Data lists

These wiki pages contain data lists containing lists of items, blocks, potions and similar elements of Minecraft.

Blockbench Block/Item Display Settings

This is a guide to the default settings that Minecraft uses and the settings you need for them in Blockbench. Block Display Settings Defualt model path: \assets\minecraft\models\block\block.json

Minecraft block materials list

Minecraft block materials list Below is a data list of MCreator material names and the names listed on the Minecraft wiki for the same exact material. The list can be used to help find specific…

Minecraft command permission levels

Introduction There are multiple command permission levels (operator permission levels). This was introduced in Minecraft 1.7.10 to allow users more control over what players can run and what not -…

Minecraft advancements list

Here is a list of vanilla advancements that can be used in MCreator as a parent for a custom advancement or be triggered by either vanilla JSON triggers or using procedures.

Minecraft tool types

These values will determine the type of tool a given item will be upon creation. Values Tool Type Types of Tools (Values) Not a Tool 1 Sword 1.5 Tool Greater than or equal to 2

Minecraft Forge biome dictionary types list

Here is a list of  Minecraft Forge biome dictionary types that can be used in MCreator to tag custom biomes in or to be used with procedure checks for example to conditionally spawn/generate…

Minecraft Enchantability

This value indicates how much of a chance a given tool should have to get better enchantments at earlier levels. Values These are the default values from vanilla Minecraft. Material Tools Armor…

Minecraft enchantments list

Here is a list of vanilla enchantments that can be used in MCreator for a list of compatible enchantments or to be used with procedures to check for enchantments of items or to apply them to the…

Minecraft materials list

Below you can find a full list of materials in Minecraft. Material: This is the name of the material in MCreator. Map Color: This is the color that is displayed on a written map. The color codes…

Commonly used tags by Minecraft mods

This page contains the list of most commonly used Minecraft Tag Names by different mods. Tags can be used to introduce compatibility with other mods with recipes or ore drops, for example. When no…

List of Hardness Values of Blocks

This page contains all hardness values for the latest Minecraft version MCreator supports.

List of Block Flammability Values

This is a list of vanilla block flammability and fire spreading speed values. Flammability determines how quickly a block is destroyed by fire, and is a value between 0 and 300; fire spreading speed…

List of block resistance levels

Common Block Values Below you will fine a list of block blast resistance levels the same settings for MCreators "resistance" block settings. If you can't find what your looking for on this list there…

Ore Dictionary Names List

This page contains the list of most commonly used Minecraft Forge Ore Dictionary Names. It is separated in default Minecraft ore dictionary entries list and other common entries lists.

How to make an ore block

Making a Metallic Ore Block This section will teach you how to make an ore block like iron or gold ore. First, import your ore texture. Next, create a block element and set up your textures. Setup…

Burn Time of Fuels

Burn Time indicates how many ticks a given fuel will last. Below is a list of burn times of commonly used items for smelting in Minecraft.