MCreator 2022.2 pre-release

Published by Klemen on Sat, 07/23/2022 - 16:33
MCreator 2022.2 pre-release

This time with only two snapshots, the pre-release of MCreator 2022.2 is here. This feature-oriented update will be packed with features, so make sure to test it out!

Snapshot changelog

Major new features, improvements, and bug fixes in this snapshot are highlighted with bold text.

  • Added duplicate layer button to the image editor
  • Added some more block and plant tint types
  • Added new mod element type: item extension
  • Added follow range parameter to living entity mod element
  • Added support to switch between Minecraft Forge and Fabric generators
  • Scoreboard procedures now work with all entities, not just players
  • Added new command argument types: message
  • Added new projectile procedure blocks: shoot a projectile from the entity, shoot a projectile at a location with direction, added arrow, fireball, and throwable projectile definition blocks
  • Added new entity procedures: for each passenger, for each direct passenger, get passenger that is controlling entity, and get lowest ridden entity, is in wall, get remaining ticks on fire, is sleeping, is glowing, is swimming
  • Added new text procedures: is text empty, trim text, uppercase text, lowercase text, does text start/end with
  • Added four new texture categories: entities, screens, effects, and particles
  • [Bugfix] Fixed common tags tool dirt tag using the wrong namespace
  • [Bugfix] Command actions did not run when called from a command block
  • [Bugfix] Accept any parameter and call procedure command parameter did not work in some cases
  • [Bugfix] Some dialog windows in image maker froze the UI on macOS in some cases
  • [Bugfix] AI task editor was disabled in the add-on generator
  • [Bugfix] Food mod element failed to properly convert to the item in some cases
  • [Bugfix] Wandering villager custom trades did not work
  • [Bugfix] Checkboxes in custom GUIs had too big of a click region
  • [Bugfix] Some other minor fixes and improvements

Release changelog

Below is the changelog of the previous snapshots, covering all the changes in the upcoming 2022.2 release together with the snapshot changelog.

  • Updated Blockly to 2022 Q1 Patch 2
  • Updated bundled Java to version OpenJDK 17.0.3
  • Added new Java plugins system for more advanced MCreator plugins
  • Added some new tags to the common tags tool
  • Added blockstate management procedure blocks to universally read, write and modify block states
  • Added requires correct tool option for blocks
  • Added is solid option for plants
  • Added new block triggers: projectile hits the block
  • Added new plant triggers: projectile hits the plant, entity walked on the plant
  • Added new command argument builder with Blockly editor
  • Added new command argument types: number, logic, string, literal, block position, entity, item, block state
  • Added procedure blocks to read specific command arguments
  • Added support for adding custom trades to wandering traders
  • Added custom block pitch rotation support
  • Spawn entity procedure blocks and biome selectors now only show spawnable entities
  • [Bugfix, FG 1.16.5] Mega spruce trees in custom biomes crashed the world generation
  • [Bugfix, FG 1.16.5] When custom projectile hits block procedure trigger executed twice
  • [Bugfix] Custom slots did not look the same as vanilla slots
  • [Bugfix] On GUI closed procedure was not called on non-slot custom GUIs
  • [Bugfix] Some other minor fixes and improvements

Release notes

  • Added 4 new texture categories: entities, effects, particles, and screens. Existing workspaces will be converted to new categories automatically.
  • Removed fuel mod element (replaced by the new item extension mod element). Existing fuel mod elements will be converted to item extensions automatically.
  • Removed custom item dispense behavior settings (replaced by the new item extension mod element). Existing item mod element dispense behavior settings will be converted to item extensions automatically.
  • Replaced current shoot ranged item procedure block with new projectile procedure blocks
  • [Plugins] Replaced some of the custom Blockly extensions with a new field type
  • [Plugins] Added a new template type for command arguments

Make sure to test this snapshot out so the release will be as stable and bug-free as possible. Leave a comment with your feedback on the update below. Stay tuned and keep on modding!

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So I have tested it in the latest snapshot, and it still doesn't compile return procedures correctly, it doesn't add true or false to "return true;" or "return false;" just "return;". at the moment I am just manually adding the values. This could be due to my plugins that I have been porting since 1.12, but I can't see how, so check it yourself.

Can you please direct me to this Issue tracker, you'll have to forgive me, I am having a hard time wrapping my head around the website, I'm good with Java, not websites. If you have a place for bugs to be reported, I'll put it there. This is the first time I am reporting a bug, as I usually just fix the bugs myself but I feel it pointless to not report it in an experimental build

I also need to discuss a few advanced, but simple change, something that won't require a large amount of change to implement, but I cant add it as I don't know where to begin modifying MCreator itself, I just muck around with the data packs to make MCreator do things it wasn't designed to do. Like adding a single custom model that doesn't need textures mapped to it, I can add up to two textures using the "particle" and "all" fields in the block maker, but it is hard codded to not ever allow more images to be selected. If you were to add an advanced model import and allow manual editing of imported models, as well as allow the use of all 6(7) texture fields it would bypass all current restrictions. Even better if we could add a coded custom block to the "blockbase" tab. It would allow of custom blockstates with codded entries for advanced users. This is all just an example.

as I usually just fix the bugs myself but I feel it pointless to not report it in an experimental build

- if you do not report bugs in experimental builds, they will persist in full release as we can't detect all bugs.

Bugs are reported on github repository

what are item extensions? (i would check them out myself but Mcreators broken for me at the moment,)

Yo! well done on the update man looks like there's some really cool stuff here. I played around with the projectiles a bit and wanted to ask about the arrow-type projectile definition, I created a custom projectile and had it shoot as an arrow, on a key pressed, with pickup on for anyone however it doesn't stick into the ground. is this how it's meant to be? if so what's the point of the pickup option?

Again a good work. I am very curious how it will continue in the future :). But I can say one thing with certainty, I am very confident

Hey, I was wondering when the walls and fences were going to get fixed, they don't connect

will there be a bugfix on biomes? i see it pop up occasionally that biomes wont spawn or are mega rare no matter what is done, cave biomes work fine but not the surface ones =/

Please add a feature to turn off lava pools in dimension (or biome not sure which one)

In other words, If my understanding is correct, you will need to recreate a vanilla biome as your own custom biome in order to remove generated features. Minecraft itself uses multiple biomes in order to make terrain diverse in what you see as a single biome, as such, recreating biomes to change parameters is the default method of changing generated features and terrain.

My apologies, I have always thought that Lava pools were generated as part of the 'Lakes' "Biome default features" but after testing it, your correct. I am going to have a look at the code and see if I can find a way around it and submit my findings in a bug report.

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