MCreator 2021.1 pre-release

Published by Klemen on Wed, 03/24/2021 - 12:18
MCreator 2021.1 pre-release

The pre-release of yet another huge MCreator update is here. This third snapshot adds 1.16.5 support, workspace folders, a lot of fixes, and much more. Read more in the article.

Another big update

This was not initially planned, but then it just happened. We are about to release another huge update with many amazing new features. Just this snapshot alone adds Minecraft 1.16.5 support, workspace folders, colored blocks and plants, bounding box editor for plants and blocks, and much much more. I would like to thank and congratulate all the contributors for their contributions, ideas, innovations, and fixes. Big thanks to all translators too, as MCreator is now really well translated in over 10 languages already.

Minecraft 1.16.5

This snapshot updates 1.16.x generator to use the recommended Minecraft Forge version supporting Minecraft 1.16.5. This version should fix some Gradle bugs, reduce build times a bit, greatly reduce workspace setup times (after one longer initial setup as it is now), and be more stable. Your existing workspaces in 1.16.4 will be offered to be upgraded to Minecraft 1.16.5 when opened.

EAP 2021.1.12313 changelog

Major new features and bug fixes in this snapshot are highlighted with bold text.

  • Added mod element folder support in the workspace view
  • Improved block mod element preview for some block base types
  • Added workspace preview for single texture and leaves block types
  • Added option for custom blocks and plants to colorize with the sky, fog, or water fog color
  • Added bounding box editor with compound boxes to plant and block mod element
  • Added support for custom bounding boxes for custom plants
  • Added support for custom armor templates and moved templates to the plugin system
  • Added support for particle rotation with velocity and acceleration settings
  • Added option to specify a custom set of blocks a plant can be placed/grow on
  • Added option to specify a custom condition for plant growth/placement
  • Added grass render type to blocks
  • Added get world height (surface or ocean level) at location procedure block
  • Added speed and jump factor parameters to block and plant mod element
  • Added entity immunity options for explosions, trident, anvil, dragon breath, and wither
  • Added support for custom commands that work with cheats disabled too
  • Added global procedure trigger: on loaded entity tick update
  • Added GUI button display condition procedure selector
  • Added sound preview button to custom sound list and sound selector
  • Added new player procedure blocks: lock/unlock/check recipes, increase exhaustion
  • Added new item procedure blocks: rarity check, enchant item based on XP levels
  • [Bugfix] Check entity game mode procedure block crashed in multiplayer scenarios
  • [Bugfix] Hebrew translations did not load properly
  • [Bugfix] Hebrew, Chinese, and Japanese characters did not render on some components
  • [Bugfix, FG 1.16.x] Worldgen features (ores, plants, structures, fluid lakes) were not registered properly
  • [Bugfix, FG 1.16.x] Custom dimensions with many biomes generated biomes in stripes
  • [Bugfix, FG 1.16.x] Block harvest level parameter did not work
  • [Bugfix, FG 1.16.x] Custom GUIs caused mod loading problems on dedicated servers
  • [Bugfix, FG 1.16.x] Custom dimension portals duplicated the first time player left custom dimension
  • [Bugfix] Some other minor fixes and improvements

The future

The whole pandemic changed the situation a bit, and thus the current estimate is I could do another update after the 2021.1 release. I talked with some of the contributors and we arranged a plan. The 2021.2 update is planned focus on bug fixing, improving 1.16.5 support, potentially with updated code mappings, translations, and potential new features from community PR (and possibly some new feature surprises from me too ;) ). The main goal of this update will be the stability and reliability of MCreator.

After the 2021.2 update, it is very likely I will step down from developing the software as I announced a while ago (but will still be present on the website and maintain it, help with software, and track bugs), but I do plan to update MCreator later in 2021 for Minecraft 1.17 when the time for this comes.

Users of MCreator, make sure to test the snapshot out so the release will be a stable one. Leave a comment with your feedback on the update below. Stay tuned and keep on modding!

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I had an idea add a button for the restriction section that changes it from only these things to anything but this. great work so far too (:

It's awesome! But it would be nice to have the things listed in this comment:
Storage system (would add a storage block, one of the models should be the chest model)
Structure designer (you could choose how big your building is, in what biomes it spawns, with what blocks you want it to be made, an option to make the structure appear in villages and optional loot)
and a way to make the gui screens more easly

It's still sad to see you go, but I am happy you will be adding 1.17 when the time comes. Thank you for making such an awesome tool!

Please add a new tab to create a custom furnace and a workbench,also you can add craft items from the gui of your custom block in the "recipe" tab.And add please arrow animation for custom furnace.:D

Wow, I just read "the future" part of this post, which I didn't notice before! This is some really cool news!

omg... how do yous keep making it worse??????
now i can't even run it, cause its 1.16.5, and my server is 1.16.4.
why would yous do this???, just make it run on all versions of 1.16, LIKE EVERY NORMAL PERSON THAT MAKES MODS!

question how does one move a file into a folder and please add an option for duplicate to be in the folder u are in

Awesome can't wait! Btw can you make a Trigger that says "When Ranged item Is Used" and that helps make a cooldown just like 1.9! This makes it alot easier!

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