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Published by Inferno_ on Sun, 10/11/2020 - 01:06
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Important: The most recent version is the first in the list, not the last one.

Welcome to Re: Craft! 

Re: Craft is a mod that attempts to overhaul progression in the game by adding many machines, tools, and changes in recipes!

Though, the mod is currently in W.I.P

What does it add?

It currently has 265 elements, some of which are:

  • 3 Working furnaces, a crafting table that is currently only decorative and other 3 working machines.
  • Wooden plates and Compressed Wooden plates, made with logs, used in most wood related recipes.
  • Cobble bricks and Stone bricks, used for the second furnace and Stone Tools.
  • 2 Modules for increasing effectiveness of machines.
  • 33 Tools, 14 for killing purposes, the others for extraction and stuff like that.
  • A new ore, Copper! It currently has barely any use though.
  • Plates for 3 minerals and a plate for glass! also almost no use at all.
  • Steel, Made with Iron and Charcoal Shards in a Stone Furnace or higher.
  • Many recipes for changing the game progression!
  • Some elements, they will have a use in the future, i hope.
  • 2 Storage items! although one is for storing specific items.
  • A couple of advancements
  • Some translation to Chilean Spanish, couldn't translate it all though, and there are probably a couple of mistranslations or stuff like that.

The mod is in Early Alpha, and i only tested the mod a couple of times, expect bugs both functional and visual... specially functional. And everything in the current version can be changed, or even deleted.

I spent a lot of time on the mod, across a couple of days, there are also a couple of things i want to add to the mod:

  1. More Burner type machines.
  2. More Drills.
  3. Balancing Stuff.
  4. Everything in the Technology (Advancement) Tab.
  5. More Creative tabs and make them more organized.
  6. Tools for pretty much all tiers of progression.
  7. Functionality to the crafting station.
  8. Functionality to the greenhouse.

Like always, i am not really sure in which category this mod will be. The mod is in W.I.P.

Modification files
ReCraftAlpha0.4.jar - Recipes for steel stuff, advancements, fixing stuff and changes in a couple of recipes.1.35 MB
ReCraftAlpha0.3.jar - Steel, Copper Tools, More balancing and changes in recipes.1.31 MB
ReCraftAlpha0.2.jar - Balancing, Copper, and Stuff like that.902.71 KB
ReCraftAlpha0.1.jar - W.I.P. expect bugs (How many times i said this already?)531.07 KB

Alpha 0.4 ----------------------------

  • Recipes for Steel Furnace and Fuel Processor.
  • Advancements, including challenges, a goal and a tab that requires content that isn't in the mod yet.
  • Changed Eternal Flame Recipe.
  • Fuel processor now requires 6.4 KW instead of 4.8 KW
  • Fixed something that made Eternal Flames be impossible to craft, they required compressed glass plates, but the item required for progress to be increased was normal glass plates.
  • Moved everything of the mod to the ReCraft Creative Tab.
  • Added a Recipe for Fire.
  • (MCreator Site Only) Updated the "Most of the items currently in the mod." image.

This one was for fixing some stuff in 0.3, i will set the mod in beta once electricity is finally available, if you want to know some of the stuff that is planned to be added, see the Technology Tab advancements.
I uploaded this one so that i don't need to upload the buggier version on sunday like what happened with 0.3

Alpha 0.3 ----------------------------

  • A more broken Greenhouse, I think i should change the tag to procedure.
  • Compressed Version of all plates, they need 9 plates.
  • Steel, Made from an iron ingot and charcoal shards, which now are craftable with charcoal.
  • An "Eternal Flame", Is currently the most OP Fuel to exist, with a power of 2117000 aprox.
  • Processed Fuel, Rocket Fuel and a Fuel Processor, Need balancing too.
  • Nerfed The Burner Drill and now the Full Depth Bonus is 300% and 420% with Burner Modules, The module bonus is now 0.05 the Base Depth Bonus * The amount of Burner Modules.
  • Added The Burner Boiler, Works but there isn't any way to fill it with water in the mod. also W.I.P.
  • Changes to Bucket and Some other iron Stuff recipes. the same with gold.
  • Copper Tools, The next tools should be of iron, but they should use electricity to work so...
  • Iron Tank, also works, but you can't see how full it is.
  • General Balancing to Stone & Wooden Tools.
  • Minimal changes to many textures.
  • Nerfed Stone Furnaces and Added Steel Furnaces.
  • Changed Furnaces Description. now it is more Cool
  • Some changes to some GUI.
  • Probably something else, but i can't remember.

There isn't any way to craft some of the new stuff so that is the next thing i need to do. Steam Engines should also be the next thing i suppose, they should generate Energy through Steam, also accumulators or portable batteries could be next, thankfully those are easy, Pipes could also be a thing. and after the Steam Engines are done i could be able to make Iron Tools/Basic Electric Tools. Gold tools should be after and then diamond or steel. and yes, i finally have an idea of what i want to do with this mod.

Alpha 0.2 ----------------------------

Features in this version are:

  • A 100% useless Greenhouse, also have to add functionality to it
  • Recipes to Plate Blocks
  • A Material Storage Bag and a Storage Bag.
  • A Copper Drill.
  • A Burner Drill (Block) that allows you to get materials for around 4 hours if you have the needed storage and fuel.
  • A Filtrator that repairs the Burner Drill once it is all used up.
  • Pretty much all of the Wooden tools except axe, and a new weapon, the shortsword.
  • All of the stone tools (Probably) including the shortsword.
  • Small Changes in Recipe IDs, the most important two are the stone drill replacing the stone pickaxe and the wooden broadsword replacing the wooden spear.
  • A rebalance in Heat Bonus, spears, and the stone drill, because it is not that usefull if it has the speed of the wooden pickaxe.
  • A red text telling you that this block doesn't work.
  • Probably fixed a couple of bugs, i don't know which ones though.
  • Added many currently unused textures, why? because i don't want to add mid-late game machines when there aren't any custom iron tools yet.
  • Most of the stuff in the previous version i think.

I will probably keep an schedule in uploading versions, a alpha version each week i hope. but i am not really good at having a weekly upload schedule in any platform.

Alpha 0.1 ----------------------------

Added to the MCreator Website.
Features in this version are:

  • Wooden Furnace, don't ask how it works, it just does.
  • Stone Furnace, A better (probably?) version of the original Furnace.
  • Crafting Station, the most useless thing in the whole mod.
  • Wooden Plates and Compressed Wooden Plates, made from logs, and yes, I will add wooden plates for each type of log, for now you have to live with only oak planks.
  • Cobble Bricks and Stone Bricks, Changed recipe of Stone Bricks so they require Stone bricks, it may not make sense in text, but it makes sense in-game.
  • Burner Module and the Wooden Plate Upgrade, they increase the speed of the furnace.
  • Wooden Pickaxe, slightly better than the original i think.
  • Stone Drill, Uses coal to work, and it starts at 0 durability when crafted, and yes, this is replaces the original stone pickaxe recipe.
  • 3 Spears, the first one is a little bit balanced, can't say the same for the other two though.
  • Wooden Hoe and Wooden Scythe, i wanted to make the scythe also double as a hoe, but is pretty much impossible right now.
  • Copper ore, Ingot, and Block... if somebody counts all the mods that add copper, they will probably spend around a whole day just counting.
  • Copper, Iron, Gold, and Glass Plates, also they have a block, but currently they don't have any use and the blocks are creative-only currently.
  • Stone handsaw, it changes the recipe of the wooden axe, sorry for that one.
  • 9 100% useless elements.
  • Many... many recipes. i don't wan't to count the amount of recipes there are. but probably around 40 of the 90 elements are just recipes
  • some procedures to make the stone and wooden furnace work, although the heat bonus made the progress bar look a little bit... weird... going to fix that later with the rounding up uh... element? i barely know the names that the program uses even though i already spend 100+ hours on it

Everything needs to be balanced or fixed. even though i tested it 43 times i just found bugs the first 12 and the last 3 tests.