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Published by Zerarez on Fri, 08/09/2019 - 00:38
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Zera's SCPs is an addon to the SCP: Lockdown mod. It adds new SCPs for you to Secure, Contain, and Protect! A full list of SCPs is below.

I also work on the SCP Heavy Containment Extras mod, but wanted to add some SCPs with limited functionality specifically for decoration purposes. These SCPs are not survival-friendly. This mod is entirely based around quantity over quality, and will not add SCPs already introduced by other mods/addons. I hope to update this mod frequently with new SCPs for your creative builds... UwU

You can join the discord for development updates on this mod here: https://discord.gg/QurhaTY

Current content:
42 new SCPs

3 new dimensions

7 new entities

9 Anomalous Ducks

1 new ore that appears between y=50 and y=20

Feel free to suggest new SCPs in the comments! I'll be willing to work on any SCP that isn't already in another mod.

Project status
In development
Modification type
Minecraft Forge mod
Latest supported Minecraft version

Version 0.1

-Added SCP 012, 269, 357, 402, and 477.

-Added functionality to 269, 357, and 477.

Version 0.2

-Added SCP 714 and 1033-RU.

-Added more recipes for 357.

-Added functionality to 714 and 1033-RU.
Version 0.3

-Added SCP 012-SL, 113, 132, 345, and 3890.

-Added functionality to SCP 012-SL and 3890.

Version 0.4

-Added SCP 3808 and SCP 019-IT

-SCP-402 now removes rain when held.

Version 0.5

-Added 4 Anomalous Ducks

Version 0.6

-Fixed all custom-model blocks to allow for rotation.

-Added 4 more Anomalous Ducks.

Version 0.7

-Added SCP 055, 287, and 347.

Version 0.8

-Added SCP 000, 001, 248, and 310.

Version 0.9

-Added SCP ___, Big Egg, 007-J, and 014-J.

Version 0.10

-Added labels for all SCPs (excluding 007-J, whoops).

-Added SCP-184.

-Added new model for SCP-012.

-Fixed an issue with SCP-310's fire placement.

Version 0.11

-Added SCP-006-J, SCP-372, and SCP-743.

Version 0.12.4

-Fixed conflict error with SCP-372.

-Added SCP-895, 215, and 020.
Version 0.13

-Added SCP-205, 789-J, 990, and 1074.

Version 1.0

First Full Version of the Mod!
-Added SCP-1356

-Added functionality to SCP-001 (Sheaf of Papers)

-Added new labels for SCP that didn't have one previously.

-Added crafting recipes for every SCP and label.

Version 1.1

-Added SCP-860 and SCP-1499.

Version 1.2

-Added SCP-527, SCP-1916, and SCP-3108.

Version 1.2.1

-Renamed a bunch of items & mobs to fit with SCP: Lockdown.

Version 1.2.2

-Fixed SCP-205's texture

-Fixed SCP-1499
-Added functionality to SCP-012, SCP-1074, and SCP-345
-Added new texture for SCP-132

Version 1.3

-Fixed SCP-019-IT's texture

-Re-implemented SCP-000

-Added SCP-2396

Version 1.4

-Added the Roomba Duck

-Fixed SCP-215

-Added Jade ore

-Changed some recipes


doot doot doot doot forgot to update the mcreator page whoops


Version 1.7

-Fixed a bunch of bugs

-Added SCP-038, SCP-1689, and SCP-2200.

I'm a indie game developer who is working on a game named SCP:Terminal,
I'm trying to put a team together in-general for many different projects i am doing,
One of them is a secretive unreleased minecraft mod under the SCP theme.
Would you be interested in chatting a bit - etc?
Add me on discord ( Aubarino#8007 ), we can talk more there.

- Aubarino