Custom Potion Effects

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For Potion, Better to just add a new Mod Element which is effects, when creating the mod element, it only ask for 4 things

  • Select the Effect Texture(icon)
  • Select the Effect's Name
  • Select the Effects's Particle
  • Event Trigger [When Effect is applied] (Required Dependencies: Entity)
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Issue comments

Minecraft Forge does not offer good support for particles yet, so we will wait with this one.

For potion effects, we will consider adding this in the future.

One can add particles, but it is a kinda hacky way as you can't really register new particle. You can open a new ticket for particles and we will consider adding this in the future, but make a separate ticket as our rules are one request per ticket so we can close each one separately.

Klemen i posted another 1 because he said he will do it, yet he didnt...

You would probably need a vastly improved range of procedure blocks for this, as the current amount we have doesn't really give much option for effect-like procedures.

As you know, there is different type of procedures, Entities, Itemstxk, Worldxyz, and other things

For the Effect procedure block, it should only Authorize Entities

Don't know what Itemstack will help in potion effects and how worldxyz also, If we made an effect with worldxyz and the procedure is Explode, it will just make crash the game, or at least not if we do this with a like random chance, It could be the bad luck potion effect, Am also sure that potions can help a lot for very small things

Of course, you could make more complex things in a larger mod using variables, so maybe a potion effect that causes a new block turn into another one (e.g some new stone into an ore) when you have it applied, and make it turn back afterwards.

Just to let you know we are working on this :D

New mod element type

This ticket is the most upvoted right now, after all.

Yeah i know this will be in 1.9.0, Based on the amount of upvotes, That's Evident this should be added :D

I thought this would be a remote feature added after MCreator 2.0... Then I saw this comment.

Custom potion effects will be the best thing that gets added in MCreator after procedures. I can't wait for 1.9.0 :D

So Now we have to only wait for Forge Energy to appear in the basement :) >:)

uhh... wat about adding custom "effects" e.g. Drowsiness, Insomnia

Custom effects are within the potions.

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