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ArchaiCraft (Beta)

ArchaiCraft Species


A mod about prehistoric animals, mainly dinosaurs, loosely based on the old Jurassic Park style, but in this mod, you don't collect bones, amber or travel to a dimension. Instead, you must find Fossilized Egg Ores scattered in hilly terrain in the overworld, and mine it to get a Fossilized Egg Part of a random species, then you can use it in a Brewing Stand, along with Mundane Potions, to obtain DNA, then process the DNA bottles into chicken Eggs to receive Eggs, which then are right clicked for a varying chance to retrieve a Spawn Egg of the same species. Then you can use it in the world to bring life to your new dinosaur. And perhaps build a park full of them, if you're clinically insane that is.

 Species as of 0.1.2

  • Albertosaurus, medium sized tyrannosaurid. Aggressive.
  • Tyrannosaurus, large sized tyrannosaurid. Aggressive, can one hit kill unarmed players.
  • Gallimimus, medium sized ornithomimosaurid. Passive.
  • Othnielia, tiny basal ornithischian. Passive, at the very bottom of the food chain.
  • Dilophosaurus, small sized early theropod. Aggressive, poisons targets.
  • Triceratops, large ceratopsian. Neutral, fights back attackers.
  • Velociraptor, small sized dromaeosaurid. Aggressive.
  • Parasaurolophus, large sized hadrosaurid. Passive.
  • Brachiosaurus, large sauropod. Passive, ignored by all predators except Tyrannosaurus.
  • Hypsilophodon, small ornithischian. Passive.
  • Herrerasaurus, early theropod. Aggressive, attacks skeleton mobs.
  • Stegosaurus, large sized stegosaurid. Neutral, fights back attackers.
  • Segisaurus, small sized coelophysid. Aggressive towards smaller dinosaurs, neutral towards everything else.
  • Corythosaurus, large sized hadrosaurid. Passive.
  • Dryosaurus, small sized ornithischian. Passive.
  • Metriacanthosaurus, medium sized theropod. Aggressive.
  • Carnotaurus, medium sized theropod. Aggressive.
  • Baryonyx, medium sized theropod. Aggressive.
  • Apatosaurus, large sized sauropod. Neutral.
  • Cearadactylus, medium sized pterosaur. Aggressive towards players, villagers and vanilla animals.
  • (NEW) Tylosaurus, large sized mosasaur. Aggressive, can one hit kill unarmed players.
  • (NEW) Pteranodon, medium sized pterosaur. Aggressive towards Cod and Salmon, neutral towards everything else.

 Other features

  • 5 types of meat and steak: Ornithischian, Sauropodomorph, Theropod, Pterosaur and Mosasaur. When eaten raw, all types poison the player for several seconds, and when cooked, each type has different hunger and saturation levels
  • Crates, which are only found in Fossil Depots, a small 5x5 structure that occasionally spawns in Plains and Savannah biomes. When right clicked, they drop 2-3 Fossil Egg Fragment Ores. 5 generate in each Depot, which can grant you anywhere between 10-20 FEFOs.
  • Scraper tool. Used to obtain Scales and Blood from your revived animals
  • Scale Armour, crafted from Scale Plates like with regular armour pieces, which in turn are crafted from Scales, collected from prehistoric creatures with a Scraper. Its stats are between that of diamond and netherite.
  • Reinforced Stone and Reinforced Bricks, is more durable than their normal variants and gives a few more building options for your builds.
  • Electric Fence Blocks, which when combined properly can be used to construct Electric Fences. Unfortunately, I cannot figure out how to make it damage entities only when powered by redstone, so they only physically block entities at the moment.
  • ArchaeoPad, used to read information about the mod's content. Has a Scan Item feature that lets you scan blocks and items from the mod.
  • Wood blocks of every tree species (Currently just Araucaria), used for additional building choices.

       Extinct plants, added for decoration and making your animal enclosures more prehistoric looking:

  • Araucaria, ancient but still living genus of coniferous trees. Tree that varies from 7 to 11 blocks tall.
  • Cycadeoidea, extinct bennettitalean (NOT a cycad despite the name) from the Jurassic to Cretaceous. 1 block tall.
  • Dicksonia (based on D. antarctica), ancient fern from the Jurassic, still native to former Gondwanan continents except Africa and also Central America. 1 block tall.
  • Dicroidium, extinct seed fern from the Triassic. 2 blocks tall.
  • Orontium mackii, extinct terrestrial relative of the modern O. aquaticum, from the Late Cretaceous. 1 block tall.
  • Williamsonia, extinct bennettitalean from the Jurassic to Cretaceous. 2 blocks tall.
  • Zamites, extinct bennettitalean, relative of Williamsonia, native from the Mesozoic to Eocene of much of Laurasia as well as India. 2 blocks tall.

So, if for some odd reason this mod tickles your pickle, install it, slap it into your mods folder (Make sure you have 1.19.2 ready), load a new world or generate some new chunks in a pre-existing world, and get started on playing God.

 Tips and Tricks

  • As I haven't even added half of all the animals I plan to implement, I recommend using silk touch on spare FEFOs so when a new update comes out, you already have an easy chance of obtaining whatever new species I added.
  • For aggressive mobs such as Tyrannosaurus and Dilophosaurus, instead of going into an enclosure, spawning them and ending up like Donald Gennaro or Dennis Nedry, attach a dispenser facing into the enclosure that you want it to appear in, and attach a button or lever, or if you're a redstoner, add some overly complicated redstone contraption to power it. You could even make it automatically spawn eggs using a comparator and a redstone clock.
  • In case something goes wrong, make sure you have some powerful ranged weapons, preferably at least a crossbow with good Quick Charge and Power enchantments, and if you can afford it, use fireworks as ammunition to deal extra damage. I would also put Mending on the crossbow, so it'll always be available.
  • Make sure animals are separated by an at least 2 block (3 is better) wide wall or gap, to prevent any chance of fights happening between said walls or gaps. Never use 1 block wide fences, iron bars or end rods alone.
  • If you are having a difficult time finding fossil ores, you should be on the lookout for Fossil Depots. They can drop anywhere between 10-20 Fossilized Egg Fragment ores, which can help kickstart your cloning. And I also suggest searching for wild fossils in Windswept Hills, as they tend to spawn on the exposed stone surfaces in that biome more than anywhere else

 Additional info

Like I mentioned above, this mod is a work in progress, so expect some things that don't seem right. If you want, report any bugs you find or make any suggestions that seem like it would fit in the mod. As for new species, I do have a LARGE list and I plan on adding dinosaurs based on a chronological order based on the JP movies and other media, although don't be surprised if I deviate, if I feel like a certain species needs to be added, I'll do that instead.

Also, if this mod gets a total of 500 downloads before Christmas Eve (24th December), I'll release a Christmas update featuring the Mammoth, with a special Christmas themed texture and a few extra changes. Actually, scratch that, the first Beta release is a better and earlier Christmas present. I'll probably do an update adding the Mammoth next Christmas.

Otherwise, have fun and enjoy the 2$ bargain bin Jurassic Park experience!


Modification files
ArchaiCraft- - ArchaiCraft (Fixed some crucial issues, adds unfinished ArchaeoPad)Uploaded on: 12/12/2022 - 11:22   File size: 3.96 MB
ArchaiCraft-0.1.0-BETA-(1.19.2).jar - ArchaiCraft 0.1.0 (First Beta version, adds 6 species, overhauled processes for obtaining extinct species and a bunch more)Uploaded on: 12/22/2022 - 18:47   File size: 7.18 MB
ArchaiCraft-0.1.1-BETA-(1.19.2).jar - ArchaiCraft 0.1.1 (A bunch of changes and fixes, including Araucaria saplings now being growable with bonemeal)Uploaded on: 12/23/2022 - 15:11   File size: 7.2 MB
ArchaiCraft-0.1.2-BETA-(1.19.2).jar - ArchaiCraft 0.1.2 (LATEST) (Adds Tylosaurus and Pteranodon, fixed a bunch of bugs and removed a couple ridiculous things)Uploaded on: 12/25/2022 - 15:25   File size: 7.5 MB

- Added Tylosaurus
- Added Pteranodon
- Added Orontium mackii
- Added Araucaria wood blocks
- Added 'Serious Security' advancement
Gameplay Changes
- Slightly adjusted Parasaurolophus model
- Added pattern to Parasaurolophus texture
- Changed Fossil Egg Fragments Texture
- Renamed FEF to FEFs
- Scale Armour is now repaired with Scale Plates
- DNA bottles in 'ArchaiCraft DNA' are now in alphabetical order, first fauna then flora
- Slightly reduced damage dealt by Cearadactylus
- Small adjustment to Zamites ArchaeoPad page
- Fossil Depots are now even rarer (The last nerf wasn't enough)
- Being in creative mode now disables the following:
- FEFOs dropping FEFs
- Getting poisoned from eating ArchaiCraft meat
Technical Changes
- Renamed FEFs texture
- Fixed Cearadactylus naturally spawning
- Fixed Apatosaurus FEF not being obtainable
- Fixed Dryosaurus Spawn Egg not being obtainable
- Fixed Petrified Plants granting the 'What Species Is It' advancement (It's meant to be triggered with live plants)
- Fixed crates only dropping 2 FEFOs, there is now a 20% chance of it dropping 3, and a 5% chance of dropping 4
- Removed Blood types
- Removed unique Scaled Armour (There is now only 1 regular type)
(Most of that was added just as content filler and was completely retarded)