Plant Types List


This page contains a list of plant types used by Minecraft. Plant types determine where a plant can be placed by players and during world generation and some other behaviours. Do keep in mind that static plants can always stay on (Coarse) Dirt, Podzol, Grass and Farmland, while growable plants can always stay on themselves.

Plant types list

Types Can grow on
Plains Grass, all Dirt types, Podzol, Farmland
Desert Sand, Terracotta (not glazed)
Beach Sand, Grass, (Coarse) Dirt, Podzol, with water (or any water material block) next to it
Cave Any block with a solid top face. Cave plants have the ability to grow with no light, so rember that they can spawn everywhere.
Water Water source (or any water material block with a level of 0)
Nether Soul Sand. Like cave plants they can grow with no light but soul sand is needed.
Crop Farmland


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