Unexpected Animations

Published by __SK__ on Sat, 09/24/2022 - 00:48
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This mod combines Geckolib with MCreator. It adds two entities (both custom zombie models), one with a cow behavior that attacks spiders and the other one with zombie behavior that attacks any mob. It will require Geckolib 1.18.2 mod in order to work. 


Included is the workspace, just in case you will like to replicate it. In order to work as intended, it will require ShadowAPIs and Geckolib enabled.


This is a successful test that requires minor changes in two classess and the creation of a third short class. The end result is an entity with a walking, idle. attacking, and death animation.




============================Entity scale update============================



All this is 80% MCreator + 10% Geckolib + 10% imagination. We already got the elytra flying post ( https://mcreator.net/forum/90492/tutorial-making-flying-armor-2022x-for… )and now this ... Will share all my discoveries.

I already have a fully functional template for 1.19.2 (once it is ready), unfortunately I don't understand how to create plugins ... but you can use this workspace anyway you like to create future plugins. 


I will try my best to create an easy to understand tutorial.

==========================Mob/Entity Tutorial==========================



==========================Animated Sword==========================

==========================Weapon/Item Tutorial soon==========================




==========================Quick update - not included in this mod/workspace==========================

Custom Animated armors work.

Pros: Works in MCreator flawlessly.

Cons: Once created, the project will not open again in MCreator. Why? Had to modify the "YourModid"ModEntities class inside the init package. Which make it invalid for MCreator to open again.

Two possible solutions ...

  1. Create every element first and at the very end, add your custom animated armors.
  2. Or make a mod that has the animated armors and recipes, being the armors the last elements to be created.


This is the most advanced section, since it requires to rewrite unlockable code areas in order to be completed.


==========================Will test Blocks soon==========================

Have fun

Modification files
Unexpected Animations forge 1.18.2_0.jar - Fully functional initial modUploaded on: 09/24/2022 - 00:49   File size: 60.59 KB
Unexpected Animations forge 1.18.2 workspace_0.zip - Workspace -- Use it however you like.Uploaded on: 09/24/2022 - 00:49   File size: 49.72 KB
Unexpected Animations forge 1.18.2__V2.jar - Fully functional mod - includes two tutorial animated mobs and an animated sword - sword tutorial soon.Uploaded on: 09/27/2022 - 21:14   File size: 220.2 KB
Unexpected Animations forge 1.18.2 workspace__V2.zip - Workspace - animated mobs and animated sword - Use it however you like.Uploaded on: 09/27/2022 - 21:15   File size: 210.38 KB

i really wanna know how to make that sword :sob:

im jealous it looks really cool.
keep it up, great animations!

weapon/item tutorial ... Have fun.