Amazing Archeology ~ (Mindthemood's Bits & Bobs)

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This mod began as a quest to add Archeology to the game in a way that made sense. One thing led to another, and it's become quite a bit more than that; more of a menagerie of interconnected ideas, in the same spirit as Quark. I still claim that everything added is loosely based around the premise of an Archeology system, but you'll have to judge for yourself. The idea of the mod, (a WORK IN PROGRESS structure/archeology overhaul, which may one day be the centerpiece of my marvelous modpack), is as follows:

  • An Archeology System through which players can obtain vanilla loot throughout the world; as well as some new and mildly interesting stuff.
  • An Artificery System, in which players can combine machine parts they've found in Archeology to make cool new gadgets and gizmos.
  • Overhauled Vanilla Structures, adding modded elements to existing structures, while trying to keep the Vanilla feel. Eventually, every Vanilla structure will be replaced with a more detailed, procedurally generated version. At the moment, I'm maybe about 65% there, give or take.
  • And a bunch of other stuff loosely related to the first three premise; including decorative pottery; new golems, new weapons with unique functions, new traps for the updated structures; new redstone components based on the machinery items; and plenty more to boot!


  • Starting with Version 7; GECKOLIB IS REQUIRED for custom entity animations. Download the latest version if you don't already have it for other mods.
  • Custom Structures DO NOT replace Vanilla structures, but can safely generate alongside them. If you only want custom structures, you can disable Naturally Generated structures when making a new world. (Dungeons are a notable exception- these generate regardless of whether you turn off naturally generated structures. If they really annoy you though, I made a datapack to get rid of them.)
  • As structures are still a work in progress and subject to change, they are currently disabled by default. You can enable their generation using the DoCustomStructures gamerule.
  • This mod should generally work smoothly. That being said, lower end computers may have some performance drop loading in new chunks, as some bigger structures, (such as the mansion), are a bit tricky to generate quickly. Expect larger structures to take a couple seconds to load in; this is a deliberate step to avoid serious performance drops.
  • Also check out 'Mindthemood's Circuitry' on PlanetMC or Curseforge if you want redstone machinery, iron golems, and guardians to have similar textures to new gadgets and gizmos.


So far, Dungeons, Witch Huts, Mineshafts, Igloos, Ocean Ruins, Trail Ruins, Shipwrecks, Ruined Portals, Woodland Mansions, Jungle Temples, and All Villages have been completly overhauled. More are planned.

For more detailed information about the different mechanics, decorations, weapons/tools, golems, totems, music discs, etc; be sure to check out the Curseforge page! Also check out 'Mindthemood's Circuitry' if you want redstone machinery, iron golems, and guardians to have similar textures to new gadgets and gizmos, and 'Mindthemood's Dungeon Removal Committee' if you want to get rid of dungeons, which somehow generate regardless of whether or not you turn structures off.


CURSEFORGE DOWNLOAD (You can download the provided file if you like, but it's just a link to Curseforge)

MINDTHEMOOD'S CIRCUITRY (Recommended Resource Pack)

MINDTHEMOOD'S DUNGEON REMOVAL COMMITTEE (Removes existing dungeons from the game)

Modification files - Mcreator supports file sizes 20MB or smaller; this clocks in at about 23MB; you can download it here using the provided link ~Uploaded on: 07/30/2022 - 23:36   File size: 387 bytes
  • Completely rebuilt the entire mod from scratch following some major computer issues.
  • Tweaked and overhauled most textures for consistency and StayTrue/Mindthemood's Misselaneous compatibility.
  • Adjusted every modded loot table, and generally did some nerfing.
  • Added Mineshafts, Trail Ruins, and carved melons/melon lanterns for some god forsaken reason.
  • Seriously, check out the curseforge changelog for all the tweaks in version 7. There's quite a lot.


  • Added dispenser compatibility for spears and catalysts.
  • Changed spear behaviors to better resemble tridents; spears now get stuck in blocks on impact, and only break on a successful hit. (However, the likelihood of this has increased.)
  • Lightning mechanics now also effect modded armor from 'Mindthemood's Superior Smithing'
  • All projectiles break porcelain blocks and vases on impact.
  • Spears can now break glass, ice, and porcelain blocks on impact.
  • Added Chargers and Booster Greaves; renamed Boosters to Booster Packs.
  • Fixed Major bug that prevented power cells from functioning in the hotbar.


  • Added procedurally generated dungeons; with multiple variations for height, size, and layout; as well as randomized ruin levels and better generation conditions.
  • ...promptly made a datapack to remove existing dungeons upon realizing they aren't technically even structures.


  • Added procedurally generated witch huts; with multiple variations for size and layout, along with randomized foliage, more robust generation conditions, and some cool decorative stacks that took eight hours to get working properly. 
  • Added actual loot to witch huts to give any incentive whatsoever to go there, now that they no longer respawn witches.


  • Added procedurally generated igloos and secret labs, with multiple shapes, variations, randomized furniture, etc. You get the idea.


  • Added procedurally generated ruined portals, with multiple different variants based on biomes, and surrounding brazier/supply depot structures, as well as more complex degradation/corruption mechanics.
  • Slightly increased rarity of witch huts and igloos to combat overpopulation in swamps and frozen wastelands.


  • Increased rarity of suspicious dirt and ruined portals in plains biomes.
  • Added Pillager Outposts, after spending seven hours getting the blasted tree-chopping mechanism working.


  • FINALLY finished the Plains Village; others should just use the same procedures and thus be faster to finish.
  • Added new pumpkins, for some reason. You can make them using different knives. 
  • Added Knives, Conveyor Belts, Machinery Blocks, and quite a lot of other stuff besides. Also a Web Gun.
  • Changed loot tables and structure frequency for most existing structures, with the exception of dungeons, which are perfect just the way they are.


  • Finished the Taiga Village
  • Completely overhauled village generation to be less constantly buggy.
  • Added a bunch of incredibly entertaining Trap blocks that will eventually be found in Temples, including a Laser Beam. It's exactly as cool as you think it is.
  • Tweaked Pillager Towers.


  • Added Savanna Villages
  • Improved Taiga Village frequency and road generation.
  • Improved Booster Boots to use actual rather than approximate direction. (They should now be more precise.)


  • Added Woodland Mansions. Man that took awhile.
  • Tweaked all the loot tables and structure frequencies. (Again.)
  • Miscellaneous bug fixes for artificery, world generation, and golems.
  • Updated the Mod to version 1.20.1
  • Added the Jungle Temple, in all its redstoney glory! It's awesome, you should check it out.
  • Added a desert variant of Trail Ruins. (This is technically not in the vanilla game, but exists for parity with Jungle Ruins/Temple.)
  • Conveyor Blocks can now interact with slime and honey to move larger sections of blocks.
  • Munchers are a new redstone block that can break and harvest blocks.
  • Plonkers are a new redstone block that can store and hold blocks.
  • Golden Golems, (with a hostile and friendly variant), are a new variety of golem, with a powerful smash attack and ranged cannon. They'll eventually be found in Bastions, and can be built by players.
  • Updated all structures to include some new 1.20 blocks. (Mostly chiseled bookshelves and decorated pots)
  • Various fixes and new rooms for the Woodland Mansion.
  • New Tooltips for the artificery interface to better explain how it functions. (And adjustments to loot outputs.)
  • Fixes to Transceivers, which can now send and receive signals from anywhere on the map as long as their position is loaded.
  • Miscellaneous bugfixes with various artificery items.

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Nice mod, I can see this being useful in vanilla Minecraft.

Hey there Mindthemoods! I was wondering about how you made your villages? I am trying to make one but to not much avail.