the world of biomes

Published by fwegoman on Sun, 10/20/2019 - 23:27
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discover the worldof biomes with currently 4 biomes to explorw with new wood adn branchs


evergreen forest

dragon plateau-new wood with lots of flowers

outback-small trees with lots of 

pine forest big trees with podzol

black desert-a desert with black sand

magma plain-like a black desert with magma blocks 

bamboo forest-used to get bamboo(rn broken texture)

dead forest a forest where te wood cant be made to planks


wood for each type

planks for most types

branchs for all types 

bamboo stlak and block.


blue pink and white umbrella flower

bulbing flower

blooming flower


dart gun


other features

logger-used to make branchs 

fox-ambient mob doesnt do anything but looks like in 1.14

Modification files

I would recommend cleaning up your description a bit, it is a little hard to understand at the moment, mod itself looks fine, would recommend using wooden planks and fences instead of logs and walls, but that's just me I guess.