Hostile Cards Mod

Submitted by zaeamos2 on Sat, 08/18/2018 - 14:41
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Adds cool new cards that are tradable to other players. Soon will be craftable.

This can add to your worlds currency and can even be used to play a game.

No survival or adventure use.

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In development
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This mod looks really good but its or 1.7.10 :(
If you ever make one for 1.12.2 I'd use it.

1.7.10 was considered the best minecraft version for mods, but now forge team stopped working on 1.7.10 forge and a lot of of mods were ported to 1.12.2 so most users use 1.12.2 now. So I suggest adding a 1.12.2 download of the mod too.

Nice mod :)
It would be cool if you added a "card-playing table" block for playing an official game of these cards
It would be very hard to make a working card game, so I suggest making a simple one

Fun fact: Magic Material once had hostile card mobs as a part of 1.1, but they made the game crash for an unknown reason. Thus, after being unfixable, i removed them.

But the good news is that Chocolate 1.1 is being made, while however as a file away from 1.0(.1) since that update was too huge to follow.