The second 2020.5 snapshot and some updates

Published by Klemen on Fri, 09/25/2020 - 10:33
The second 2020.5 snapshot and some updates

The second 2020.5 snapshot is here. The first release of MCreator with community contributions! There are some updates regarding the ending too, so make sure to read on.

This is the second snapshot of the MCreator 2020.5 release, and the first-ever public release with open-source community contributions. Big thanks to all contributors that helped shape this snapshot. I was able to merge most of the current PRs into the snapshot (59 PRs from 10 contributors + many translators, congratulations guys). There will be another snapshot as usually, so I and Matej will be able to merge more PRs but don't go overboard with them, so we can make sure all valid PRs are merged before the release ;)

EAP 2020.5.39514 changelog

Major new features in this snapshot are highlighted with bold text.

  • Updated Blockly to 2020 Q2 patch 2 and added support for different block rendering styles
  • Greatly improved Console tab Gradle tasks syntax highlighting
  • Ranged items and food can now specify use animation type
  • Added waterlogging support to custom blocks
  • Added support for crop model to blocks and plants
  • Added support for custom damage sources in procedures
  • Added back biome name field
  • Added painting mod element
  • Added double plant type support to the custom plant mod element
  • Items and food can now specify rarity
  • Added knockback resistance and attack knockback parameters to custom entities
  • Added itemstack dependency to entity picks up item procedure trigger
  • Added option to disable plant dropping and use loot tables instead
  • Added option for credits field and plugin dependencies in MCreator plugin info
  • Custom items can now define recipe remainder to any item or block
  • Added support to set foliage color of biome separately from grass color
  • Added the game-rule set and get procedure blocks
  • Added is provided advancement equal to procedure block
  • Added conditional enchantment glint support for all item mod element types
  • Strike lightning procedure block can now specify the lightning to be a visual effect only
  • Added log text with log level procedure block
  • Added procedure block to get the localized text for a given localization key
  • Added on item dropped procedure trigger to custom items
  • Added new entity procedure blocks: tame entity, is the entity a child, make entity ride entity, get shoot power of entity if projectile, remove specific potion effect, is entity leashed, get the owner of the entity, is the entity in water, lava, water or bubble column, water, rain, or bubble column, is entity alive, is entity invisible, is entity invulnerable, is entity non-boss
  • Added new item procedure blocks: has item enchantment, remove a specific enchantment from the item, is item specific tool type, show item totem-like animation
  • Added new procedure triggers: player completes advancement, a block is multiplaced (double plants, beds...), entity drops/picks up experience, entity falls, player uses/stops using/finishes using item
  • Added new procedure dependency immediatesourceentity to entity attacked global trigger
  • Added option to spawn some vanilla structures in custom biomes: villages, strongholds, mineshafts, woodland mansions, ocean monument, ocean ruins, shipwrecks, igloo, desert pyramids, and the jungle temple
  • Added seagrass per chunk option to biomes
  • Default biome features can now be specified in custom biomes such as caves, ores, lakes, icebergs, fossils, and many other
  • Added language selector to the preferences dialog (experimental feature)
  • Added light color interface theme support (experimental feature)
  • [#64081] Added support for custom tag namespaces
  • [#66079] Separated water and water fog for biome colors
  • [Bugfix #66046] Custom GUI WYSIWYG editor had rendering glitches in some cases
  • [Bugfix #66031] Custom sound subtitles did not translate properly
  • [Bugfix] Player variables reset upon leaving the end dimension
  • [Bugfix] Potion related procedure blocks could crash the game in some cases
  • [Bugfix] On initial entity spawn procedure trigger did not trigger with child entities
  • [Bugfix] Plugin loading order was ignored in some cases
  • [Bugfix] Some other minor fixes and improvements

Release notes

  • [Plugins] Added Blockly shadow block support for optional inputs

Minecraft 1.16.x and development ending

Minecraft Forge released a recommended build for 1.16.3, so there is now a version we could build on. It was decided 2020.5 will be for 1.14.4 and 1.15.2 only already, and all PRs had to conform to this, so we are sticking with this decision.

I will be entering my last UNI year and due to my upcoming master's degree, I will be pausing my job to have more time for university, which means some more time could free-up for the upcoming few months for MCreator too. So there might be MCreator 2020.6 for 1.15.x and 1.16.x in the future released under the official MCreator name. I am not promising this yet, it is just a plan, and I want to be as transparent with the community as possible. I will definitely let you know for sure before the final 2020.5 release. This does not mean ending will not happen, it just means the plans might be shifted a bit into the future.

In case 2020.6 happens, it will be focused mainly on 3 things: 1.16.x support, bug fixes and stability improvements, and translations.

I want to address some speculations circling around the community here too. The website is not just shutting down anywhere in the future, moderator and wiki contributor roles are still there, also all forms and functions open. While things will ultimately have to end in the future (development much sooner than the website; the website will likely be up for quite some time). The problem is that all this happened quite quickly for me too, so I don't have all the answers at hand, but I still try to be as transparent as possible, so thank you for your understanding. Just don't cause additional drama we do not need.

Make sure to tell us what you think about the update in the comments, test out the snapshot, and report bugs of the snapshot on the tracker. If you have any questions or feedback on the ending, leave it in the comments too ;) Stay awesome!

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request: custom villages for custom biomes (like choosing blocks for village houses and stuff)

Probably because you literally spam feature requests (there is no place where this would be considered ok). There is no way on earth a free project like this can implement all your requests. Consider this is done in limited free time so there is only that much we can add at once. Spamming feature requests creates noise that slows down things even more.

"In case 2020.6 happens, it will be focused mainly on 3 things: 1.16.x support, bug fixes and stability improvements, and translations."

Even like that, this would be really awesome! And I will be fine with those conditions.
Too bad, that dream about vertical redstone wires(and other redstone things) will not come true, but well.... I will to accept it.

HOLY !! BATMAN!! but Klemen, any chance you could add the food item drop on eaten thing I posted about for the end version ? Pleease?

1.16.x, that would be fantastic!! Thanks for the hope :)

Anyway, graduating from a master's degree and then possibly pursuing a Ph.D. degree is certainly more important.

And thanks a lot for your work; I can't program myself, and MCreator gives me the ability to easily create what I want. Blocks, items, recipes, mechanisms. I stayed on version 1.10.2 for a long time, but after Nether update I'd like to convert everything to 1.16.x.

NICE! but in the new Snapcht gives a big problem pls make a patch when you have plugins installed dont generated procedure blocks :(

Here are some new 1.16 based features in the final 2020.6 update. 1.16 would be the priority.

1. Piglin entity model for say you wanted to make a piglin skeleton, and supports equipment like biped models.
2. Hoglin entity model - say you want to make a skeleton hoglin .
3. Option to make item immune to lava (similar to netherite) for these elements: (Blocks, Items, Tools, Ranged Items, Armor and Food.)
4. Ranged item options: Animation Texture, Charge Time, Imitate crossbow behavior, etc.
5. Custom door, fence gate and trapdoor open/close sounds
6. Pressure plate and Button block base.
7. Custom elytra mod element.
8. Option to make item immune to damage sources (Explosions for example)
9. Option to prevent item or blocks from despawning as a dropped item
10. Option to make custom biomes generate in the nether (and maybe the end if it is possible).

Thank you for sticking around for 1.16 (hopefully), we all appreciate it. Also thanks for everything, MCreator has allowed me & many others to bring our ideas to life in a simple and fun way.

Hey, I wish there was a bug with the rebirth of structures. So when a structure spawns in my view, a ship adds in the routine for a boss to spawn in that structure. It is not reborn. In previous versions of mccreator, such a mob was revived sometimes (not always once every 5 structures). It is very troublesome because building a random village, for example, is more difficult. I may be wrong because I'm not mega experienced somehow.

Question: Does MCreator (the software itself, not the website) need servers or maintenance? I'm asking because I'm wondering if the software will still work years from now.

(Nice job as always with this snapshot everyone!)

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