Ultimate Eversource

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To have access to the latest version which is too large for Mcreator's website, go to Curseforge page of the mod

March 29th, 2016. The Fifth episode of Telltale Games' MINECRAFT - STORY MODE, Season 1 is released. In it, we were introduced to a powerful being, one who would change the potential of Skyblock challenges forever.




But Benedict the Eversource is a special kind of beaked bird of burden, capable of laying mob spawn eggs instead of regular ones. Using this unique ability, Isa the Founder was able to spread her small Skyblock island much farther and in a much fancier fashion than a simple cobblestone generator and tree farm could allow. Ever since that day, players have been enthralled by the idea of spawning any mob, any time, and collect their specific loot. Minecraft players will be Minecraft players : mods were made. But these mods always had a quirk to them, that would actually stain their premise. Slow laying speed, limited egg types, all the kerfuffle.


Well, not to brag, but this chicken is certified best rotisserie on the continent. With this mod, enjoy :

  • Fast laying speed ! More than ten per minute ! (Both a blessing and a curse)
  • All 71 spawn eggs(WARNING : due to MCreator's limitations, the mod has no access to upcoming 1.19.3 mobs. This means no Iron Golem, Snow Golem, Wither or Ender Dragon egg. To be fixed ASAP !)
  • Different probabilities for each egg to spawn ! The more useful the drops, the more common the egg ! (Fair warning, there's a lot of zombies)
  • A custom skin faithful to Story Mode for the Eversource ! (About as close as Blockbench's java modeling can allow. Bedrock is more faithful)
  • Advancements ! Five of them, from easy ones, to challenging others !
  • A way to actually get your dead Eversource back without cheating when you "accidentally" kill it ! (We know what you did)
  • Customized mob looting to help you on your limited Skyblock adventures ! (With a gamerule to turn it off if you prefer the challenge)


To partake in the armeggeddon, simply get the Eversource spawn egg from the creative inventory, or enter either the command /give @s eversource:eversource_spawn_egg or /summon eversource:benedict, and bear witness the world's strangest cloaca.


Ultimate Eversource is a mod created by Moe-Mux-Hagi, with help, tips, and general guidance by Reddit user RawrTheDinosawrr.

Modification files
UltimteEversourceJAVA_1.1_0.jarUploaded on: 01/10/2023 - 13:24   File size: 119.5 KB

1.2.1 (2023-01-25)


New Advancements, bug fixing, music discs obtention


  • New Advancements : two new advancement obtained from collecting music discs
  • Music discs : MC-SM music discs can now be obtained by using Eversource spawn eggs or breeding two Eversources

Bug fixes

  • The baby Eversource will now stop randomly spawning in the overworld
  • Custom recipes can now be unlocked in the recipe book when obtaining the right material

What's next ?

Nothing else planned, for now, aside from updating for 1.19.3.

1.2 (2023-01-24)

Happy new year ! Thank you for 200 downloads over on Forge !


New Advancement, breeding, music discs, custom recipes, conditional message


  • New Advancement : one new advancement obtained for successfully breeding two Eversources together
  • Breeding mechanic : the Eversource can now be bred by feeding it a gold block
  • Music discs : ten new original music discs featuring tracks from Minecraft - Story Mode : Episode 5 by Antimo & Welles
  • Custom recipes : six new crafting recipes for otherwise uncraftable items (monster spawner and netherrack, as well as cobbled and regular deepslate as cobblestone and stone compact storage blocks)
  • Conditional message : new type of custom message for signaling rare egg drops

    What's next ?


1.1 (2022-11-23)


Advancements, new eggs, and custom loots added.


  • Advancements : five new advancements can be unlocked through Eversource-related tasks
  • New eggs : added Allay, Frog, Tadpole, and Warden eggs to the Eversource loot table
  • Custom looting : zombies can now randomly drop dirt ; husks, sand ; drowned, mud ; strays, snow balls ; and bees, honeycombs
  • doCustomloot : game rule that enables or disables custom looting. Set to "true" by default
  • Benedict particle effects : reworked the particles used on Eversource animations

What's next ?

A breeding mechanic for the Eversource are in the works, as well as new quality-of-life improvements. Conditional messages for specific egg drops are considered but prove themselves difficult to code using DnD.

1.0 (2022-10-07)


General quality-of-life improvements from alpha version, updated features, and two new items added.


  • Benedict model animations : Eversource is now animated instead of being stiff when it walks around
  • Eversource crown : unique, non-craftable item dropped by the Eversource if killed. Can be used to crown another chicken to transform it into a new Eversource
  • Eversource spawn egg : egg with a customized sprite used for spawning an Eversource
  • Conditional messages : custom messages narrating events such as an Eversource death or coronation

What's next ?

The next update on the mod, released hopefully before 2023, will focus on adding Achievements, and release it to version 1.19.2 of Minecraft, adding allay, frog and warden eggs. Other potential, more minor updates would bring other quality-of-life improvements and demake the mod for anterior versions of the game more popular for modding such as 1.12.2.

Please leave your thoughts about the mod here !
I am looking for feedback to tweak existing features or add new ones !
I want this mod to be community-driven, and your opinion matters very much !