Amazing Archeology ~ (Mindthemood's Bits & Bobs)

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Structures: For the most part, sadly lacking in variety of interest. Once you've seen one, you've seen 'em all.

Archeology: A system sadly missing from Minecraft ever since its early conception. My mission: To improve existing structures, add a vanilla-friendly archeology system to Minecraft, with a bunch of other (mostly) related new additions to boot! With Mindthemood's bits and bobs, you can expect:


  • Overhauled Vanilla Structures! Right now, just dungeons, ruined portals, witch huts, outposts, and igloos have been overhauled, but much more is planned.
  • A fully fledged archeology system, requiring some skill to excavate different materials; obtain vanilla loot from successful excavations, as well as broken disc fragments, ceramic shards with which to reassemble old pottery, pieces of new totems with 16 unique abilities; and old machinery with which to assemble all sorts of unique gadgets. The better you do, and the rarer the material, the better loot you'll get- go too far though, and you'll be rewarded with nothing whatsoever.
  • Over 91 unique Ceramic Pots and Porcelain Vases; in addition to providing a unique storage solution, each type comes in sixteen different colors, and three different shapes- colored ceramic shards can exclusively be obtained through trade and archeology, and every single ceramic pot has a unique illustration... possibly with lore implications, if you're so inclined.
  • A wide variety of Gadgets and Gizmos, including double-jump chestplates, power tools, ore detectors, a wide assortment of energy blasters, and plenty more to boot! You can use broken machine parts you find throughout the world to craft a variety of unique equipment and weapons through the new artificery system.
  • Plenty of other miscellaneous features, including unique spears, new music discs, elemental items, a new mineral obtained exclusively through lightning, and, just as a side note, Copper Golems! (At least, my interpretation of them, which should still be just as adorable as you would expect... even if that somehow wasn't my intent.)

The ultimate goal of this mod is to overhaul every structure in the game- right now, dungeons and witch huts have been completed. However, in its current state, there's a few things worth noting:

  • Some features, (Including special brushes, loot items such as custom totems and music disc fragments, custom enemies, etc), are not currently available in survival mode. They can still be tested out in Creative Mode, and will gradually be implemented alongside new structures.
  • Many structures, (at least the older ones), are hard coded into the game, and can't simply be overridden. As such, this mod will generate new and improved versions of structures alongside old ones. (If you only want the new and improved structures, you can turn off naturally generated structures when creating a world- HOWEVER, keep in mind that only the structures I've currently finished will generate in your world if you choose this option.)
  • ...In the meantime, while I encourage checking out whatever structures I'm working on, I have to recommend waiting until all the structures are complete if you intend to use this in a long-term survival world. Version 2.5 exclusively adds archeology, without changing structures.

For more detailed information about the different mechanics, decorations, weapons/tools, golems, totems, music discs, etc; be sure to check out the Curseforge page! Also check out 'Mindthemood's Circuitry' on PlanetMC or Curseforge if you want redstone machinery, iron golems, and guardians to have similar textures to new gadgets and gizmos.


CURSEFORGE DOWNLOAD (You can download the provided file if you like, but it's just a link to Curseforge)

MINDTHEMOOD'S CIRCUITRY (Recommended Resource Pack)

MINDTHEMOOD'S DUNGEON REMOVAL COMMITTEE (Removes existing dungeons from the game)

Modification files - Mcreator supports file sizes 20MB or smaller; this clocks in at about 23MB; you can download it here using the provided link ~Uploaded on: 07/30/2022 - 23:36   File size: 387 bytes
  • Added dispenser compatibility for spears and catalysts.
  • Changed spear behaviors to better resemble tridents; spears now get stuck in blocks on impact, and only break on a successful hit. (However, the likelihood of this has increased.)
  • Lightning mechanics now also effect modded armor from 'Mindthemood's Superior Smithing'
  • All projectiles break porcelain blocks and vases on impact.
  • Spears can now break glass, ice, and porcelain blocks on impact.
  • Added Chargers and Booster Greaves; renamed Boosters to Booster Packs.
  • Fixed Major bug that prevented power cells from functioning in the hotbar.


  • Added procedurally generated dungeons; with multiple variations for height, size, and layout; as well as randomized ruin levels and better generation conditions.
  • ...promptly made a datapack to remove existing dungeons upon realizing they aren't technically even structures.


  • Added procedurally generated witch huts; with multiple variations for size and layout, along with randomized foliage, more robust generation conditions, and some cool decorative stacks that took eight hours to get working properly. 
  • Added actual loot to witch huts to give any incentive whatsoever to go there, now that they no longer respawn witches.


  • Added procedurally generated igloos and secret labs, with multiple shapes, variations, randomized furniture, etc. You get the idea.


  • Added procedurally generated ruined portals, with multiple different variants based on biomes, and surrounding brazier/supply depot structures, as well as more complex degradation/corruption mechanics.
  • Slightly increased rarity of witch huts and igloos to combat overpopulation in swamps and frozen wastelands.


  • Increased rarity of suspicious dirt and ruined portals in plains biomes.
  • Added Pillager Outposts, after spending seven hours getting the blasted tree-chopping mechanism working.

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Nice mod, I can see this being useful in vanilla Minecraft.