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This little a simple mod add a few plants based in the game Terraria.

you can buy them from "the gardener", a new villager, you can find his greenhouse in any plains biome. 

"The gardener" can sell you 4 new plants


-Tick Flower: a flower used for portions of speed 


-Water Leaf: a little plant used for water breathing potions 


-Rose of wind: this plant used against other player, in form of a new potion 


-Strange Pink Plant: special regeneration potions 


in addition to this you can find 2 new plants in the nether. they can be used for decoration or can be sold to the gardener


Modification files
TerraPlants (v1.1.0) (minecraft 1.20.1).jarUploaded on: 09/26/2023 - 19:35   File size: 95.96 KB
TerraPlants (v1.0.0) (minecraft 1.19.2).jarUploaded on: 09/26/2023 - 19:35   File size: 92.31 KB