Neon Ception

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This is a decoration mod with pack (the beta version is outdated), i let this mod for the time being.But i can give update later with ameliorations...


This my first mod, so be indulgent please =D.

Modification files
Neon Ception - Neon Ception (, final beta version).93.85 KB


1.0.0: Add White Neon Block. - Change White Neon Block (bug of luminance).

1.0.1: Change White Neon Block, Add Black Neon Block.

1.0.2: Add Yellow Neon Block.

1.0.3: Add Green Neon Block.

1.0.4: Add Blue Neon Block, Add Red Neon Block.

1.0.5: Add Orange Neon Block, Add Pink Neon Block, Add Grey Neon Block, Add Light Grey Neon Block, Add Brown Neon Block, Add Cyan Neon Block, Add Light Blue Neon Block, Add Purple Neon Block.(And resolution of major personnal bug when adding)

1.0.6: Change the name of Green Neon Block -> Light Green Neon Block, Add Green (cactus) Neon Block, Add Magenta Neon Block.

1.0.7: Add Tab-List: Neon Ception, Add Achievement (no functional) : Neon Ception Builder. Cancellation of adding Achievement, Classification of items of mod in the New Tab-List. Change the icon of the Tab-List of Mod. Change the icon of the Tab-List of Mod.(Abandonment of the resolution of bug of icon).



It's not bad but the textures is like the textures of a big mod adding a lot of block but is it a good idea !