Minecraft item list and Minecraft block list with registry and in-code names


This list contains a list of all blocks and items (Minecraft item id list and Minecraft block id list) with all metadata variations for Minecraft 1.12.2. Registry name and in-code names are listed here for the convenience.

List of blocks and items

In-game name In-code name Registry name
Air Blocks.AIR air
Any Stone Blocks.STONE stone
Stone Blocks.STONE, metadata: 0 stone, metadata: 0
Granite Blocks.STONE, metadata: 1 stone, metadata: 1
Polished Granite Blocks.STONE, metadata: 2 stone, metadata: 2
Diorite Blocks.STONE, metadata: 3 stone, metadata: 3
Polished Diorite Blocks.STONE, metadata: 4 stone, metadata: 4
Andesite Blocks.STONE, metadata: 5 stone, metadata: 5
Polished Andesite Blocks.STONE, metadata: 6 stone, metadata: 6
Grass Blocks.GRASS grass
Grass Path Blocks.GRASS_PATH grass_path
Mycelium Blocks.MYCELIUM mycelium
Any Dirt Blocks.DIRT dirt
Dirt Blocks.DIRT, metadata: 0 dirt, metadata: 0
Coarse Dirt Blocks.DIRT, metadata: 1 dirt, metadata: 1
Podzol Blocks.DIRT, metadata: 2 dirt, metadata: 2
Cobblestone Blocks.COBBLESTONE cobblestone
Mossy Cobblestone Blocks.MOSSY_COBBLESTONE mossy_cobblestone
Any Planks Blocks.PLANKS planks
Oak Planks Blocks.PLANKS, metadata: 0 planks, metadata: 0
Spruce Planks Blocks.PLANKS, metadata: 1 planks, metadata: 1
Birch Planks Blocks.PLANKS, metadata: 2 planks, metadata: 2
Jungle Planks Blocks.PLANKS, metadata: 3 planks, metadata: 3
Acacia Planks Blocks.PLANKS, metadata: 4 planks, metadata: 4
Dark Oak Planks Blocks.PLANKS, metadata: 5 planks, metadata: 5
Any Sapling Blocks.SAPLING sapling
Oak Sapling Blocks.SAPLING, metadata: 0 sapling, metadata: 0
Spruce Sapling Blocks.SAPLING, metadata: 1 sapling, metadata: 1
Birch Sapling Blocks.SAPLING, metadata: 2 sapling, metadata: 2
Jungle Sapling Blocks.SAPLING, metadata: 3 sapling, metadata: 3
Acacia Sapling Blocks.SAPLING, metadata: 4 sapling, metadata: 4
Dark Oak Sapling Blocks.SAPLING, metadata: 5 sapling, metadata: 5
Sugar Cane Blocks.REEDS reeds
Bedrock Blocks.BEDROCK bedrock
Any Sand Blocks.SAND sand
Sand Blocks.SAND, metadata: 0 sand, metadata: 0
Red Sand Blocks.SAND, metadata: 1 sand, metadata: 1
Gravel Blocks.GRAVEL gravel
Water Blocks.FLOWING_WATER flowing_water
Water Still Blocks.WATER water
Lava Blocks.FLOWING_LAVA flowing_lava
Lava Still Blocks.LAVA lava
Magma Block Blocks.MAGMA magma
Obsidian Blocks.OBSIDIAN obsidian
Coal Ore Blocks.COAL_ORE coal_ore
Iron Ore Blocks.IRON_ORE iron_ore
Redstone Ore Blocks.REDSTONE_ORE redstone_ore
Redstone Ore Lit Blocks.LIT_REDSTONE_ORE lit_redstone_ore
Gold Ore Blocks.GOLD_ORE gold_ore
Lapis Lazuli Ore Blocks.LAPIS_ORE lapis_ore
Diamond Ore Blocks.DIAMOND_ORE diamond_ore
Emerald Ore Blocks.EMERALD_ORE emerald_ore
Nether Quartz Ore Blocks.QUARTZ_ORE quartz_ore
Coal Block Blocks.COAL_BLOCK coal_block
Iron Block Blocks.IRON_BLOCK iron_block
Redstone Block Blocks.REDSTONE_BLOCK redstone_block
Gold Block Blocks.GOLD_BLOCK gold_block
Lapis Lazuli Block Blocks.LAPIS_BLOCK lapis_block
Diamond Block Blocks.DIAMOND_BLOCK diamond_block
Emerald Block Blocks.EMERALD_BLOCK emerald_block
Any Block of Quartz Blocks.QUARTZ_BLOCK quartz_block
Block of Quartz Blocks.QUARTZ_BLOCK, metadata: 0 quartz_block, metadata: 0
Chiseled Quartz Block Blocks.QUARTZ_BLOCK, metadata: 1 quartz_block, metadata: 1
Pillar Quartz Block Blocks.QUARTZ_BLOCK, metadata: 2 quartz_block, metadata: 2
Slime Block Blocks.SLIME_BLOCK slime
Oak/Spruce/Birch/Jungle Wood Blocks.LOG log
Oak Wood Blocks.LOG, metadata: 0 log, metadata: 0
Spruce Wood Blocks.LOG, metadata: 1 log, metadata: 1
Birch Wood Blocks.LOG, metadata: 2 log, metadata: 2
Jungle Wood Blocks.LOG, metadata: 3 log, metadata: 3
Acacia/Dark Oak Wood Blocks.LOG2 log2
Acacia Wood Blocks.LOG2, metadata: 0 log2, metadata: 0
Dark Oak Wood Blocks.LOG2, metadata: 1 log2, metadata: 1
Oak/Spruce/Birch/Jungle Leaves Blocks.LEAVES leaves
Oak Leaves Blocks.LEAVES, metadata: 0 leaves, metadata: 0
Spruce Leaves Blocks.LEAVES, metadata: 1 leaves, metadata: 1
Birch Leaves Blocks.LEAVES, metadata: 2 leaves, metadata: 2
Jungle Leaves Blocks.LEAVES, metadata: 3 leaves, metadata: 3
Acacia/Dark Leaves Blocks.LEAVES2 leaves2
Acacia Leaves Blocks.LEAVES2, metadata: 0 leaves2, metadata: 0
Dark Oak Leaves Blocks.LEAVES2, metadata: 1 leaves2, metadata: 1
Any Sponge Blocks.SPONGE sponge
Sponge Blocks.SPONGE, metadata: 0 sponge, metadata: 0
Wet Sponge Blocks.SPONGE, metadata: 1 sponge, metadata: 1
Any Sandstone Blocks.SANDSTONE sandstone
Sandstone Blocks.SANDSTONE, metadata: 0 sandstone, metadata: 0
Chiseled sandstone Blocks.SANDSTONE, metadata: 1 sandstone, metadata: 1
Smooth sandstone Blocks.SANDSTONE, metadata: 2 sandstone, metadata: 2
Any Red Sandstone Blocks.RED_SANDSTONE red_sandstone
Red Sandstone Blocks.RED_SANDSTONE, metadata: 0 red_sandstone, metadata: 0
Chiseled Red Sandstone Blocks.RED_SANDSTONE, metadata: 1 red_sandstone, metadata: 1
Smooth Red Sandstone Blocks.RED_SANDSTONE, metadata: 2 red_sandstone, metadata: 2
Note Block Blocks.NOTEBLOCK noteblock
Rail Blocks.RAIL rail
Powered Rail Blocks.GOLDEN_RAIL golden_rail
Detector Rail Blocks.DETECTOR_RAIL detector_rail
Activator Rail Blocks.ACTIVATOR_RAIL activator_rail
Bed Blocks.BED bed
Cobweb Blocks.WEB web
Dead Bush Blocks.DEADBUSH deadbush
Shrub/Tall Grass/Fern Blocks.TALLGRASS tallgrass
Shrub Blocks.TALLGRASS, metadata: 0 tallgrass, metadata: 0
Tall Grass Blocks.TALLGRASS, metadata: 1 tallgrass, metadata: 1
Fern Blocks.TALLGRASS, metadata: 2 tallgrass, metadata: 2
Piston Blocks.PISTON piston
Sticky Piston Blocks.STICKY_PISTON sticky_piston
Piston Head Blocks.PISTON_HEAD piston_head
Piston Extension Blocks.PISTON_EXTENSION piston_extension
Dandelion Blocks.YELLOW_FLOWER yellow_flower
Any Flower Blocks.RED_FLOWER red_flower
Poppy Blocks.RED_FLOWER, metadata: 0 red_flower, metadata: 0
Blue Orchid Blocks.RED_FLOWER, metadata: 1 red_flower, metadata: 1
Allium Blocks.RED_FLOWER, metadata: 2 red_flower, metadata: 2
Azure Bluet Blocks.RED_FLOWER, metadata: 3 red_flower, metadata: 3
Red Tulip Blocks.RED_FLOWER, metadata: 4 red_flower, metadata: 4
Orange Tulip Blocks.RED_FLOWER, metadata: 5 red_flower, metadata: 5
White Tulip Blocks.RED_FLOWER, metadata: 6 red_flower, metadata: 6
Pink Tulip Blocks.RED_FLOWER, metadata: 7 red_flower, metadata: 7
Oxeye Daisy Blocks.RED_FLOWER, metadata: 8 red_flower, metadata: 8
Any Large Flower Blocks.DOUBLE_PLANT double_plant
Sunflower Blocks.DOUBLE_PLANT, metadata: 0 double_plant, metadata: 0
Lilac Blocks.DOUBLE_PLANT, metadata: 1 double_plant, metadata: 1
Rose Bush Blocks.DOUBLE_PLANT, metadata: 4 double_plant, metadata: 4
Peony Blocks.DOUBLE_PLANT, metadata: 5 double_plant, metadata: 5
Brown Mushroom Blocks.BROWN_MUSHROOM brown_mushroom
Red Mushroom Blocks.RED_MUSHROOM red_mushroom
Brown Mushroom Block Blocks.BROWN_MUSHROOM_BLOCK brown_mushroom_block
Red Mushroom Block Blocks.RED_MUSHROOM_BLOCK red_mushroom_block
Bricks Blocks.BRICK_BLOCK brick_block
TNT Blocks.TNT tnt
Bookshelf Blocks.BOOKSHELF bookshelf
Torch Blocks.TORCH torch
Fire Blocks.FIRE fire
Mob Spawner Blocks.MOB_SPAWNER mob_spawner
Oak Stairs Blocks.OAK_STAIRSSTAIRS null
Spruce Stairs Blocks.SPRUCE_STAIRS spruce_stairs
Birch Stairs Blocks.BIRCH_STAIRS birch_stairs
Jungle Stairs Blocks.JUNGLE_STAIRS jungle_stairs
Acacia Stairs Blocks.ACACIA_STAIRS acacia_stairs
Dark Oak Stairs Blocks.DARK_OAK_STAIRS dark_oak_stairs
Sandstone Stairs Blocks.SANDSTONE_STAIRS sandstone_stairs
Red Sandstone Stairs Blocks.RED_SANDSTONE_STAIRS red_sandstone_stairs
Cobblestone Stairs Blocks.STONE_STAIRS stone_stairs
Brick Stairs Blocks.BRICK_STAIRS brick_stairs
Stone Brick Stairs Blocks.STONE_BRICK_STAIRS stone_brick_stairs
Nether Brick Stairs Blocks.NETHER_BRICK_STAIRS nether_brick_stairs
Quartz Stairs Blocks.QUARTZ_STAIRS quartz_stairs
Purpur Stairs Blocks.PURPUR_STAIRS purpur_stairs
Chest Blocks.CHEST chest
Trapped Chest Blocks.TRAPPED_CHEST trapped_chest
Ender Chest Blocks.ENDER_CHEST ender_chest
Crafting Table Blocks.CRAFTING_TABLE crafting_table
Wheat Blocks.WHEAT wheat
Farmland Blocks.FARMLAND farmland
Furnace Blocks.FURNACE furnace
Furnace Lit Blocks.LIT_FURNACE lit_furnace
Sign Standing Blocks.STANDING_SIGN standing_sign
Sign on Wall Blocks.WALL_SIGN wall_sign
Oak Door Blocks.OAK_DOOR wooden_door
Spruce Door Blocks.SPRUCE_DOOR spruce_door
Birch Door Blocks.BIRCH_DOOR birch_door
Jungle Door Blocks.JUNGLE_DOOR jungle_door
Acacia Door Blocks.ACACIA_DOOR acacia_door
Dark Oak Door Blocks.DARK_OAK_DOOR dark_oak_door
Iron Door Blocks.IRON_DOOR iron_door
Trapdoor Blocks.TRAPDOOR trapdoor
Iron Trapdoor Blocks.IRON_TRAPDOOR iron_trapdoor
Ladder Blocks.LADDER ladder
Lever Blocks.LEVER lever
Stone Button Blocks.STONE_BUTTON stone_button
Wooden Button Blocks.WOODEN_BUTTON wooden_button
Wooden Pressure Plate Blocks.WOODEN_PRESSURE_PLATE wooden_pressure_plate
Stone Pressure Plate Blocks.STONE_PRESSURE_PLATE stone_pressure_plate
Light Weighted Pressure Plate Blocks.LIGHT_WEIGHTED_PRESSURE_PLATE light_weighted_pressure_plate
Heavy Weighted Pressure Plate Blocks.HEAVY_WEIGHTED_PRESSURE_PLATE heavy_weighted_pressure_plate
Tripwire Hook Blocks.TRIPWIRE_HOOK tripwire_hook
Tripwire Blocks.TRIPWIRE tripwire
Daylight Sensor Blocks.DAYLIGHT_DETECTOR daylight_detector
Daylight Sensor Inverted Blocks.DAYLIGHT_DETECTOR_INVERTED daylight_detector_inverted
Redstone Torch Blocks.REDSTONE_TORCH redstone_torch
Redstone Torch (inactive) Blocks.UNLIT_REDSTONE_TORCH unlit_redstone_torch
Redstone Blocks.REDSTONE_WIRE redstone_wire
Redstone Repeater Block (Unpowered) Blocks.UNPOWERED_REPEATER unpowered_repeater
Redstone Repeater Block (Powered) Blocks.POWERED_REPEATER powered_repeater
Redstone Comparator Block (Unpowered) Blocks.UNPOWERED_COMPARATOR unpowered_comparator
Redstone Comparator Block (Powered) Blocks.POWERED_COMPARATOR powered_comparator
Redstone Lamp Blocks.REDSTONE_LAMP redstone_lamp
Redstone Lamp Lit Blocks.LIT_REDSTONE_LAMP lit_redstone_lamp
Dispenser Blocks.DISPENSER dispenser
Dropper Blocks.DROPPER dropper
Observer Blocks.OBSERVER observer
Hopper Blocks.HOPPER hopper
Command Block Blocks.COMMAND_BLOCK command_block
Command Block Repeating Blocks.REPEATING_COMMAND_BLOCK repeating_command_block
Command Block Chain Blocks.CHAIN_COMMAND_BLOCK chain_command_block
Snow Blocks.SNOW_LAYER snow_layer
Snow Blocks.SNOW snow
Ice Blocks.ICE ice
Packed Ice Blocks.PACKED_ICE packed_ice
Frosted Ice Blocks.FROSTED_ICE frosted_ice
Cactus Blocks.CACTUS cactus
Clay Blocks.CLAY clay
Jukebox Blocks.JUKEBOX jukebox
Oak Fence Blocks.OAK_FENCE fence
Spruce Fence Blocks.SPRUCE_FENCE spruce_fence
Birch Fence Blocks.BIRCH_FENCE birch_fence
Jungle Fence Blocks.JUNGLE_FENCE jungle_fence
Acacia Fence Blocks.ACACIA_FENCE acacia_fence
Dark Oak Fence Blocks.DARK_OAK_FENCE dark_oak_fence
Oak Fence Gate Blocks.OAK_FENCE_GATE fence_gate
Spruce Fence Gate Blocks.SPRUCE_FENCE_GATE spruce_fence_gate
Birch Fence Gate Blocks.BIRCH_FENCE_GATE birch_fence_gate
Jungle Fence Gate Blocks.JUNGLE_FENCE_GATE jungle_fence_gate
Acacia Fence Gate Blocks.ACACIA_FENCE_GATE acacia_fence_gate
Dark Oak Fence Gate Blocks.DARK_OAK_FENCE_GATE dark_oak_fence_gate
Nether Brick Fence Blocks.NETHER_BRICK_FENCE nether_brick_fence
Nether Bricks Blocks.NETHER_BRICK nether_brick
Red Nether Bricks Blocks.RED_NETHER_BRICK red_nether_brick
Netherrack Blocks.NETHERRACK netherrack
Soul Sand Blocks.SOUL_SAND soul_sand
Glowstone Blocks.GLOWSTONE glowstone
Bone Block Blocks.BONE_BLOCK bone_block
Nether Wart Blocks.NETHER_WART nether_wart
Nether Wart Block Blocks.NETHER_WART_BLOCK nether_wart_block
Cake Block Blocks.CAKE cake
Any Stone Bricks Blocks.STONEBRICK stonebrick
Stone Bricks Blocks.STONEBRICK, metadata: 0 stonebrick, metadata: 0
Mossy Stone Bricks Blocks.STONEBRICK, metadata: 1 stonebrick, metadata: 1
Cracked Stone Bricks Blocks.STONEBRICK, metadata: 2 stonebrick, metadata: 2
Chiseled Stone Bricks Blocks.STONEBRICK, metadata: 3 stonebrick, metadata: 3
Iron Bars Blocks.IRON_BARS iron_bars
Melon Block Blocks.MELON_BLOCK melon_block
Melon Stem Blocks.MELON_STEM melon_stem
Pumpkin Blocks.PUMPKIN pumpkin
Jack o'Lantern Blocks.LIT_PUMPKIN lit_pumpkin
Pumpkin Stem Blocks.PUMPKIN_STEM pumpkin_stem
Vines Blocks.VINE vine
Waterlily Blocks.WATERLILY waterlily
Enchanting Table Blocks.ENCHANTING_TABLE enchanting_table
Brewing Stand Blocks.BREWING_STAND brewing_stand
Cauldron Blocks.CAULDRON cauldron
End Portal Block Blocks.END_PORTAL end_portal
End Portal Frame Blocks.END_PORTAL_FRAME end_portal_frame
End Gateway Blocks.END_GATEWAY end_gateway
End Stone Blocks.END_STONE end_stone
End Bricks Blocks.END_BRICKS end_bricks
End Rod Blocks.END_ROD end_rod
Purpur Block Blocks.PURPUR_BLOCK purpur_block
Purpur Pillar Blocks.PURPUR_PILLAR purpur_pillar
Purpur Slab Blocks.PURPUR_SLAB purpur_slab
Purpur Double Slab Blocks.PURPUR_DOUBLE_SLAB purpur_double_slab
Beetroot Blocks.BEETROOTS beetroots
Chorus Plant Blocks.CHORUS_PLANT chorus_plant
Chorus Flower Blocks.CHORUS_FLOWER chorus_flower
Dragon Egg Blocks.DRAGON_EGG dragon_egg
Monster Egg Blocks.MONSTER_EGG monster_egg
Any Wooden Slab Blocks.WOODEN_SLAB wooden_slab
Oak Slab Blocks.WOODEN_SLAB, metadata: 0 wooden_slab, metadata: 0
Spruce Slab Blocks.WOODEN_SLAB, metadata: 1 wooden_slab, metadata: 1
Birch Slab Blocks.WOODEN_SLAB, metadata: 2 wooden_slab, metadata: 2
Jungle Slab Blocks.WOODEN_SLAB, metadata: 3 wooden_slab, metadata: 3
Acacia Slab Blocks.WOODEN_SLAB, metadata: 4 wooden_slab, metadata: 4
Dark Oak Slab Blocks.WOODEN_SLAB, metadata: 5 wooden_slab, metadata: 5
Any Stone Slab Blocks.STONE_SLAB stone_slab
Stone Slab Blocks.STONE_SLAB, metadata: 0 stone_slab, metadata: 0
Sandstone Slab Blocks.STONE_SLAB, metadata: 1 stone_slab, metadata: 1
Petrified Wooden Slab Blocks.STONE_SLAB, metadata: 2 stone_slab, metadata: 2
Cobblestone Slab Blocks.STONE_SLAB, metadata: 3 stone_slab, metadata: 3
Bricks Slab Blocks.STONE_SLAB, metadata: 4 stone_slab, metadata: 4
Stone Brick Slab Blocks.STONE_SLAB, metadata: 5 stone_slab, metadata: 5
Nether Brick Slab Blocks.STONE_SLAB, metadata: 6 stone_slab, metadata: 6
Quartz Slab Blocks.STONE_SLAB, metadata: 7 stone_slab, metadata: 7
Red Sandstone Slab Blocks.STONE_SLAB2 stone_slab2
Cocoa Block Blocks.COCOA cocoa
Nether Portal Block Blocks.PORTAL portal
Anvil Blocks.ANVIL anvil
Beacon Blocks.BEACON beacon
Any Cobblestone Wall Blocks.COBBLESTONE_WALL cobblestone_wall
Cobblestone Wall Blocks.COBBLESTONE_WALL, metadata: 0 cobblestone_wall, metadata: 0
Mossy Cobblestone Wall Blocks.COBBLESTONE_WALL, metadata: 1 cobblestone_wall, metadata: 1
Flower Pot Blocks.FLOWER_POT flower_pot
Carrots Plant Block Blocks.CARROTS carrots
Potatoes Plant Block Blocks.POTATOES potatoes
Hay Block Blocks.HAY_BLOCK hay_block
Any Skull Blocks.SKULL skull
Skeleton Skull Blocks.SKULL, metadata: 0 skull, metadata: 0
Wither Skeleton Skull Blocks.SKULL, metadata: 1 skull, metadata: 1
Zombie Head Blocks.SKULL, metadata: 2 skull, metadata: 2
Head Blocks.SKULL, metadata: 3 skull, metadata: 3
Creeper Head Blocks.SKULL, metadata: 4 skull, metadata: 4
Any Wool Blocks.WOOL wool
White Wool Blocks.WOOL, metadata: 0 wool, metadata: 0
Orange Wool Blocks.WOOL, metadata: 1 wool, metadata: 1
Magenta Wool Blocks.WOOL, metadata: 2 wool, metadata: 2
Light Blue Wool Blocks.WOOL, metadata: 3 wool, metadata: 3
Yellow Wool Blocks.WOOL, metadata: 4 wool, metadata: 4
Lime Wool Blocks.WOOL, metadata: 5 wool, metadata: 5
Pink Wool Blocks.WOOL, metadata: 6 wool, metadata: 6
Gray Wool Blocks.WOOL, metadata: 7 wool, metadata: 7
Light Gray Wool Blocks.WOOL, metadata: 8 wool, metadata: 8
Cyan Wool Blocks.WOOL, metadata: 9 wool, metadata: 9
Purple Wool Blocks.WOOL, metadata: 10 wool, metadata: 10
Blue Wool Blocks.WOOL, metadata: 11 wool, metadata: 11
Brown Wool Blocks.WOOL, metadata: 12 wool, metadata: 12
Green Wool Blocks.WOOL, metadata: 13 wool, metadata: 13
Red Wool Blocks.WOOL, metadata: 14 wool, metadata: 14
Black Wool Blocks.WOOL, metadata: 15 wool, metadata: 15
Hardened Clay Blocks.HARDENED_CLAY hardened_clay
Terracotta Blocks.STAINED_HARDENED_CLAY stained_hardened_clay
White Terracotta Blocks.STAINED_HARDENED_CLAY, metadata: 0 stained_hardened_clay, metadata: 0
Orange Terracotta Blocks.STAINED_HARDENED_CLAY, metadata: 1 stained_hardened_clay, metadata: 1
Magenta Terracotta Blocks.STAINED_HARDENED_CLAY, metadata: 2 stained_hardened_clay, metadata: 2
Light Blue Terracotta Blocks.STAINED_HARDENED_CLAY, metadata: 3 stained_hardened_clay, metadata: 3
Yellow Terracotta Blocks.STAINED_HARDENED_CLAY, metadata: 4 stained_hardened_clay, metadata: 4
Lime Terracotta Blocks.STAINED_HARDENED_CLAY, metadata: 5 stained_hardened_clay, metadata: 5
Pink Terracotta Blocks.STAINED_HARDENED_CLAY, metadata: 6 stained_hardened_clay, metadata: 6
Gray Terracotta Blocks.STAINED_HARDENED_CLAY, metadata: 7 stained_hardened_clay, metadata: 7
Light Gray Terracotta Blocks.STAINED_HARDENED_CLAY, metadata: 8 stained_hardened_clay, metadata: 8
Cyan Terracotta Blocks.STAINED_HARDENED_CLAY, metadata: 9 stained_hardened_clay, metadata: 9
Purple Terracotta Blocks.STAINED_HARDENED_CLAY, metadata: 10 stained_hardened_clay, metadata: 10
Blue Terracotta Blocks.STAINED_HARDENED_CLAY, metadata: 11 stained_hardened_clay, metadata: 11
Brown Terracotta Blocks.STAINED_HARDENED_CLAY, metadata: 12 stained_hardened_clay, metadata: 12
Green Terracotta Blocks.STAINED_HARDENED_CLAY, metadata: 13 stained_hardened_clay, metadata: 13
Red Terracotta Blocks.STAINED_HARDENED_CLAY, metadata: 14 stained_hardened_clay, metadata: 14
Black Terracotta Blocks.STAINED_HARDENED_CLAY, metadata: 15 stained_hardened_clay, metadata: 15
White Glazed Terracotta Blocks.WHITE_GLAZED_TERRACOTTA white_glazed_terracotta
Orange Glazed Terracotta Blocks.ORANGE_GLAZED_TERRACOTTA orange_glazed_terracotta
Magenta Glazed Terracotta Blocks.MAGENTA_GLAZED_TERRACOTTA magenta_glazed_terracotta
Light Blue Glazed Terracotta Blocks.LIGHT_BLUE_GLAZED_TERRACOTTA light_blue_glazed_terracotta
Yellow Glazed Terracotta Blocks.YELLOW_GLAZED_TERRACOTTA yellow_glazed_terracotta
Lime Glazed Terracotta Blocks.LIME_GLAZED_TERRACOTTA lime_glazed_terracotta
Pink Glazed Terracotta Blocks.PINK_GLAZED_TERRACOTTA pink_glazed_terracotta
Gray Glazed Terracotta Blocks.GRAY_GLAZED_TERRACOTTA gray_glazed_terracotta
Silver Glazed Terracotta Blocks.SILVER_GLAZED_TERRACOTTA silver_glazed_terracotta
Cyan Glazed Terracotta Blocks.CYAN_GLAZED_TERRACOTTA cyan_glazed_terracotta
Purple Glazed Terracotta Blocks.PURPLE_GLAZED_TERRACOTTA purple_glazed_terracotta
Blue Glazed Terracotta Blocks.BLUE_GLAZED_TERRACOTTA blue_glazed_terracotta
Brown Glazed Terracotta Blocks.BROWN_GLAZED_TERRACOTTA brown_glazed_terracotta
Green Glazed Terracotta Blocks.GREEN_GLAZED_TERRACOTTA green_glazed_terracotta
Red Glazed Terracotta Blocks.RED_GLAZED_TERRACOTTA red_glazed_terracotta
Black Glazed Terracotta Blocks.BLACK_GLAZED_TERRACOTTA black_glazed_terracotta
Any Concrete Powder Blocks.CONCRETE_POWDER concrete_powder
White Concrete Powder Blocks.CONCRETE_POWDER, metadata: 0 concrete_powder, metadata: 0
Orange Concrete Powder Blocks.CONCRETE_POWDER, metadata: 1 concrete_powder, metadata: 1
Magenta Concrete Powder Blocks.CONCRETE_POWDER, metadata: 2 concrete_powder, metadata: 2
Light Blue Concrete Powder Blocks.CONCRETE_POWDER, metadata: 3 concrete_powder, metadata: 3
Yellow Concrete Powder Blocks.CONCRETE_POWDER, metadata: 4 concrete_powder, metadata: 4
Lime Concrete Powder Blocks.CONCRETE_POWDER, metadata: 5 concrete_powder, metadata: 5
Pink Concrete Powder Blocks.CONCRETE_POWDER, metadata: 6 concrete_powder, metadata: 6
Gray Concrete Powder Blocks.CONCRETE_POWDER, metadata: 7 concrete_powder, metadata: 7
Light Gray Concrete Powder Blocks.CONCRETE_POWDER, metadata: 8 concrete_powder, metadata: 8
Cyan Concrete Powder Blocks.CONCRETE_POWDER, metadata: 9 concrete_powder, metadata: 9
Purple Concrete Powder Blocks.CONCRETE_POWDER, metadata: 10 concrete_powder, metadata: 10
Blue Concrete Powder Blocks.CONCRETE_POWDER, metadata: 11 concrete_powder, metadata: 11
Brown Concrete Powder Blocks.CONCRETE_POWDER, metadata: 12 concrete_powder, metadata: 12
Green Concrete Powder Blocks.CONCRETE_POWDER, metadata: 13 concrete_powder, metadata: 13
Red Concrete Powder Blocks.CONCRETE_POWDER, metadata: 14 concrete_powder, metadata: 14
Black Concrete Powder Blocks.CONCRETE_POWDER, metadata: 15 concrete_powder, metadata: 15
Any Concrete Blocks.CONCRETE concrete
White Concrete Blocks.CONCRETE, metadata: 0 concrete, metadata: 0
Orange Concrete Blocks.CONCRETE, metadata: 1 concrete, metadata: 1
Magenta Concrete Blocks.CONCRETE, metadata: 2 concrete, metadata: 2
Light Blue Concrete Blocks.CONCRETE, metadata: 3 concrete, metadata: 3
Yellow Concrete Blocks.CONCRETE, metadata: 4 concrete, metadata: 4
Lime Concrete Blocks.CONCRETE, metadata: 5 concrete, metadata: 5
Pink Concrete Blocks.CONCRETE, metadata: 6 concrete, metadata: 6
Gray Concrete Blocks.CONCRETE, metadata: 7 concrete, metadata: 7
Light Gray Concrete Blocks.CONCRETE, metadata: 8 concrete, metadata: 8
Cyan Concrete Blocks.CONCRETE, metadata: 9 concrete, metadata: 9
Purple Concrete Blocks.CONCRETE, metadata: 10 concrete, metadata: 10
Blue Concrete Blocks.CONCRETE, metadata: 11 concrete, metadata: 11
Brown Concrete Blocks.CONCRETE, metadata: 12 concrete, metadata: 12
Green Concrete Blocks.CONCRETE, metadata: 13 concrete, metadata: 13
Red Concrete Blocks.CONCRETE, metadata: 14 concrete, metadata: 14
Black Concrete Blocks.CONCRETE, metadata: 15 concrete, metadata: 15
Any Carpet Blocks.CARPET carpet
White Carpet Blocks.CARPET, metadata: 0 carpet, metadata: 0
Orange Carpet Blocks.CARPET, metadata: 1 carpet, metadata: 1
Magenta Carpet Blocks.CARPET, metadata: 2 carpet, metadata: 2
Light Blue Carpet Blocks.CARPET, metadata: 3 carpet, metadata: 3
Yellow Carpet Blocks.CARPET, metadata: 4 carpet, metadata: 4
Lime Carpet Blocks.CARPET, metadata: 5 carpet, metadata: 5
Pink Carpet Blocks.CARPET, metadata: 6 carpet, metadata: 6
Gray Carpet Blocks.CARPET, metadata: 7 carpet, metadata: 7
Light Gray Carpet Blocks.CARPET, metadata: 8 carpet, metadata: 8
Cyan Carpet Blocks.CARPET, metadata: 9 carpet, metadata: 9
Purple Carpet Blocks.CARPET, metadata: 10 carpet, metadata: 10
Blue Carpet Blocks.CARPET, metadata: 11 carpet, metadata: 11
Brown Carpet Blocks.CARPET, metadata: 12 carpet, metadata: 12
Green Carpet Blocks.CARPET, metadata: 13 carpet, metadata: 13
Red Carpet Blocks.CARPET, metadata: 14 carpet, metadata: 14
Black Carpet Blocks.CARPET, metadata: 15 carpet, metadata: 15
Glass Blocks.GLASS glass
Any Stained Glass Blocks.STAINED_GLASS stained_glass
White Stained Glass Blocks.STAINED_GLASS, metadata: 0 stained_glass, metadata: 0
Orange Stained Glass Blocks.STAINED_GLASS, metadata: 1 stained_glass, metadata: 1
Magenta Stained Glass Blocks.STAINED_GLASS, metadata: 2 stained_glass, metadata: 2
Light Blue Stained Glass Blocks.STAINED_GLASS, metadata: 3 stained_glass, metadata: 3
Yellow Stained Glass Blocks.STAINED_GLASS, metadata: 4 stained_glass, metadata: 4
Lime Stained Glass Blocks.STAINED_GLASS, metadata: 5 stained_glass, metadata: 5
Pink Stained Glass Blocks.STAINED_GLASS, metadata: 6 stained_glass, metadata: 6
Gray Stained Glass Blocks.STAINED_GLASS, metadata: 7 stained_glass, metadata: 7
Light Gray Stained Glass Blocks.STAINED_GLASS, metadata: 8 stained_glass, metadata: 8
Cyan Stained Glass Blocks.STAINED_GLASS, metadata: 9 stained_glass, metadata: 9
Purple Stained Glass Blocks.STAINED_GLASS, metadata: 10 stained_glass, metadata: 10
Blue Stained Glass Blocks.STAINED_GLASS, metadata: 11 stained_glass, metadata: 11
Brown Stained Glass Blocks.STAINED_GLASS, metadata: 12 stained_glass, metadata: 12
Green Stained Glass Blocks.STAINED_GLASS, metadata: 13 stained_glass, metadata: 13
Red Stained Glass Blocks.STAINED_GLASS, metadata: 14 stained_glass, metadata: 14
Black Stained Glass Blocks.STAINED_GLASS, metadata: 15 stained_glass, metadata: 15
Glass Pane Blocks.GLASS_PANE glass_pane
Any Stained Glass Pane Blocks.STAINED_GLASS_PANE stained_glass_pane
White Stained Glass Pane Blocks.STAINED_GLASS_PANE, metadata: 0 stained_glass_pane, metadata: 0
Orange Stained Glass Pane Blocks.STAINED_GLASS_PANE, metadata: 1 stained_glass_pane, metadata: 1
Magenta Stained Glass Pane Blocks.STAINED_GLASS_PANE, metadata: 2 stained_glass_pane, metadata: 2
Light Blue Stained Glass Pane Blocks.STAINED_GLASS_PANE, metadata: 3 stained_glass_pane, metadata: 3
Yellow Stained Glass Pane Blocks.STAINED_GLASS_PANE, metadata: 4 stained_glass_pane, metadata: 4
Lime Stained Glass Pane Blocks.STAINED_GLASS_PANE, metadata: 5 stained_glass_pane, metadata: 5
Pink Stained Glass Pane Blocks.STAINED_GLASS_PANE, metadata: 6 stained_glass_pane, metadata: 6
Gray Stained Glass Pane Blocks.STAINED_GLASS_PANE, metadata: 7 stained_glass_pane, metadata: 7
Light Gray Stained Glass Pane Blocks.STAINED_GLASS_PANE, metadata: 8 stained_glass_pane, metadata: 8
Cyan Stained Glass Pane Blocks.STAINED_GLASS_PANE, metadata: 9 stained_glass_pane, metadata: 9
Purple Stained Glass Pane Blocks.STAINED_GLASS_PANE, metadata: 10 stained_glass_pane, metadata: 10
Blue Stained Glass Pane Blocks.STAINED_GLASS_PANE, metadata: 11 stained_glass_pane, metadata: 11
Brown Stained Glass Pane Blocks.STAINED_GLASS_PANE, metadata: 12 stained_glass_pane, metadata: 12
Green Stained Glass Pane Blocks.STAINED_GLASS_PANE, metadata: 13 stained_glass_pane, metadata: 13
Red Stained Glass Pane Blocks.STAINED_GLASS_PANE, metadata: 14 stained_glass_pane, metadata: 14
Black Stained Glass Pane Blocks.STAINED_GLASS_PANE, metadata: 15 stained_glass_pane, metadata: 15
Sea Lantern Blocks.SEA_LANTERN sea_lantern
Any Prismarine Blocks.PRISMARINE prismarine
Prismarine Blocks.PRISMARINE, metadata: 0 prismarine, metadata: 0
Prismarine Bricks Blocks.PRISMARINE, metadata: 1 prismarine, metadata: 1
Dark Prismarine Blocks.PRISMARINE, metadata: 2 prismarine, metadata: 2
White Shulker Box Blocks.WHITE_SHULKER_BOX white_shulker_box
Orange Shulker Box Blocks.ORANGE_SHULKER_BOX orange_shulker_box
Magenta Shulker Box Blocks.MAGENTA_SHULKER_BOX magenta_shulker_box
Light Blue Shulker Box Blocks.LIGHT_BLUE_SHULKER_BOX light_blue_shulker_box
Yellow Shulker Box Blocks.YELLOW_SHULKER_BOX yellow_shulker_box
Lime Shulker Box Blocks.LIME_SHULKER_BOX lime_shulker_box
Pink Shulker Box Blocks.PINK_SHULKER_BOX pink_shulker_box
Gray Shulker Box Blocks.GRAY_SHULKER_BOX gray_shulker_box
Light Gray Shulker Box Blocks.SILVER_SHULKER_BOX silver_shulker_box
Cyan Shulker Box Blocks.CYAN_SHULKER_BOX cyan_shulker_box
Purple Shulker Box Blocks.PURPLE_SHULKER_BOX purple_shulker_box
Blue Shulker Box Blocks.BLUE_SHULKER_BOX blue_shulker_box
Brown Shulker Box Blocks.BROWN_SHULKER_BOX brown_shulker_box
Green Shulker Box Blocks.GREEN_SHULKER_BOX green_shulker_box
Red Shulker Box Blocks.RED_SHULKER_BOX red_shulker_box
Black Shulker Box Blocks.BLACK_SHULKER_BOX black_shulker_box
Banner Standing Blocks.STANDING_BANNER standing_banner
Banner Wall Blocks.WALL_BANNER wall_banner
Barrier Blocks.BARRIER barrier
Structure Void Blocks.STRUCTURE_VOID structure_void
Structure Block Blocks.STRUCTURE_BLOCK structure_block
Structure Block (Data) Blocks.STRUCTURE_BLOCK, metadata: 1 structure_block, metadata: 1
Structure Block (Save) Blocks.STRUCTURE_BLOCK, metadata: 2 structure_block, metadata: 2
Structure Block (Load) Blocks.STRUCTURE_BLOCK, metadata: 3 structure_block, metadata: 3
Structure Block (Corner) Blocks.STRUCTURE_BLOCK, metadata: 4 structure_block, metadata: 4
Any Dye Items.DYE dye
Ink Sac Items.DYE, metadata: 0 dye, metadata: 0
Rose Red Items.DYE, metadata: 1 dye, metadata: 1
Cactus Green Items.DYE, metadata: 2 dye, metadata: 2
Cocoa Beans Items.DYE, metadata: 3 dye, metadata: 3
Lapis Lazuli Items.DYE, metadata: 4 dye, metadata: 4
Purple Dye Items.DYE, metadata: 5 dye, metadata: 5
Cyan Dye Items.DYE, metadata: 6 dye, metadata: 6
Light Gray Dye Items.DYE, metadata: 7 dye, metadata: 7
Gray Dye Items.DYE, metadata: 8 dye, metadata: 8
Pink Dye Items.DYE, metadata: 9 dye, metadata: 9
Lime Dye Items.DYE, metadata: 10 dye, metadata: 10
Dandelion Yellow Items.DYE, metadata: 11 dye, metadata: 11
Light Blue Dye Items.DYE, metadata: 12 dye, metadata: 12
Magenta Dye Items.DYE, metadata: 13 dye, metadata: 13
Orange Dye Items.DYE, metadata: 14 dye, metadata: 14
Bone Meal Items.DYE, metadata: 15 dye, metadata: 15
Any Coal Items.COAL coal
Coal Items.COAL, metadata: 0 coal, metadata: 0
Charcoal Items.COAL, metadata: 1 coal, metadata: 1
Iron Ingot Items.IRON_INGOT iron_ingot
Iron Nugget Items.IRON_NUGGET iron_nugget
Redstone Items.REDSTONE redstone
Gold Ingot Items.GOLD_INGOT gold_ingot
Gold Nugget Items.GOLD_NUGGET gold_nugget
Diamond Items.DIAMOND diamond
Emerald Items.EMERALD emerald
Nether Quartz Items.QUARTZ quartz
Nether Star Items.NETHER_STAR nether_star
Prismarine Shard Items.PRISMARINE_SHARD prismarine_shard
Prismarine Crystals Items.PRISMARINE_CRYSTALS prismarine_crystals
Bow Items.BOW bow
Arrow Items.ARROW arrow
Spectral Arrow Items.SPECTRAL_ARROW spectral_arrow
Tipped Arrow Items.TIPPED_ARROW tipped_arrow
Fishing Rod Items.FISHING_ROD fishing_rod
Carrot on a Stick Items.CARROT_ON_A_STICK carrot_on_a_stick
Compass Items.COMPASS compass
Clock Items.CLOCK clock
Empty Map Items.MAP map
Map Items.FILLED_MAP filled_map
Totem of Undying Items.TOTEM_OF_UNDYING totem_of_undying
Leash Items.LEAD lead
Name Tag Items.NAME_TAG name_tag
Shield Items.SHIELD shield
Wooden Sword Items.WOODEN_SWORD wooden_sword
Wooden Shovel Items.WOODEN_SHOVEL wooden_shovel
Wooden Pickaxe Items.WOODEN_PICKAXE wooden_pickaxe
Wooden Axe Items.WOODEN_AXE wooden_axe
Wooden Hoe Items.WOODEN_HOE wooden_hoe
Stone Sword Items.STONE_SWORD stone_sword
Stone Shovel Items.STONE_SHOVEL stone_shovel
Stone Pickaxe Items.STONE_PICKAXE stone_pickaxe
Stone Axe Items.STONE_AXE stone_axe
Stone Hoe Items.STONE_HOE stone_hoe
Iron Sword Items.IRON_SWORD iron_sword
Iron Shovel Items.IRON_SHOVEL iron_shovel
Iron Pickaxe Items.IRON_PICKAXE iron_pickaxe
Iron Axe Items.IRON_AXE iron_axe
Iron Hoe Items.IRON_HOE iron_hoe
Flint and Steel Items.FLINT_AND_STEEL flint_and_steel
Shears Items.SHEARS shears
Golden Sword Items.GOLDEN_SWORD golden_sword
Golden Shovel Items.GOLDEN_SHOVEL golden_shovel
Golden Pickaxe Items.GOLDEN_PICKAXE golden_pickaxe
Golden Axe Items.GOLDEN_AXE golden_axe
Golden Hoe Items.GOLDEN_HOE golden_hoe
Diamond Sword Items.DIAMOND_SWORD diamond_sword
Diamond Shovel Items.DIAMOND_SHOVEL diamond_shovel
Diamond Pickaxe Items.DIAMOND_PICKAXE diamond_pickaxe
Diamond Axe Items.DIAMOND_AXE diamond_axe
Diamond Hoe Items.DIAMOND_HOE diamond_hoe
Leather Helmet Items.LEATHER_HELMET leather_helmet
Leather Chestplate Items.LEATHER_CHESTPLATE leather_chestplate
Leather Leggings Items.LEATHER_LEGGINGS leather_leggings
Leather Boots Items.LEATHER_BOOTS leather_boots
Chainmail Helmet Items.CHAINMAIL_HELMET chainmail_helmet
Chainmail Chestplate Items.CHAINMAIL_CHESTPLATE chainmail_chestplate
Chainmail Leggings Items.CHAINMAIL_LEGGINGS chainmail_leggings
Chainmail Leggings Items.CHAINMAIL_BOOTS chainmail_boots
Iron Helmet Items.IRON_HELMET iron_helmet
Iron Chestplate Items.IRON_CHESTPLATE iron_chestplate
Iron Leggings Items.IRON_LEGGINGS iron_leggings
Iron Boots Items.IRON_BOOTS iron_boots
Golden Helmet Items.GOLDEN_HELMET golden_helmet
Golden Chestplate Items.GOLDEN_CHESTPLATE golden_chestplate
Golden Leggings Items.GOLDEN_LEGGINGS golden_leggings
Golden Boots Items.GOLDEN_BOOTS golden_boots
Diamond Helmet Items.DIAMOND_HELMET diamond_helmet
Diamond Chestplate Items.DIAMOND_CHESTPLATE diamond_chestplate
Diamond Leggings Items.DIAMOND_LEGGINGS diamond_leggings
Diamond Boots Items.DIAMOND_BOOTS diamond_boots
Elytra Items.ELYTRA elytra
Iron Horse Armor Items.IRON_HORSE_ARMOR iron_horse_armor
Golden Horse Armor Items.GOLDEN_HORSE_ARMOR golden_horse_armor
Diamond Horse Armor Items.DIAMOND_HORSE_ARMOR diamond_horse_armor
Armor Stand Items.ARMOR_STAND armor_stand
Flower Pot Items.FLOWER_POT flower_pot
Banner Items.BANNER banner
Painting Items.PAINTING painting
Item Frame Items.ITEM_FRAME item_frame
Sign Items.SIGN sign
Oak Door Items.OAK_DOOR wooden_door
Spruce Door Items.SPRUCE_DOOR spruce_door
Birch Door Items.BIRCH_DOOR birch_door
Jungle Door Items.JUNGLE_DOOR jungle_door
Acacia Door Items.ACACIA_DOOR acacia_door
Dark Oak Door Items.DARK_OAK_DOOR dark_oak_door
Iron Door Items.IRON_DOOR iron_door
Bucket Items.BUCKET bucket
Water Bucket Items.WATER_BUCKET water_bucket
Lava Bucket Items.LAVA_BUCKET lava_bucket
Milk Bucket Items.MILK_BUCKET milk_bucket
Minecart Items.MINECART minecart
Minecart with Chest Items.CHEST_MINECART chest_minecart
Minecart with Furnace Items.FURNACE_MINECART furnace_minecart
Minecart with Hopper Items.HOPPER_MINECART hopper_minecart
Minecart with TNT Items.TNT_MINECART tnt_minecart
Minecart with Command Block Items.COMMAND_BLOCK_MINECART command_block_minecart
Oak Boat Items.BOAT boat
Spruce Boat Items.SPRUCE_BOAT spruce_boat
Birch Boat Items.BIRCH_BOAT birch_boat
Jungle Boat Items.JUNGLE_BOAT jungle_boat
Acacia Boat Items.ACACIA_BOAT acacia_boat
Dark Oak Boat Items.DARK_OAK_BOAT dark_oak_boat
Redstone Repeater Items.REPEATER repeater
Comparator Items.COMPARATOR comparator
Apple Items.APPLE apple
Golden Apple Items.GOLDEN_APPLE golden_apple
Stick Items.STICK stick
Bowl Items.BOWL bowl
Mushroom Stew Items.MUSHROOM_STEW mushroom_stew
String Items.STRING string
Feather Items.FEATHER feather
Gunpowder Items.GUNPOWDER gunpowder
Wheat Seeds Items.WHEAT_SEEDS wheat_seeds
Wheat Items.WHEAT wheat
Carrot Items.CARROT carrot
Potato Items.POTATO potato
Baked Potato Items.BAKED_POTATO baked_potato
Poisonous Potato Items.POISONOUS_POTATO poisonous_potato
Pumpkin Pie Items.PUMPKIN_PIE pumpkin_pie
Golden Carrot Items.GOLDEN_CARROT golden_carrot
Bread Items.BREAD bread
Pumpkin Seeds Items.PUMPKIN_SEEDS pumpkin_seeds
Flint Items.FLINT flint
Leather Items.LEATHER leather
Saddle Items.SADDLE saddle
Brick Items.BRICK brick
Nether Brick Items.NETHERBRICK netherbrick
Clay Items.CLAY_BALL clay_ball
Reeds Items.REEDS reeds
Paper Items.PAPER paper
Slimeball Items.SLIME_BALL slime_ball
Egg Items.EGG egg
Glowstone Dust Items.GLOWSTONE_DUST glowstone_dust
Bone Items.BONE bone
Sugar Items.SUGAR sugar
Cake Items.CAKE cake
Bed Items.BED bed
Cookie Items.COOKIE cookie
Melon Items.MELON melon
Melon Seeds Items.MELON_SEEDS melon_seeds
Any Fish Items.FISH fish
Raw Fish Items.FISH, metadata: 0 fish, metadata: 0
Raw Salmon Items.FISH, metadata: 1 fish, metadata: 1
Clownfish Items.FISH, metadata: 2 fish, metadata: 2
Pufferfish Items.FISH, metadata: 3 fish, metadata: 3
Any Cooked Fish Items.COOKED_FISH cooked_fish
Cooked Fish Items.COOKED_FISH, metadata: 0 cooked_fish, metadata: 0
Cooked Salmon Items.COOKED_FISH, metadata: 1 cooked_fish, metadata: 1
Porkchop Items.PORKCHOP porkchop
Cooked Porkchop Items.COOKED_PORKCHOP cooked_porkchop
Beef Items.BEEF beef
Cooked Beef Items.COOKED_BEEF cooked_beef
Chicken Items.CHICKEN chicken
Cooked Chicken Items.COOKED_CHICKEN cooked_chicken
Rabbit Items.RABBIT rabbit
Cooked Rabbit Items.COOKED_RABBIT cooked_rabbit
Rabbit Foot Items.RABBIT_FOOT rabbit_foot
Rabbit Hide Items.RABBIT_HIDE rabbit_hide
Rabbit Stew Items.RABBIT_STEW rabbit_stew
Mutton Items.MUTTON mutton
Cooked Mutton Items.COOKED_MUTTON cooked_mutton
Rotten Flesh Items.ROTTEN_FLESH rotten_flesh
Ender Pearl Items.ENDER_PEARL ender_pearl
Eye of Ender Items.ENDER_EYE ender_eye
End Crystal Items.END_CRYSTAL end_crystal
Shulker Shell Items.SHULKER_SHELL shulker_shell
Chorus Fruit Items.CHORUS_FRUIT chorus_fruit
Popped Chorus Fruit Items.CHORUS_FRUIT_POPPED chorus_fruit_popped
Beetroot Items.BEETROOT beetroot
Beetroot Seeds Items.BEETROOT_SEEDS beetroot_seeds
Beetroot Soup Items.BEETROOT_SOUP beetroot_soup
Ghast Tear Items.GHAST_TEAR ghast_tear
Nether Wart Items.NETHER_WART nether_wart
Glass Bottle Items.GLASS_BOTTLE glass_bottle
Water Bottle/Any Potion Items.POTIONITEM potion
Splash Potion Items.SPLASH_POTION splash_potion
Lingering Potion Items.LINGERING_POTION lingering_potion
Dragon's Breath Items.DRAGON_BREATH dragon_breath
Spider Eye Items.SPIDER_EYE spider_eye
Fermented Spider Eye Items.FERMENTED_SPIDER_EYE fermented_spider_eye
Blaze Rod Items.BLAZE_ROD blaze_rod
Blaze Powder Items.BLAZE_POWDER blaze_powder
Magma Cream Items.MAGMA_CREAM magma_cream
Brewing Stand Items.BREWING_STAND brewing_stand
Cauldron Items.CAULDRON cauldron
Speckled Melon Items.SPECKLED_MELON speckled_melon
Any Spawn Egg Items.SPAWN_EGG spawn_egg
Spawn Creeper Items.SPAWN_EGG, metadata: 50 spawn_egg, metadata: 50
Spawn Skeleton Items.SPAWN_EGG, metadata: 51 spawn_egg, metadata: 51
Spawn Spider Items.SPAWN_EGG, metadata: 52 spawn_egg, metadata: 52
Spawn Zombie Items.SPAWN_EGG, metadata: 54 spawn_egg, metadata: 54
Spawn Slime Items.SPAWN_EGG, metadata: 55 spawn_egg, metadata: 55
Spawn Ghast Items.SPAWN_EGG, metadata: 56 spawn_egg, metadata: 56
Spawn Zombie Pigmen Items.SPAWN_EGG, metadata: 57 spawn_egg, metadata: 57
Spawn Endermen Items.SPAWN_EGG, metadata: 58 spawn_egg, metadata: 58
Spawn Cave Spider Items.SPAWN_EGG, metadata: 59 spawn_egg, metadata: 59
Spawn Silverfish Items.SPAWN_EGG, metadata: 60 spawn_egg, metadata: 60
Spawn Blaze Items.SPAWN_EGG, metadata: 61 spawn_egg, metadata: 61
Spawn Magma Cube Items.SPAWN_EGG, metadata: 62 spawn_egg, metadata: 62
Spawn Bat Items.SPAWN_EGG, metadata: 65 spawn_egg, metadata: 65
Spawn Witch Items.SPAWN_EGG, metadata: 66 spawn_egg, metadata: 66
Spawn Endermite Items.SPAWN_EGG, metadata: 67 spawn_egg, metadata: 67
Spawn Guardian Items.SPAWN_EGG, metadata: 68 spawn_egg, metadata: 68
Spawn Pig Items.SPAWN_EGG, metadata: 90 spawn_egg, metadata: 90
Spawn Sheep Items.SPAWN_EGG, metadata: 91 spawn_egg, metadata: 91
Spawn Cow Items.SPAWN_EGG, metadata: 92 spawn_egg, metadata: 92
Spawn Chicken Items.SPAWN_EGG, metadata: 93 spawn_egg, metadata: 93
Spawn Squid Items.SPAWN_EGG, metadata: 94 spawn_egg, metadata: 94
Spawn Wolf Items.SPAWN_EGG, metadata: 95 spawn_egg, metadata: 95
Spawn Mooshroom Items.SPAWN_EGG, metadata: 96 spawn_egg, metadata: 96
Spawn Ocelot Items.SPAWN_EGG, metadata: 98 spawn_egg, metadata: 98
Spawn Horse Items.SPAWN_EGG, metadata: 100 spawn_egg, metadata: 100
Spawn Rabbit Items.SPAWN_EGG, metadata: 101 spawn_egg, metadata: 101
Spawn Villager Items.SPAWN_EGG, metadata: 120 spawn_egg, metadata: 120
Bottle o' Enchanting Items.EXPERIENCE_BOTTLE experience_bottle
Bottle o' Enchanting Items.FIRE_CHARGE fire_charge
Snowball Items.SNOWBALL snowball
Book Items.BOOK book
Writable Book Items.WRITABLE_BOOK writable_book
Written Book Items.WRITTEN_BOOK written_book
Enchanted Book Items.ENCHANTED_BOOK enchanted_book
Knowledge Book Items.KNOWLEDGE_BOOK knowledge_book
Music Disc Items.RECORD_13 record_13
Music Disc Items.RECORD_CAT record_cat
Music Disc Items.RECORD_BLOCKS record_blocks
Music Disc Items.RECORD_CHIRP record_chirp
Music Disc Items.RECORD_FAR record_far
Music Disc Items.RECORD_MALL record_mall
Music Disc Items.RECORD_MELLOHI record_mellohi
Music Disc Items.RECORD_STAL record_stal
Music Disc Items.RECORD_STRAD record_strad
Music Disc Items.RECORD_WARD record_ward
Music Disc Items.RECORD_11 record_11
Music Disc Items.RECORD_WAIT record_wait
Any Skull Items.SKULL skull
Skeleton Skull Items.SKULL, metadata: 0 null
Wither Skeleton Skull Items.SKULL, metadata: 1 skull, metadata: 1
Zombie Head Items.SKULL, metadata: 2 skull, metadata: 2
Head Items.SKULL, metadata: 3 skull, metadata: 3
Creeper Head Items.SKULL, metadata: 4 skull, metadata: 4
Firework Charge Items.FIREWORK_CHARGE firework_charge
Fireworks Items.FIREWORKS fireworks

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