with their own pie recipe! There are also a handful of delicious new beverages to try out! You can craft dandelion and rose tea in a brewing stand by placing bottles of water in the potion slot and one of these flowers in the ingredient slot! Hot chocolate joins them, being crafted similarly, but calling for a new item, the Chocolate Bar to be crafted first

Much More!
These are all just an overview of what all Fae's Gardencraft has to offer! Many more mysteries and discoveries await within, so give this mod a download and see what amazing discoveries you can make!


Upcoming/Planned Features for Fae's Gardencraft's Future Releases

- 1.19.x support along with dyeable Frog Lamps and Mangrove Tree variants
- Trapdoors for Rainbow, Weathered, and Dilapidated wood
- Dryad Sapling Trading Mechanics (just as soon as I figure out why the GUI for it refuses to open! Trades moved to villagers temporarily)
- Biome Specific Dryads (that way forests don't become2550 too cluttered with random unrelated tree types!)
- Improved mushroom textures (was going for transparency, but that doesn't work and they lost most of their details because of this)
- Tall mushroom 'trees' for the new types
- Towering Mushroom Forest biome
- Glowing Mushroom Caverns biome

Future Planned Mods
- Fae's Masonry: adding in the missing slab, stairs, and walls options for vanilla blocks that don't have them.
(started to do this in this mod then realized it was pulling too far away from the main focus, so I've broken it off to a standalone project!)

- Fae's Kitchen - a new mod, maybe?: A mod heavily focused on new crops, fruits, and cooking!
(I may pull the cherry trees and foods out of this mod for a cooking focused mod instead as I've already made art assets for new fruits, and making new crops could be fun as well!)

Modification files
Fae'sGardencraft.jar - A mod focused on crafting glowing and decorative plants to get the most out of your gardens and builds!Uploaded on: 06/29/2022 - 22:28   File size: 2.55 MB
Fae'sGardencraft-1.0.1.jar - Out first ever update, yaaaaay! Found a few bugs during extended gameplay and squished 'em!Uploaded on: 07/05/2022 - 16:47   File size: 2.55 MB

- Fae's Gardencraft released for public testing and bug fixing!

7/5/2022 - Fae's Gardencraft-1.0.1 released.

  • Fixed an issue where Flowering Jungle Leaves were indestructible, and could only decay after clearing jungle logs.
    Player placed blocks were totally indestructible in survival.
    As fun as an invincible wall of flowers seems, this was not intended as a gameplay feature, so we fixed it!
  • Fixed an issue with the recipe for Glowing Autumn Oak Saplings.
    They now correctly require Autumn Oak Saplings, and not Oak Saplings to craft.
  • Fixed an issue where the bugged Glowing Autumn Oak Sapling recipe caused a conflict with the Glowing Oak Sapling recipe.
    This was actually how we discovered these last two bugs!

If you all find a bug, please don't hesitate to let us know! Our Goal is to make this mod as clean and smooth as possible!​​​​​​​