Add option to specify recipes to unlock with advancement

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Issue description

In 1.12 Mojang added the recipe book, a feature that helps you when you don't know/forget a recipe (

It would be cool if modded recipes could be compatible with the recipe book.

Here are my ideas:

A procedure block "unlock recipe: (recipe)"

A recipe checkbox "unlock recipe when the player has all the materials"

A recipe checkbox "unlock recipe when the player has one or more materials"


This isn't very important, but will make mods feel more immersive in the game.

Issue comments

this would be nice so that the mod user can just look in the recipe book instead of constantly looking at the mods website or forum page.

I second this! Would save me the trouble of making a crafting guide if its all built in

You should also make it select which Recipe tab, otherwise it wouldn't be able to go anywhere.

It would also be cool to add new recipe tabs (like we can add new creative tabs), but I don't know if it will be possible :(