Is entity a living entity procedure block

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Issue description

Last week, I discovered that a fluid in my mod (the freezing water) causes crash. It's a simple fluid that adds  potions effects to the entities that collide it based on the items they have in hand.

This was caused by the fact that items and other non-living entities can collide it causing crash. I later fixed this problem by adding a condition that checks if the entity is not an item, an xp orn, a falling block, etc.

If you add the procedure block "is entity a living entity" these crashes would be prevented and we wouldn't have to make a big list of entities that aren't affected by the procedure.

Issue comments

I had this same issue (except with checking whether the entity is wearing a specific helmet).

I had to remove the fluid.

I have added EntityLiving to the list of entities so you can use is the entity subtype of block for this. This will be added in 1.9.0.

I don't include some minor changes and bugfixes as there are so many of them each update that changelog would become unreadable.

They are hidden here ;) :

  • [Bugfix] Other minor bugfixes and stability improvements

yeah but this one is not really a bugfix lol

I also like big changelogs reading

Still, not all can be listed as the list would be too big for most of the users to quickly see significant changes.

You might want to check this to see all 1.9.0 related issues, although users tend to mark MCreator version 1.9.0 for feature requests although this is not intended to be done so:

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