Unseen World

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Unseen World title

Minecraft mod that adds so much darkness in one dimension - The Chimeric Darkness


Short about dimension:

The Chimeric Darkness is dimension with cold, oasis and hot biomes

When you buy The Chimeric Darkness Portal Activator in Cartograph trades and Cold Bricks in Mason trades, you need to make portal 3x3x1       



Greenish Valley - oasis between hot Grizzly and cold Dark Crimson Forest

Greenish Valley

Amethyst Forest - biome with growth of amethyst

Amethyst Forest

Dark Crimson Forest - very dark and cold piece of Chimeric Darkness

Dark Crimson Forest

                   Another biomes you will see in game



Mod's Bosses

Warrior of The Chimeric Darkness                                             The Blazer                    The Wither Knight           

Every from this bosses will be spawn in own dungeons



Unseen World adds new swords with different abilities, hammers, staffs, and bow

Swords like Void sword, Red titanium sword can to make from theirs materials, but swords like Heavy Claymore, Fiery Saber or Light Tulvar can found only in dungeons



Chimeric Darkness spawn between -64 y level and 384 y
I mean that caves are very large, and you need get many food before enter in caves


If you found bug, please say me about it:

My discord:SashaKYotoz#8808

And my discord server: https://discord.gg/dgHACyG9yy

Modification files
Unseen_World_4.jar - Unseen World 2.0.1Uploaded on: 07/01/2022 - 13:03   File size: 8.65 MB
Unseen_World_3.jar - Unseen World 2.0.2Uploaded on: 07/23/2022 - 00:45   File size: 8.66 MB

2.0.1:Update of bugfix and adding features after survival test in Minecraft:

Now you will can cut down any tree form Chimeric Darkness without axe

Grass and Ooze can be break down without shovel

Biomes will be generated more correctly


  • Added guide book
  • Void Endermen Sword ability will be use correctly
  • Fixed Void bow(now it's 1 bow, not like in last versions) 
  • Added texture variations for Amethyst Grass Block
  • Added Tealivy Jade Vine Flower

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The blazer boss is one small copyright as it has the iconic blaze Knight shields