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This mod is in ALPHA. Bugs, crashes, balance issues and similar errors are to be expected. If you do encounter any of them, please join the Discord. Thank you.
Additionally, please expect re-used textures, lack of game feedback (ex: missing sounds/messages/notifications) or direction (progression-wise, crafting-recipe wise though that can be fixed using JEI).  


JSON files now update by themselves. If you don't want them to update, set their "update" value to 'false'.


DISCORD: Zoe Isn't Cyberpunk 



Zoe Isn't Cyberpunk (Zoe) is a Cyberpunk-influenced (*Influences include* Cyberpunk 2077, Cyberpunk RED and Cyberpunk: Edgerunners) mod. It takes many aspects of these universes and implements them in its own way.  

Features: Implants, custom weapons, software, custom mobs, detailed progression



I made a small video explaining some basic things about the mod: 


/zoe_techne <target> <techne> <set/add/get> (<amount>)

/zoe_implant generate <item(only accepts items tagged in forge:zoe_implant)> <quality>


forceCareerChoice - "True" by default, forces the player to choose a career from the available 4.

maximumDismantleEfficiency - 75 by default, dictates the maximum efficiency a Dismantler can reach. WARNING: Setting this to 100 or above can break the balance of the game.


Support & Compatibility:

Existing implants:

Zoe uses JSON files for its implant recipes and attributes involved with implants. If you wish to change them, you can find them in your game file directory (%appdata%) under config/zoe and you are free to change it as you wish.

the JSON file names must follow this format: 'zoe_<registryName>' or it will NOT work. 
You can use item registry names (meaning items from other mods even) to change the recipe at any time, and you can change the "count" to be whatever you want. 
If you want to make a recipe completely void, do NOT delete the JSON file as it will simply regenerate on relaunch. Instead, put an impossible item or impossible item count as the recipe requirement.

NOTE: If you want your implant changes to stay PERMANENT between mod updates, set their "update" value to 'false'!


Attributes follow a system like this:

attributeX: namespace:registry_name 
attributeXmodifier: <number>


X = A number dictating what number attribute this is. If you have more than one attribute, the list should adapt to that. **Example**:

attribute1: minecraft:generic.attack_speed 
attribute1modifier: 1 
attribute2: minecraft:generic.movement_speed 
attribute2modifier: 0.2

While it is possible to change these during runtime, I highly advise against it on servers and even in Singleplayer to avoid any issues (for example, the attribute application system breaking). You should close your world/server before making changes to the JSON files.


Custom Implants:

If you want to add custom implants from your own mod, there are a few steps involved:

1. Add the necessary Forge tags to your mod, and group your implant items into them - First and most important one being forge:zoe_implant. Next, add the Forge tag that depicts the slot your implant will go into, for example: forge:ocular_implant (others include: forge:torso_implant, forge:arms_implant, forge:legs_implant, forge:blood_implant, forge:cerebrum_implant, forge:skin_implant, forge:skeleton_implant).

2. Make the JSON file for the custom implant - You can copy paste an existing implant JSON. Name the file in this format: <modID>_<registryName>. If you don't do this, it will not work. Change the "result" variable to your item's registry name.

3. Customize your implant recipe and attributes - Now you can change the recipe and mess with the attributes as you wish! Make sure to save the file.



This mod does not associate itself officially with any of the influences mentioned above, it is merely inspired by them.
For more info regarding compatibility/support, please check the 'Compatibility & Support' section.


You may use this mod in your modpack, provided you use an official launcher (like the Curseforge app or Modrinth app, NOT Technic!)


Modification files
zoe_0.4.0a-1.20.1.jarUploaded on: 11/21/2023 - 23:09   File size: 1.43 MB

Version 0.4.0:

  • Improved OverdriveOS a bit
  • Biostation now places facing you
  • Optimized implant ability tick a bit further
  • Fixed “/zoe_techne biotechne add” setting your cybertechne instead
  • Overhauled implant attribute system to work as intended
  • Overhauled boss AI: Bosses can now be “interrupted” in the middle of using their abilities, causing the ability to cancel and putting all of their abilities on cooldown
  • Added community-made implants (Spring Heel, Marksman Optics, The Furnace)
  • Improved implant error log info
  • Reworked Atrophy ability frame
  • Added new boss: Empress of Lightning
  • Fixed a bug in which you could dupe implants
  • Fixed a bug in which stasis could be inflicted despite the attacker not having any Jolt
  • Reworked Mercy wave
  • Updated Plasmic Chainsword, Entanglement and Lumoplasma Battleaxe with abilities
  • Increased attack damage attribute of Weighted Palms and Tectonic Soles
  • Added attack damage attribute to Deadeye Optics
  • Fyber spawn reduced


Version 0.4.0a:

  • Fixed Second Heart cooldown

Version 0.3.1:

  • Plasmic Chainsword is now extra effective on logs
  • Fixed implants not implanting

Version 0.3.0:

  • Retextured Cyberstation GUI
  • Nerfed Cyborg (spawning, stats) and Cycrawler (stats)
  • Fixed a bug in which cacti wouldn’t grant invulnerability cooldown
  • Defense no longer reduces fall damage
  • Added Fyber (cyborg fish)
  • Changed shock/static damage dealing system to be attribute based (Volt [shock] and Jolt [static])
  • Fixed Discharge and Stability not reducing chances of being Shocked/Stasis’d
  • Fixed Static and Shock damage duplicating loot drops from Mechanical entities
  • Fixed implanting tamed animals to work as intended
  • Overhauled OverdriveOS ability
  • Robocrafting no longer needs specific item slot order
  • Added software holograms (use to view Software recipes and in crafting software)
  • Fixed a bug where equipping a new implant would damage twice
  • Fixed and changed Nomex Padding
  • Optimized implant on tick
  • Fixed Synthetic Lungs
  • Second Heart no longer activates when /kill is used
  • Added Mercy
  • Added Mask recipes
  • Added Software Computator to recipe grant pool
  • Semi-repaired x-iloveyou-x (for the billionth time)
  • Added custom implant support

Version 0.2.7:

  • Revamped Implant equipping backend
  • Nerfed Cyborg speed
  • Fixed Shock and Static damage being reduced by Defense

Version 0.2.6:

  • Fixed Tectonic Soles recipe
  • Fixed Static and Shock damage not stacking from implants
  • Reduced Shock damage in rain/water
  • Changed Schematicon Armatech mode to check for blueprints, not the weapon itself
  • Armament Station advancement now grants blueprint recipes

Version 0.2.5:

  • Buffed Implant drop rates
  • Added implants (Secluded Lens, Camoguard, Escape System, Antigrav Chamber, Hollow Bones)
  • Balanced some implants
  • Localized Static damage death message
  • Fixed some bad bad bad bugs
  • Patched the implant equipping backend to prevent a duping bug

Version 0.2.4:

  • Fixed Software keybind activating when sending in chat
  • Atrophy Atrophy Atrophy Atrophy Atrophy Atrophy Atrophy
  • Potentially fixed a bug of Schematicon deleting items when right clicked on a block entity with storage
  • Cheapened Niltech Cyberstation recipe
  • Fixed issue with Mechanical mobs losing stats after relogging (singleplayer)

Version 0.2.3:

  • Whole ton of fixes (sheesh)
  • Added implants (Powered Grip, Sparksights, Volt Dampener, Tectonic Soles, Reactive Dermis)
  • New static damage (can cause Stasis)
  • Updated some textures

Version 0.2.2:

  • Added implants (Thunder Thighs, Grounded Padding, Amp Regulator, Actuated Serum, Surge Suppressor)
  • Shock damage can now apply Shocked effect
  • New attribute: Stability (reduces shock damage + reduces the chance of implants being disabled by Shocked effect)
  • OverdriveOS now deals the intended amount of damage

Version 0.2.1:

  • Added Schematicon modes for different crafting types (shift + right-click)
  • Fixed a bug with Nanomeds killing you instantly in Biostation
  • Nomex Padding now only ignites others from direct player attack

Version 0.2.0:

  • Fixed implants disappearing (again)
  • You can now implant others! Make sure you trust your Ripperdoc!
  • Increased unequip requirement to be half the requirement of the implant
  • Reduced Biotechne gain


  • Atrophy no longer spawns naturally
  • Adjusted Bioteching others

Version 0.1.0:

  • Changed the minimum quality of dropped implants to very very low
  • Lots of balance changes
  • Fixed a crash with OverdriveOS
  • Added implants (Hydrophobic Coating, Discharge Module, Automotors)
  • Fixed Cycrawler hitbox
  • Fixed a bug with Second Heart while equipping implants
  • Fixed potential issue with Berserk
  • Fixed dropped implants not having proper quality tag
  • Added command to generate implants (/zoe_implant generate) for playtesting purposes
  • Nomex Padding now ignites enemies
  • Fixed a bug in which implants would disappear if you exited the implant screen too quickly

Version 0.0.9:

  • Fixed Thermostatic Injection and Nomex Padding to work as intended
  • Balanced OverdriveOS
  • Fixed bug in which Armatechne and Cybertechne would not increase
  • Changed and improved X-iloveyou-X to item NBT instead of player variable
  • Shocked effect now applies software cooldown as well
  • Added new gamerule to set max dismantling efficiency (maximumDismantleEfficiency)
  • Dismantler system fixed and adjusted
  • Changed Implant equipping damage

Version 0.0.8:

  • Fixed a bug in which Electroplasm Bombs could be exploited to shorten implant cooldowns
  • Fixed Thermostatic Injection and Nomax Skin to work as intended
  • Fixed rare crash with projectiles
  • Improved and fixed X-iloveyou-X (more accurate, less buggy)
  • Fixed Cyborg spawning (again)

Version 0.0.7:

- Implemented JSON file updater. IF YOU INSTALLED THE MOD BEFORE, DELETE YOUR ZOE FOLDER (%appdata%/.minecraft/config/zoe) OR YOUR GAME WILL CRASH. JSONs will now automatically update if their “update” value is “true” (which it is by default). If you change JSON file values now, make sure to set “update” to “false”
- Added Software (EX-ploreX, AvariceXP, X-ILoveYou-X)
- Added Stasis and Berserk effects
- Fixed OverdriveOS charge cooldown
- Changed Electroplasmic Bomb to non-stackable in exchange for a cheaper recipe
- Added Lumoplasma Battleaxe
-You can no longer unequip Software if you have other software in your inventory
- Software cooldown now resets on respawn

Version 0.0.6:

  • Dismantler now outputs ingredients in a random order
  • Cyborgs and Cycrawlers now drop implants with a quality
  • Fix a bug in which Cyborg and Cycrawlers took double damage
  • Added Software System
  • Added Robocrafting system
  • Added Software Computator (and recipe)
  • Add Software (OverdriveOS)
  • Changed “quality” NBT to “zoe_quality” → added a compatability layer to auto convert implants
  • Fixed Electroplasmic Bomb not being craftable
  • Shocked effect now work as intended (implant abilities are now invalid while shocked)

Version 0.0.5:

  • Added 10+ new advancements
  • Increased hardness of all cyberstations
  • Added new effect: Shock (extra damage to cyborg entities, disables player implants temporarily)
  • Fixes crash when Sabotage of attacker is higher than defense of hurt mob
  • Added Electroplasmic Bomb 
  • Added Armament Station crafting recipe (Armatechne use is now available!)
  • Cyborgs now only spawn at y > 32
  • Added Cycrawler mob (only spawns at y < 32)
  • Dismantler now works constantly under redstone power
  • Merged Career Selection and Career Stats GUIs into one
  • Fixed unable to equip skin implants
  • Increased Biotechne gain
  • Changed some implant recipes

Version 0.0.4:

  • Added inventory GUI design
  • Flipped inventory placement in GUIs (on the left instead of right) to be more compatible with recipe mods such as JEI, EMI, REI, etc.
  • Balanced some implants
  • New attribute: Sabotage - Ignores Defense attribute (calculation: Defense - Sabotage)
  • Fixed Biostation entity being a Mob
  • Fixed Cyborg entity being a little overpowered (just a bit)
  • Cheapened Handsaw recipe
  • Silicon and Carbonsteel now use Charcoal or Coal
  • Increased durability for most saws
  • A small system for implanting tamed mobs is now in place (Second Heart, Spiked Knuckles, Enforced Tibia, Titanium Bones, Amphebic Thrusters, Nanomeds)
  • Increased Cybertechne gain by x10
  • Added Dismantler, which allows you to break down implants to their basic materials (must be activated by redstone)
  • Improved implant equipping system (+ you can no longer equip implants with no quality)
  • Added implants (Thermostatic Injection, Nomex Padding, Deadeye Optics)

Version 0.0.3:

  • Improved /zoe_techne command
  • Added new implants (like, 5 more or something)
  • Added sound feedback for implant failing to equip
  • Changed Biotechnic system (operating on others for implants)
  • Added new creative tabs to sort all items and blocks neatly
  • Implant damage is now increased (make sure you have a good ripper!)
  • Biotechne increase is now applied properly
  • Fixed Biostation recipe
  • More fixes and changes

Version 0.0.2:

  • Improved textures
  • Fixed Rotor Joints recipe output to the correct item
  • Added Plather Sheet, Chostic Mix, Chostic, Chostic Sheet, Netherite Cog, Endoplasma Casing, Endoplasma Cell, Quantum Wire
  • Added Plasmic Board, Abyssal Board
  • Added Niltech Cyberstation, Armament Station
  • Added missing recipes for items
  • Added Plasmic Chainblade, Advanced Motor, Copper Guard
  • Added Plasmic Chainsword, Lumoplasma Battleaxe
  • Fixed Silicon Mix recipe to use gravel instead of quartz
  • Added Armacrafting system
  • Changed some GUI details (including a fix)
  • Press (default: backslash) to open techne stat menu

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