Published by FG1000 on Fri, 01/20/2023 - 18:56
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This mod adds some special items to aid you in the oh so popular game of Minecraft.

-Purpur,Copper,Emerald,Amethyst,Steel and Bluesteel Gear:Tired of the classic gears?,what about some more gears made of vanilla materials?,like Copper,Emerald,Amethyst or Purpur?,or do you want something new?,like Steel or Bluesteel?

-Uranium Crystals:Uranium Crystals can be used as a fuel that lasts as long as a Lava Bucket!,the difference is that it can be stacked!

-Radiation Poisoning:This effect is very similar to normal poison,but it can only be obtained by potions or Plutonium.

-Plutonium:This radioactive fluid can (very rarely) appear in the Nether.

-Cherry Blossom Forests:The Cherry Blossom Forest is a biome with Cherry Blossom Trees.The Cherry Blossom Leaves can be broken to obtain sticks or cherrys.

-Cherrys:A Cherry is a new fruit in the game which can be eaten,to fill 1 hunger point...but don't eat the pits though!,accurate to real life,Cherry Pits are poisonous!,eating a pit will give you poison and nausea!

-Maple Tree Forests:The Maple Tree Forest is a perfect biome to survive in during halloween!,the Maple tree logs can be crafted with a axe and a bucket into Sap!

-Sap:Sap can be smelted into Maple Syrup!

-Maple Syrup:You can drink Maple Syrup,not too special,it fills 1 hunger point.

-The Lost World:This dimension was destroid by the Ender Dragon,this used to be the Aether.

-Ender Midgets:Ender Midgets spawn in The End as a additional challenge when defeating the Ender Dragon

-Yaks:Bored of only the Goats spawning on the mountains?,what about some Yaks?,Yaks can breed with Tall Grass.

NOTE:Play with Programmer Art for a better experience.

Modification files
Utility+ 1.8.jar - The previous version of the Utility+ mod!Uploaded on: 01/26/2023 - 01:26   File size: 462.5 KB
Utility+ 1.9.jar - The latest version of the Utility+ mod!Uploaded on: 01/26/2023 - 14:55   File size: 469.5 KB

Update 1.1:

-Re-named Toxic Waste to "Plutonium".

-Re-textured all Cherry Blossom wood blocks.


Update 1.2:

-Added a full tool pack of Purpur tools.

-Re-textured the Purpur Sword

-Changed the description of the advancement "Better than stone?"


Update 1.2.1:

-Fixed Uranium Block sounds from metal to stone.


Update 1.3:

-Added Ender Midgets.


Update 1.4:

-Added Purpur Armor.

-Added a special painting (which may or may not show the next update).

-Finally added a in game mod icon.


Update 1.4.1:

-Finally added crafting recipes for Purpur armor pieces.


Update 1.5  "The Power Update":

-Added Copper,Emerald,Steel and Bluesteel gear.


Update 1.6 "The Higher Above Update":

-Added Yaks.

-Added Fear potions.

-Added Cheese.


Update 1.7 "The Sweets & Tweaks Update Part I"

-Added Amethyst gear.

-Added Honey Buns.

-Added Muffins.

-Added Apple pie.

-Added Cherry pie.


Update 1.8 "The Sweets & Tweaks Update Part II"

-Added Chocolate.

-Added Pancakes.

-Added Blueberrys and Blueberry Pie.

-Added Coconuts and Coconut Pie.


Update 1.9 "The Aloha Update"

-Added Saltine Crackers.

-Added Lemons and Lemon Juice.

-Added Corn.

-Added Pineapples.

-Fixed Emerald gear durability to match Diamond and Amethyst.

-Finally made the Sap recipe craftable with any axe!

-Re-textured Steel Block texture.

It was very fun to make this mod,2 days before it's release,i made a Lava Pickaxe,and a day later i made a Hot Tip enchantment,but i removed both a day after each one's creation!

Found any bugs or any ideas for the mod?,please notify me on the comment section!