Botanica (Nature Expansion)

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bayou swamp
Bayou Swamp


Bayou swamps are biomes with jungle trees and 'Bald Cypress Trees' in this mod

These trees have 2 main variations 

They do not have their sapling as of now

Their log has 2 variations a soaked one and dry one

soaked ones naturally spawn

dry ones can be made by putting them on fire 

and these dry logs can be put in water to turn into their soaked variants


             Cat tail

Cattails spawn in bayou

swamp biomes

They can be placed on any solid block


                                           Fire Fly


Fireflys are not 2 pixels!!

They are mobs that spawn in groups of up to 9 in any biome at anytime


fireflys in the night
Fireflies in the beach next to a jungle biome at night time



This mod has a lot more to offer but these were some significant ones of which I had pictures of.

This mod also adds sargassum, corn and plastic along with cornstarch etc.

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