The Saturn Mod

Published by Whatupboi on Sun, 10/27/2019 - 05:55
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The Saturn Mod is a mod that adds in things to do with Saturn.

-Saturn creative tab (well duh)

-Saturn block (for portal to Saturn)

-Pixel art of Saturn(used in 3x3 crafting grid to make Saturn block) only stacks up to 5

-Biomes in Saturn dimension (Saturn plains and Saturn roofed forest)

-Saturn rock and cobble

-Saturn dirt and grass

-Saturn fruit grows on Saturn oak trees, when broken they give you Saturn berries

-Saturn oak and Saturn dark oak

-Saturn iron and Saturn iron armor (tools and weapons coming soon ;D)

-All overworld ores in the Saturn dimension except iron is Saturn iron (big difference)

+So much more that you might as well explore in creative first before playing survival(and also get the JEI mod to view all the recipes)

Project members
Model designer
Texture designer
Release type
Latest supported Minecraft version

Alpha 0.1.0

So much I can't remember

Alpha 0.1.1 Bug fix 1

Removed "Saturn dark oak forest spawning in overworld (you will still have them if you have already loaded up a world using 0.1.0)

Alpha 0.1.2

Removed vines from spawning on custom trees as it looks ugly (you will still have them if you have already loaded up a world using 0.1.0 or 0.1.1)

Alpha 0.2.0 Combat Update

Added Saturn Iron tools (no hoe, you don't need one)

Increased toughness of Saturn Iron armor

Saturn gold now smeltable

Saturn Spruce forest now added

Beta 1.0.0 Bug fix 2

Made it so that Saturn spruce forest actually spawns in the Saturn dimension

Beta 1.1

Mod page logo now in game logo

Beta 1.2 The Saturnian System Update 1

Titan added (comes with so many new things, so many I can't be bothered to explain. Just explore in creative first)

Beta 1.3 The Vegetation Update 1

Saturn daisy

Saplings for all trees except recent Titan oak (ALL TREE SAPLINGS WIP!! THEY DO NOT WORK YET!! AND CAN ONLY BE OBTAINED IN CREATIVE!!)

Some texture tweaks ;D

I have your mod. Website: file:///C:/Users/eltze.r/Desktop/Mcreator%20mods/assets/ I don't know if you can access that, but if you can, I need to say something. You can't download folders, but you can download the png textures, the json models and the nbt structure files by left clicking on them.

Wow Coller Mod. Can you develop the mod also for version 1.7.10 for a certain fee?
Maybe you are the one who can help me. They would really make a 20-year-old happy if they could

Yes. But it will take a few weeks. I am also going on school camp next week and sometime after that I am going to New Zealand for Christmas. So it might not be out till early January 2020. Will look into a 1.7.10 version though.

Nvm MCreator doesn't support 1.7.10 it used to though. I will try to find an archive of the older MCreator versions. But for now, i can't make the mod for 1.7.10, Sorry :(

Submitted by Whatupboi on Thu, 11/07/2019 - 20:10

You might think that I am not working on the mod, that is true. Then you would think that The Saturn Mod is a discontinued project. Not the case! I am going on school camp next Monday for the entire school week (five days). So I will be working on it, but after next Friday. So, don't delete this mod just because i'm not working on it.