Scattered Kingdoms

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This is the first mod I've ever created. I know there's not a lot of elements in this, but I plan to add more soon. If you would like to leave any criticism or suggestion feel free to do so in the comments.


The stuff in the mod:

Spells and essences:

Spells are powerful weapons that you can obtain through a spell table. You can make a spell by placing (from left to right) an essence of your choice, a necromium crystal, and paper in the bottom row of the spell table. Essences can be obtained by trading a necromium crystal with an essence hunter.

Fire essence- sets things on fire

Earth essence- summons evoker fangs

Air essence- causes you to float up and then glide down 

Lightning essence- strikes lightning on the block clicked

Fire spell- shoots a fireball in exchange for some XP

Earth spell- takes some of your life and summons a stone golem exploding upon death

Air spell- the entity hit will float up and fall to its death

Lightning spell- lightning will strike you


Rare crystals used for many things. They are the backbone of spells

Necromium crystals- used for obtaining essences, making spells, and crafting spell tables.

Necromium block- it doesn’t really do much

Necromium armor- each piece gives a different buff

New weapons

The new weapons all have a unique ability

Battle axe- a slow weapon that deals high damage. It will slow and weaken the receiver if you are sprinting

Frostbite bow- Takes in normal arrows, but shoots arrows of ice that freeze the target. However, it has less power than a normal bow and an extremely low durability. You need permafrost to craft it.

Dagger of strength- deals damage equal to your health

Dagger of luck- deals either a low or very high amount of damage. You need a clover to craft it.

Dagger of desperation- the lower your health, the more damage it inflicts 


<insert stuff about mobs in general>

Essence hunters- lives in a lookout tower, non hostile, and the only way to get essences. You can trade with them by right clicking

Scouts- fast and dangerous forest dwellers that have low health values

Frostjaw- a creature living in snowy biomes that drops permafrost. It will freeze you if you touch it.


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Seems a cool mod, but could you add a few more images?
And the Dagger of strength seems a little bit overpowered (if you have full health you can one-shot almost everything), maybe you could make it be a bit more powerful based on the user's health (and not making it deal damage equal to the player's health)